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24 Sep, 18 tweets, 3 min read
The "peaceful transfer of power" ship sailed with the Obama administration in 2016, kicking up a rooster tail as it roared out of the dock, but Republicans are still required to ritually proclaim that they will be good losers.
We're coming off a couple of months where the Democrat Party threatened America with violent riots if they lose, loudly announced it will not accept the results of the vote if Trump wins, and floated several plans to change election rules so they can never lose again.
But that's OK, because Democrats have absolutely no equivalent requirement to promise they will be good losers. The conversation is, in fact, rigged so that voters understand it's DANGEROUS for Democrats to lose. They will pay a price for defying the Party at the ballot box.
Democrats who refuse to accept the outcomes of elections are celebrated as epic heroes and rising political stars. No conspiracy theory is too insane, offensive, or incendiary for them to dispute elections. They insist their losses be marked with asterisks in the history books.
When the Democrats finally do grudgingly admit a Republican can be seated in high office, they immediately begin acting like he's a questionable temporary occupant with no "mandate" and should only exercise limited powers of the office.
This goes back for decades, and it works largely because weak Republicans began accepting that framework and acting like their victories were all provisional and partial. They had to make deals and compromises with Dems just to unlock their office doors.
If Dems lose enough elections, they begin vowing to attack and destroy the system itself. It's obviously badly broken if Democrats don't win all the time! They don't just talk about it, either - they make plans, raise funds, form organizations, and plot agendas.
At no point during any of this nonsense are Democrats EVER told their refusal to accept the outcome of elections is damaging the Republic or dangerously fragmenting our society - even though it very obviously IS.
Today's left-wing political violence flows, in no small part, from years of Democrats telling their followers that government is only legitimate when Democrats control it. That's the literal meaning of all their "Resistance" role-playing, which always had violent overtones.
The big story of the past few days was Dems attempting to deny President Trump's constitutional authority to nominate a Supreme Court justice because he's not "really" the president and didn't "really" win the 2016 election. Some of them were explicit in this reasoning.
Take Amy Klobuchar, for a notorious example. She said the president should nominate RBG's replacement - and then frantically backpedaled when she realized it sounded like she was referring to Trump. No, no, she insisted - she meant the *next* president.
There you have it, sports fans: REFUSAL TO PEACEFULLY TRANSFER POWER, right in your face, big as life. Klobuchar was saying Trump isn't the legitimate president right now. Only the next one will have the legitimacy to appoint RBG's successor.
Making up imaginary rules that restrict the office of the presidency because your party lost the election is REFUSING TO PEACEFULLY TRANSFER POWER. Obviously, so is threatening violence if the president lawfully exercises his constitutional powers.
Legitimate political opposition can thrive after peacefully transferring power. No president has a right to expect Congress to rubber-stamp their agenda. Our system makes robust opposition possible whether your party is in the majority or minority.
But you can do that WITHOUT implying, or outright stating, that elections were illegitimate, the other party isn't legitimately entitled to exercise the powers of the office it holds, the system must be destroyed, or threatening violence if your demands are not met.
I would prefer that both parties - all parties - commit to full respect for elections held with the highest standard of ballot integrity. I would like that to be such a universal pledge that asking the question is silly, akin to asking if you plan to obey the laws of gravity.
But if Dems get to FLAGRANTLY undermine elections, refuse to peacefully transfer power, sabotage administrations, question the legitimacy of every election they lose, and attack the integrity of the ballot itself, then what are Repubs accomplishing by swearing to lose gracefully?
All you're really doing is telling wavering voters they can expect riots, vandalism, perpetual unrest, and endless lawfare if the GOP wins, but it's totally safe to let Dems win because Republicans will have their desks neatly cleaned out by the end of the day. /end

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27 Oct
How can anyone look at the greedy, power-mad, emotionally unstable, petulant Democrats and think life would get better in any way by giving them authority? A party given to tantrums and violent thuggery will not suddenly mature and grow respectful of dissent if given power.
The arrogance and privilege of Dems like Nancy "Secret Salon" Pelosi shows you how little they think of their own followers, never mind the opposing voters they viscerally hate. And it shows you they have no intention of living in the hell they create for YOU.
There is no reason not to believe Democrats when they promise to make war against the Constitution, against the Supreme Court, against capitalism and the middle class, against everyone who doesn't obey their commands. They've proven they mean it.
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26 Oct
The myth of benevolent totalitarianism is pernicious and incredibly dangerous. Totalitarianism, the politicization of everything, NEVER ends well - no matter how benevolent and high-minded the totalitarians claim to be.
There is no way to pluck the "good" features from collectivist systems while discarding the "bad" stuff. There is no way to use totalitarianism to reprogram the public in a positive way, building a utopia by controlling the speech and thought of the public.
There is no "deeper freedom" that is nourished and preserved by cracking down hard on the "superficial" freedoms of speech, assembly, and property. That's one of the sickest lies of Marxism - the promise to "liberate" people from capitalist responsibility and material need.
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23 Oct
DNC Media frames the Hunter Biden stuff as if Joe just helped his poor kid get a job at Wal-Mart so he could put food on the table between stints in rehab.

Hunter had a THRIVING influence peddling business that raked in millions, year after year. His customers seem satisfied.
In fact, has anyone yet come up with evidence that any of the shady foreign operators and agents of hostile powers that stuffed money into Hunter's pockets were dissatisfied with his services? Nobody seems to regret paying him off. No one acts like they wasted money on him.
The bombshell emails uncovered in the Forbidden Story of Doom, and other evidence discovered since then, make it crystal clear that all of those dodgy business partners and enemy agents knew EXACTLY what they were buying from Hunter: influence and access. No pretense otherwise.
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23 Oct
Joe Biden exemplifies the kind of witless globalist foreign policy that allowed fascist China to become a hegemonic world power. They think every problem is "solved" by holding meetings and issuing press releases.
It's an extension of the left-wing dogma that domestic problems are "solved" by loudly announcing how much you care about them and demanding billion-dollar government programs to address them. What the programs actually DO, or fail to do, is irrelevant.
China long ago mastered the art of exploiting the globalists by studying their bloviations in Western media telling them exactly what they want to hear. Then China actually DOES the exact opposite, but it doesn't matter because they said the right things at the right forums.
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23 Oct
Remember, aggressive ignorance is an important way for left-wingers to signal their unthinking, absolute loyalty to The Cause. They make a point of knowing nothing about guns or gun laws while yelling for gun control; likewise with immigration, abortion, etc.
Imagine if someone in one of these buzzing lefty hives spoke up and said, "Actually, guys 'coyote' is a well-understood term for human traffickers and there's a ton of documentary evidence about them being involved in the big migration waves of the past few decades."
They'd be torn to shreds by the rest of the hive. It would be like those scenes in The Walking Dead where people are covered in zombie guts, trying to shuffle through a horde, but they make a false move and the zombies devour them.
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22 Oct
If Trump wins despite oceans of polls giving Biden big leads, Big Tech putting every thumb it has on the scales for Biden, and legacy media smothering stories that hurt Biden like WW2 soldiers throwing themselves on hand grenades, it will shake the pillars of punditry Heaven.
Of course, Trump's 2016 event was a "black swan" event as far as pundits were concerned - a black swan the size of Mothra descending upon Washington D.C. Remember how they promised they'd get in touch with voters, learn from their mistakes, become bubbled and blinkered?
Yeah, none of that happened. DNC Media doubled down on its political biases, made its bubble thicker, made its blinkers bigger, and effectively took over the Biden 2020 campaign while their candidate hides in the basement. Fake news stories became their hottest product.
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