1820 Has a Lot to Tell Us About 2020 nytimes.com/2020/09/25/opi… My minority view is that the role of the US as a superpower is essentially over. We're done. We are so divided, that we cannot possibly conduct a relatively stable Cold War policy with Russia & China over the next
2/ several decades. The GOP has already proven that it will accept help from Russia. Despite the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Report, Sen Rubio, the new chairman, repudiated it as soon as it was published. Given our deep divisions, we're finished. Politics used to stop at our
3/ water's edge. Now, the GOP invites the Russians to directly attack our democracy while the GOP directly attacks our institutions. Trump & the GOP are doing everything within the constitution to institute authoritarian rule and delegitimize everything I've ever believed in. And
4/ what you've believed in. Who thinks a SCOTUS decision will be legitimate after some Christian nationalist female judge is seated after RBG? They will be perceived, rightly, as political hacks, and not jurists. Their whole "originalism" and all the other intellectual bullshit
5/ they've concocted over the years is just a cover for what's always been: an ideological project to dismantle the Constitution and roll it back to at least the 1920s.

• • •

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6 Feb
Opinion | Republicans have been living the big lie for too long washingtonpost.com/opinions/repub… It is funny that with the exception of Ike, every right-wing conspiracy theory has targeted Democratic politicians, and for all the job losses & flat wages, all the right-wing conspiracy
2/ theories target left-leaning cultural elites, not really Wall Street or Corporate America. When they do target the financial sector, the theories are anti-Semitic focusing on Jews. And that is in keeping with the mainstream of the GOP over decades since Reagan: tax cuts for
3/ the rich and less regulations for corporations. Combine that with the Christian Right's total embrace of the most libertarian version of capitalism just short of anarchy. Yes, they have/had the "New World Order," but how that conspiracy theory was supposed to solve the
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6 Feb
It is easy to laugh at former general Michael Flynn as he became a QAnon proponent & key figure in the Russian active measure in 2016. But, if you want to read a really astute analysis of how to do counter-insurgency intelligence operations--directly relevant to
2/ local activists & observers who want to move beyond doxxing (which is very difficult and very narrow)--Flynn's analysis is a must read. Flynn brought this to Afghanistan. The small US Army--essentially my intelligence cell in Bosnia--was doing this two decades before Flynn's
3/ analysis. I and my analysts in Bosnia went out and talked to local internationals (not local civilians, which would be collection and illegal). If you are trying to understand the nascent insurgency here in your local community, Flynn's analysis is a good start.
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4 Feb
This is actually not new for militias. They have been doing this since the 1990s. What is new is that the III%ers are doing it. The 3%ers tend to be cells in a network that use the tactic of swarm. They appear at a scene and then disappear. Oath Keepers, OTH, deliberately had
2/ strategies to form teams in local communities. They were trying to create local resistance. This operation was, in fact, derived from Gary North-Ron Paul's secret strategy developed in 2008 before the Tea Party emerged. Rhodes, the head of Oath Keepers, was on Paul's campaign
3/ staff when the secret strategy was derived. You can read about the secret strategy here: academia.edu/19378796/CHAPT…
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27 Jan
How to Defeat America’s Homegrown Insurgency nytimes.com/2021/01/27/opi… If you look at America now as a foreign country, as an intel analyst would, the future is frightening. Picture this: authoritarian ethno-nationalist, backed by right-wing Christian leaders, militias, & white
2/ supremacists stages riot to decapitate political rivals--his vice president, leader of the House, and others--but fails. Leaves office. Is tried in Senate, but his own party fails to convict him--leaving him vindicated in the eyes of his voters and as a leading revolutionary
3/ for a white, theocratic, dominionist nationalist totalitarian system. Perhaps, DOJ cannot or does not prove seditious conspiracy for Oath Keepers, III%ers, & Proud Boys. Just white people blowing off steam while strolling through the Capitol. We have a revolutionary,
Read 5 tweets
21 Jan
theatlantic.com/politics/archi… One key argument that keeps GOPers from supporting federal programs is that they do not believe they benefit from them. They believe Other people benefit. That has worked well for GOP leadership. But, if you tailor policies so that people can talk about
2/ them around the kitchen table, they can discuss how the policy affects them. What do they get out of it? It is a transactional and instrumental way of looking at politics. GOPers are not altruists. So, Dems have to reach out to governors, legislatures, county commissioners to
3/ get a buy-in on how their state, their county, their city is going to benefit. The Dems can't play inside the beltway politics like Pelosi & Schumer and expect to win. Already, Romney is snapping back to the standard GOP do-nothing. But, Utah is hurting. If you want to trap
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21 Jan
Opinion | The four kinds of truth America needs to pursue reconciliation washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/… From Haaarvard. Boo fucking hoo. The first step is for white evangelical Christians to try to honestly understand the society they live in and step into a reality-based world. Does
2/ reality have a liberal bent? Yes. For one thing, liberalism in academia produces new knowledge. The Christian Right starts from the very unproductive premise that the Bible supercedes and provides answers to all philosophical and scientific questions. That produces nothing but
3/ theological bullshit. Does belief in Intelligent Design lead to new scientific discoveries? No. The ID scientists quibble & kibbitz. They don't produce jackshit. I'm very sympathetic to the argument that right and left populists have a rage against the neoliberal elites. There
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