Everyone talks about Shani in Rohini Nakshatra as dreaded transit in Mundane Astrology as per history & texts dating back to time of Raja Dashrat. But Shani in Shravana Nakshatra is also equally potent transit in history. Shravana Nakshatra is from 10.00 to 22.30 Degree in Makar.
Shravana nakshatra's ruling star is Moon, its deity is Lord Vishnu and its birth star of Goddess Saraswathi. Its the star which symbolsies higher meaning, knowledge. Power of this Nakshatra is Samhanana Shakti or power to connect to higher consciosuness or Deep Meditation.
Brihat Samhita written by Varahmihira in Adhyaya 10, Shloka 16 says, "SHRAVANE RAJADHIKRITAN VPRAGRYABHISHAK PUROHIT KALINGAN." (in Sanskrit). Note Shani Transits Shravana Nakshatra from January 22nd 2021- February 18, 2022.
The Shloka of Brihat Samhita means Shani in Shravan nakshatra creates problems for King's officers or King's chief Brahmin, vaidya (doctor) and purohit (priest) or dharma guru (religious leader). Now lets look at the past events at.when Shani transited through Shravana Nakshatra.
From 10th February 1903 to 8th March 1904, Shani was in Shravan nakshatra. Again it was in Shravan nakshatra from 5th Sept 1904 to 30th Nov 1904. This led to many results:

1) Serbian King Alexander Obrenovic & Queen Draga were assassinated in Belgrade by the BLACK Hand organiz.
2) The British invasion of Tibet began in December 1903 and lasted until September 1904. It was a difficult time for Dalai Lama (main priest of Buddhist religion)

3) On 15th October 1904, the Russians were driven back by the Japanese in the battle of Shaho; both sides suffered
After this, Shani transited in Shravan nakshatra from 22nd December 1932 to 14th May 1933. Once again Shani became retrograde and entered Shravan nakshatra on 8th June 1933. Till 17th January 1934 Shani was in Shravan nakshatra.
1) 1933 was the worst year of depression with unemployment peaking at 25.2 percent in (1 in 4 people unemployed) this year. US banking system which was under great strain was propped up by the US government (US banking act of 1933) to try and stop the panic of people withdrawing
their money from the banks. More than 5,000 banks had gone out of business. The continuing drought in the Midwest made even more of the land into dust bowls.
2) On 15th February 1933 US president Franklin D. Roosevelt survived assassination attempt but Chicago mayor Anton Cermak was mortally wounded. He died on March 29, 1933.
3) On 4th March 1933, Austrian chancellor Dollfuss dissolved Austrian parliament & assumed dictatorial powers. Dollfuss was assassinated as a part of a failed coup attempt by Nazi agents in 1934.
After every 30 years Shani returns to Shravan nakshatra and surely influences the government. The same happened in 1962 when Indo China war began on 20th October 1962. Now look at Saturn's transit of 1962.
From 1st February 1962 to 27th Feb 1963, Shani was in Shravan nakshatra. On 1st February 1962 saptagrahi yoga (7 planets in one sign) was formed in Capricorn sign. China launched simultaneous offensives in Ladakh and across the McMahon line on 20th October 1962.
The war ended on 21st November 1962. For this shameful defeat of India, President Sri S. Radha Krishnan made serious allegations against his government. Prime Minister J. L. Nehru was very much criticized
Now Let's go to 1991. Shani transited in Shravan nakshatra from 15th March 1991 to 23rd July 1991.
1) This was the year of eco crises for Indian eco. By the end of 1990 in the run-up to the gulf war, situation became so serious that the Indian foreign exchange reserves cud barely finance 3 weeks worth of imports while govt came close to defaulting on its financial obligations.
2) Chandrasekhar government could not pass the budget in February 1991. This led the Indian government to airlift national gold reserves as a pledge.
3) The Indian economic crisis 1991 and the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi (21st May 1991) plunged this government into crisis
Again Shani was in Shravan nakshatra from 11th July 1992 to 7th January 1993. Babri masjid was demolished on 6th December 1992 which ignited communal violence across the country.
Let's  see the transit of Shani next year. Next year on 23rd January 2021 Shani will enter Shravan nakshatra. Shani will remain in Shravan till 17th February 2022. At that time, we would see other factors also.
a. Most negative factor, Rahu would be in Taurus sign.
b. Cancer-Capricorn & Taurus-Scorpio, both axes of India would be afflicted.
c. Bhadrabahu Samhita states - inauspicious results come if Jupiter gets combust with malefic planets. It will be on 15th January 2021, when Jupiter will be combust with Saturn within a close degree.
d. Shani & Jupiter both would be in same nakshatra, it is also bad situation according to Brihat Samhita. On the basis of above research, we can say that next year would be difficult for our country, specially for persons in power, Vaidya (doctor) & Dharma guru (religious leader)
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