Judging by the number of newspapers that have started editorialising for EU membership in Norway this year, added to the fact the Liberals have come out of it and the Green's aren't against, we could see another referendum this decade.
Furthermore, Hulda Holtvedt, the influential national spokesperson for the Greens Party’s youth organization has also said "We must be willing to give up a bit of sovereignty in order to achieve committed climate policies. For Norway, that means joining the EU.”
Last year the youth wing of the Conservative Party passed a motion (or whatever the equivalent is) suggesting the party actively work towards EU membership in the next parliamentary term.
On its own, this looks very positive, but Erna Solberg the Conservative PM (who initially supported the initiative) has also poured cold water on it for now. She argued that with the polls being 60% against, opening a debate now would not be a good use of resources.
While that 60% opposition looks high (and it is) it's also worth mentioning over 70% were against joining the EU just a few years ago.

It has come down a bit since Brexit.
There has also been an increasing number of technical issues over the EEA (EØS) agreement, and with the money they are paying, there is an increasing belief that it amounts to taxation without representation.
I'm don't think there is going to be a referendum in the next parliament, but if things keep going they way they are, there may be one after 2025.
And if there is, then no doubt the Norwegian Eurosceptics will present it as the elites and the establishment vs the people. (As they have done since the first referendum)
But this time there will be the full Brexit effect too, and in the same way the Anti-Marketeers looked to leverage the Norwegian experience in 1972, the pro-EU Norwegians will no doubt point to the UK.
While it's difficult to see Norway voting to join, the stars are. at least, appear to be aligning towards another attempt.
The EU-Norway debate might become very interesting in the next few years.


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4 Dec
1. Well if someone hadn’t removed the context and allowed people like Clair Fox to interpret it in the context of her beliefs, then maybe things would have gone better today. (Thread)

2. Because when I read the article you posted, from the context it was presented, I believed that it was a big admission that the push to stay in the EU led to the hardest of Brexit.
3. Then when I read through it, it was about strategic mistakes which I didn’t think are overly controversial.
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4 Dec
I thought all those covert marches and the largest petition in history were all under the radar. 🙄

More attacks on Remain today by @jillongovt and @anandMenon1. Is this gong to become a feature?
Just to remind you that Jill's name is on a paper proposing a "Reverse Ukraine" deal.

Does anyone want to know how that works?

Because it doesn't.
In the Ukraine model over time the EU and it's partner get together to agree how they will work more closely together by mutual consent.
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2 Dec
Originally Harry came in with false law, and now he is arguing that we would have been held back because the EU countries agreed to take the longer route, but we didn't have to agree...

The whole argument is based around ignoring the counterfactual. These people are imbeciles.
Apart from the fact this is disingenuous because most of the response was down to a rubbish take on the regulation restrictions, which has been quietly swept under the table.
It just ignores the fact we weren't in the room when the decision was made. We don't know what the decision would have been had we been in the room.
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2 Dec
France "and other hardline countries". There is only 27 of them. How hard are they to list?

I'd expect more from the newspaper that have been announcing an imminent EU army for the last 11 years.
(I may have just made up that 11 years, but it goes back to some declaration or other before 2010, and they did report that particular event objectively to be fair.)
This is my favourite from the country who have shouted "We're prepared to walk away" for the last 4 years, and I don't remember anyone calling them out and saying "Well that will be a significant miscalculation".

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20 Nov
The sign of a weak Prime minister. The honourable resign their posts while the dishonourable keep theirs.
If the press focus on Priti over this, in a week we'll be being told "we have moved on", but if they focus on failure of the Prime minister to sack her, things might be very different.
The Prime minister wants to be seen as a Churchill, while actually just being spoilt, entitled, and lazy. He knows he is all of those things, but insists on trying to cultivate this Churchillian figure who will see us through Brexit.
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12 Nov
1. Hello, tonight’s thread is going to be focused on the recent article by @anandMenon1 and @jillongovt about how we ended up outside the Single Market.
2. It makes various claims which have merit, and some, like the EU’s attitude to bespoke deals, which are inaccurate, but it’s biggest failing is not recognising how the media is the main actor in this.
3. At the start of the referendum the government were very clear we would have the vote and then they would look at the various options available.

(They were required to publish those options as part of the referendum act 2015).
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