If I didn't say it earlier, you MUST watch #TheComeyRule. It puts a linear, human sequence on things we've otherwise only gone back and reconstructed - and something interesting clicked:

the chatter about HRC's emails was always projection...
maybe the investigation was too.
like, it shows the Clinton email investigation wasn't referred to the FBI by the IC IG until JULY 2015 (July 6, 2015 ). That's not until AFTER BOTH:
- the Hastert indictment in May 2015... &
- Trump announcing his run...

And I believe the referral came after the SMARTech breach began too - IIRC, it began was shortly after the Hastert indictment sometime in June 2015 (though I can't seem to find the date offhand, it was based on a months-long date range subtracted from 12/2015).
But that could adds another level of complexity to the narrative - if the Clinton email investigation didn't start until AFTER the RNC hack started...

that's more than just fortuitous projection - that's active fuckery while the SMARTech breach was ongoing.
And given:
- Rudy's IC links and intimate knowledge of the events ongoing at the NYFO
- Rage Furby Charles Johnson's involvement in the catfishing of Weiner that began in Jan 2015 and resulted in Weiner's laptop ending up in the NYFO in October...
it adds even more depth to the centralized control of all these narratives (or at least centralized involvement and strategy) that spun out from the treasonous intersection of Russian agents and the Trump campaign... WHILE the SMARTech breach was ongoing.
Especially since the film seemed to reference what I've long-suspected - that Trump was receiving compromising info on his "opponents" before HRC became his opponent - IOW, during the GOP primaries.

And that's more than just collusion - it would be conspiracy.

But I'm hoping to get clarification on confidence in historical accuracy of some of the lines in the script from @BillyRay5229 or @jeff_daniels to increase certainty on this analysis...
And if you don't trust the role that Rosenstein played, I'll certainly have more coming on that tip too.

Remember Rod was a long-time GOP operative on Ken Starr's independent counsel investigation of Bill Clinton, along with Alex Azar & Brett Kavanaugh...
And that investigation led to a serial child rapist
(and my neighbor for 18 years) becoming Speaker of the House for almost a decade*..

which provided sufficient kompromat for the Russians to put Trump (another child sex predator), into the White House.

*PLUS links to Epstein
So, if I got some useful new context out of watching #TheComeyRule, I bet you will too.

Even if you don't, it's solid work with a fluid script + BRILLIANT casting:

I mean, @thomaslennon as Jeff Sessions doesn't make the past 5 years worth it... but it helps.
P.S., might I suggest a suitable title for the next chapter that drops when we eventually get the meat of what will come out of any counterintelligence investigation:

Seriously. It's just BEGGING to be called "The Hastert Rule."

• • •

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More from @soychicka

21 Nov
Dear Americans:

"There are certain forces urging resistance to law in the name of freedom. They are not seeking freedom for themselves - they have it.

They are seeking to enslave others.

Their works are evil. They know it.
They must be resisted.

The evil they represent must be overcome by the good others represent.

Their ideas which are wrong, for the most part imported, must be supplanted by ideas which are right.

This can be done.
The meaning of America is a power which can not be overcome."

- Calvin Coolidge, 1920.
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17 Nov
I agree that @joebiden shouldn't spend his entire presidency focusing on Trump.

I do, however, think it would be worth one day a week to focus on measures that will prevent ANOTHER Trump* from ever holding a position of public trust.

* predatory con men
Investigations fall under the umbrella of an independent justice department and - more importantly - @HouseDemocrats.

Not just into Trump and his administration - but into the forces that subjugated the GOP to Trump's will.
And... throw that now-convicted serial pedophile who was speaker of the house and Jeffrey Epstein into the mix too.

Because it's all part of the same story.
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17 Nov
if the 2020 Presidential election alone cost $14bn, that establishes the value of an individual's vote in the range $58 (for all potential voters) & $90 (if only counting actual votes).

Wouldn't disenfranchising voters by excluding > 12 legit ballots be felony larceny?
Similarly, wouldn't suppression of >20 eligible voters by means of closing down polls or other acts that don't quite fit the definition of fraud also be considered felony larceny?
Just taking a rough stab at this before bedtime -

while state officials aren't USG employees, one could theorize that excluding legitimately cast ballots in a Presidential election could be considered unlawful conversion of 'property' -
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17 Nov
When @BarackObama talks about identity, it isn't JUST about race, @AriMelber.

It's about who you identify AS - and that includes individuals' identities based on flawed understandings of patriotism and conservatism as influenced by hostile actors.
It's about inherited, inclusive AND exclusive identities (I am this, but I am also that VS I am this, therefore I am not that).

incl: "I am a New Yorker; I am an American"
inherited: "I am a New Yorker, so I am an American"
excl: "I am American, so I am not British"
The danger we face is with identity when political ideology shifts towards an exclusively exclusive model - and that's what hostile actors (both foreign and domestic) have been pushing for my entire lifetime:

the otherization of those who value this nation's original ideals.
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10 Nov
Oh boy.

It seems the ENTIRE GA state infrastructure for remote work for COVID is managed through Airnet Group.

And they just happened to get it set up by December 2019. Before COVID was a problem?


This is BAD. @staceyabrams @sfpelosi
EVERY bit of data for the State of Georgia can be accessed through the same corporate entity that was hacked by Russia in 2015 - but most of THOSE emails + data wasn't released.

Used for blackmail and election tampering, yes. But not publicly released

Oops - forgot the link from up top:

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3 Nov

what proportion of living Americans have inherited more than $100,000, or $500,000 that originated with wealth derived from slavery?

How does that transfer of wealth map to political identity and geographic location?

Does anyone have a reference or primary source data?
It's a shame that Adam Goodheart at @washcoll doesn't have a twitter account. We could really use some more learned historians around here - to proviede truthful answers to questions about slavery and political dynamics around the civil war...

Note: above is untitled, for some reason - it's the proportion of households per state that owned slaves.

This is the overall proportion in all slave-owning states. Image
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