"When would you say you first sat up and felt that Trump represented a real...authoritarian threat?"

"Immediately. Every country that becomes a dictatorship started with a chorus of people saying, "It can't happen here." It can happen anywhere."

"[Trump] cares about three things: money, power, and immunity from prosecution. If you threaten any of those things, you have leverage. But people would rather talk about how he wrote "covfefe" in a tweet." the.ink/p/sarah-kendzi…
They kept insisting [Trump] was making errors, and that's why he let the virus spread. I saw the situation and said...he wants to kill people and make money off the crisis. He is absolutely willing to let Americans die; he gets off on it. And I was right. the.ink/p/sarah-kendzi…
"Trump truly doesn't care if the U.S. survives. This makes him different from dictators like Hitler or Stalin...The Trump administration is simply a transnational crime syndicate masquerading as a government." the.ink/p/sarah-kendzi…
"The Trump crime cult...will do nothing to the climate crisis. They believe in climate change, but they are accelerationists — they see a depopulated earth as easier to control." the.ink/p/sarah-kendzi…
The above quotes are all from @sarahkendzior who was recently interviewed by @AnandWrites. Please follow her if you don't already.

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6 Apr
The biggest challenge is keeping focus. We are living in a time governed not so much by “debates” and “polarisation” as the outright denial of fact. Large parts of society are not so much “divided” as tearing themselves free from reality. The hardest thing is how to address that.
I have been thinking about this article a lot recently. It was praised for its nuance and balance but it omitted the huge issue for many around the race report - the report’s deliberate distortion of sources, often to the horror of those who were claimed as contributors.
This is something I see constantly in British political discourse: the avoidance of huge and horrifying realities in the search for reassuring nuance. But a Government that lies to the electorate in the vast majority of its Facebook ads doesn’t want nuance. It wants domination.
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11 Jan
Unity (n.) - a word you hear immediately after white supremacists have done something terrible.

- Critical Race Dictionary, p.277.
Divisive (adj.) - a word used to describe experts who are trying to warn you that white supremacists are about to do something terrible.

- Critical Race Dictionary, p.41.
Healing (n.) - a process demanded by white supremacists of the still-bleeding victims of their terrible act.

- Critical Race Dictionary, p.47.
Read 4 tweets
5 Dec 20
That narrative of “black lives matter is racist against white people” has really taken such deep roots in the UK. Just a few months from a video of a black person getting choked to death by a police officer, and now you’re “woke” just for caring about that.
When people say “stop being so woke”, they sometimes mean “stop being so self-righteous”. *Most* of the time, though, they mean “stop having integrity”: because they don’t have integrity and they’re too cowardly to get it, so they have to market their own failures as bravery.
The world would get a lot better a lot faster if people stopped using the word “woke” as a defence mechanism and simply admitted “I’m simply too exhausted and terrified to care about anything other than the basic needs of me and my immediate social circle”.
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11 Nov 20
In future Sky cannot platform these liars. US democracy, already long corroded, is in such a dangerous place at the moment.
I worry that the debate culture in which so many journalists were raised - where a smart line or argument demolishes the opposition’s case - has made them uniquely vulnerable to this political moment. You can’t beat these people in debate. The platform itself is their victory.
When it comes to anti-democratic actors, sunlight is rarely if ever disinfectant. Sunlight is what they crave. Debate didn’t reduce the effectiveness of online extremists. Removing their platforms did. But of course the biggest profits come from politics as spectacle.
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27 Sep 20
1/ Every so often, I re-read this harrowing yet inspiring interview with Benjamin Ferencz, the last living prosecutor of the Nuremberg trials. He is someone who looked at the very worst that human beings could do and still found a way to push forward.

2/ The biggest challenge for anyone trying to do anything progressive in response to the current social, political and ecological moment is keeping focus. The most helpful thing for me has been to re-read the stories of people who had to engage with huge challenges years ago.
3/ This interview is incredible and it contains the best lines about fending off apathy and cynicism that I may ever read.

"People get discouraged. They should remember, from me, it takes courage not to be discouraged."

We need the courage not to be discouraged, always.
Read 4 tweets
23 Sep 20
1/ Quick thread. It’s #BiVisibilityDay, and so I thought I would mention what I call my “iceberg theory of bisexuality”: which is that for every openly bisexual person in your friends’ circle or workplace, there are likely a few others just below the surface.
2/ There’s still a lot of ignorance about bisexual people - I received a weapons-grade dose of it just the other week - so that’s why I am open about it. (I hope that the relevant individual, should they read this, is utterly ashamed of themselves.)
3/ Now and then I get messages from bisexual people, mostly men, who say that it’s helpful that I talk about this subject, so that’s mostly why I do it. We’ve got a lot of serious challenges facing this world so people should really be too busy to be ignorant, yet here we are.
Read 6 tweets

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