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India needs to get over ‘Line Thinking’ as far as #PLA deployment is concerned. While decision makers squabble over which line is the true #LAC as per Indian version, we forget that we aren’t the only claimant in this. Chinese have and will continue to enforce their versions ..
upon us. And we can’t keep crying wolf without acting on it.
As evident from this representation by @detresfa_ , the Chinese have decided to claim and consolidate the 1960 claim line which they reached till in 1962. India has categorically denied these claims but these.. Image
deployments prove that China is simply doing what it wants to.
Since they’ve decided to take 1960 line as the new LAC ( except one position ahead near Burtse in #Depsang ), India is left with two choices to counter this expansionism.
1. Fight them and push them back
2. Agree.. Image
to the new normal and deploy heavily along this claim line and negate the chance for them to inch forward ahead anymore.

The decision is obviously with the gov and authorities but what’s very evident here and worth paying more attention to is the level of deployment that has ..
happened. If we get into conflict, the only thing that’ll matter is where and how they are deployed, not where they should be et al.

China is immune to diplomatic and international pressure. Especially with its plan to tackle US head on in South China Sea should be an indicator
on how the country thinks and what it thinks of itself. India shouldn’t become a bargaining pawn in US-China debacle and all signs of that happening are present here. China has long been known to play ‘pressure points’ game. What we are thinking local is a part of its massive ..
expansionist plans.
Till now, we countered them pretty effectively and surprised them in some quarters. The momentum needs to picked up and a solider has to be met with a solider on LAC. if we have to beat them in their game, reactionary strategy won’t work. ‘Know your enemy’..
- from Kautilya to SunTzu, everyone said this.
India needs to :
1. Assert its dominance in deployment
2. If we believe in our version of LAC then let’s put some boots on that ground
3. Diplomacy isn’t working. So change the game. We can’t keep saying same things and hoping
then to react differently coz we are endlessly repeating it.
4. Accept, Adapt and Accentuate
5. International support comes only when environment is right. It isn’t right now. And China is taking advantage of it.

We need to think strategy. And by that I don’t mean think
in larger land mass and military formations. Think in international alliances. India has two fronts to fight and we should not plan to do this alone. Gather allies, apply pressure n ensure they back off.

There are many versions of LAC. Only one of India! Preserve it! Jai Hind.

• • •

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Oct 1
Since this has surfaced again, it needs to be clarified for once and all. #Thread

India Gate originally called All India war memorial was designed by Edwin Lutyens and its foundation was laid by Duke of Connaught in Feb 1921. It was finally inaugurated in 1931 by Lord Irwin.
The Gate doesn’t bear 95-96000, names, but 13,516 names ( ) No distinction is made on basis of caste, religion or rank. Some rough available breakdown is :
( )

- 12,260 Indian soldiers
- 959 British soldiers
- 1 Australian……
Now as per Quoted tweet, this is being presented as some certificate of patriotism.
However, it’s total opposite of that.
There are NO freedom fighters mentioned on India Gate, but only soldiers who died for British Army predominantly in Afghan Wars and some in WW1.
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Nov 24, 2022
Dear @RichaChadha ji,

I cannot explain in words the hurt I felt seeing your tweet. It’s not everyday that you come across such loathsome words from a fellow citizen. It’s not about me being a Fauji. It’s not even about you not being one. It’s the sheer audacity and shamelessness
with which you’ve trivialised the sacrifices of those who lost their lives and limbs at #GalwanValley.

In your movies, and this goes out to other members of Bollywood too - you all are very keen to play roles of Armed force personnel. Then your characters become pinnacle
of honesty, bravery and values. Some of them die also in the movie, creating an aura of gloom and despair, nudging the viewers to search their souls and grasp the gist of that scene and movie, which is supposed perfect portrayal of a soldier dying in action and a brilliant
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Mar 12, 2022
Bollywood imagines itself to have matured by showing clichéd lifestyle of substance abuse n promiscuity.
Real maturity is movies like #KashmirFiles that show the horrors of our history. That force you to think! @vivekagnihotri @AnupamPKher
The reality that we ought to know but
has been suppressed long enough for vested interests.
Lot of genocides have been ignored and not acknowledged; but by other nations. Cambodia, Armenia etc. There isn’t a single example except India where an entire country has been kept in dark about such brutality against
it’s own citizens.
Hollywood has made pretty honest and gut wrenching movies to depict Nazi’s reign of terror on Jews. Nobody ever protested. Because that’s what mature cinema does. It has the capability of telling a story in a comprehensible and relatable manner that can touch
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Jan 25, 2022
Drill and Marching Columns

Since the marching contingents have become such a hot topic these days, and in coming days we will see a lot of them in parades, I thought I’ll take a stab at sharing with everyone what exactly goes into making these marching columns and bands.
Drill is actually one of the first things you’re taught when you join the academy. In case of Jawans, in their respective regimental / corps Centers.

A layman, oversimplified version of drill is doing something repetitively, enhancing and honing muscle memory for that and each
action a near perfect copy of previous one. “left, right, left…” You get the drift !

But to achieve this requires thousands and thousands of hours of practice, physical labour, mental attentiveness and tenacity.

It starts with having the right posture. Just standing straight
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Jan 3, 2022
There was Clubhouse room Akashi where you were moderating for Saket, few months back. Since the topic was ‘Haryana Politics’ so I joined and saw lies were being peddled with hurrahs from the supporters. When I told Saket point blank that he’s lying, you muted me moved me to
audience. Then you, along with Saket and couple of other guys made made considerable fun of veterans, Hindus and as expected, BJP. I remember how you and a fellow speaker offered ‘Two Rupees’ to me because that day in morning I had tweeted ‘Jai Sri Raam’ as it was some auspicious
day. I could’ve left, but I stayed on to listen to the degenerated level that people like you have fallen to just because they think they are with some ‘crusader’. Your Hero was lying before that day, he was lying that day and he’s lying now. You knew, but you chose to ignore, as
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Nov 9, 2021
Reality of Cab booking: Thread

I’m sure @Uber started its operations in India assuming it’ll replicate the same seamless operations and comfort of booking a cab, as is abroad. But sadly, every time you’re booking an Uber, you’re hostage to these Cab drivers’ whimsical actions
and surprisingly there is no
possibility of complaint or redressal of customer’s grievance.

Let me walk you through a process of booking an Uber. You’ll go to App, enter where you wanna go and press enter. The App connects you to the nearest driver, or the one who accepts the
And here is when your nightmare begins.
Firstly, the driver will call or msg you - where do you want to go?

Now the system is supposed to be designed in a way that the can driver is not supposed to know where you are going to ensure safety of traveler and other
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