Chris Wallace says President Trump ruined his plans for a 'substantive' debate. I have not turned on #FNS since 2016 after @FoxNewsSunday's Chris Wallace's sloppy interview with Ted Cruz. There is so little value when the reporter/interviewer IS the story.…
#TurnOffFoxNews I did not like the debate, but I do understand President Trump's anger. I wish he had taken the opportunity to turn Joe Biden's childish jabs into true presses for equality. Trump was right about Biden's "super predator" comments.…
To be fair, Biden called young blacks predators. It was Hillary who used the phrase "super predators". Trump has done more for blacks than most.…
Trump has endured a soft coup. and this is the basis of his justifiable anger. A few interruptions, ok, a LOT of interruptions during a debate is the worst element of that anger. I would say "Good for him.
I actually would like to see the draining of the swamp. Federal agencies have been weaponized. He should have asked for resignation letters of every eligible employee of the federal government on 1/20/17. Sort through those who need to be in prison and those who need to be
in the unemployment line. Those two choices would reset the federal government. There are plenty of people who would be re-hired, but they would understand elections have consequences. We are way over due to clean out the nest. Unroll @threadreaderapp

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7 Apr
@SteveDeaceShow Serious props. You guys truly have my respect. Your mission of teaching Christians how to live by our beliefs is a worthy endeavor. We listen daily. Ever since your RedState appearance. TY. @DeaceProducer @DeaceOnline
My wife is an ADF attorney and preaches your messages to me every morning. Can't tell you how many times she cites you as the evidence of her positions on public policy are correct. Your book arrived yesterday. We have found some resources before you have presented them.
There are plenty of sources you l show us. We have an opportunity to use these resources in court. Thank you for the validation for what we know to be true. You personify my definition of knowledge: accurate information, properly acquired, diligently applied to a productive goal.
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28 Mar
“I’m truly honored to have been chosen to serve on this important committee. I believe election integrity is the core issue moving into the 2022 midterm elections. Voters who do not have faith in the election process will not want to participate. It’s imperative that we restore
the voters’ trust in our political process. Fair and honest elections are key to helping our party win vital races and to improve the lives of constituents here in New Mexico and around the nation.” — Committeewoman Tina Dziuk…
We are expecting that Ms. Dziuk will be very interested in SB 454. A comparison of the recent GA election reform law show huge gaps with New Mexico's "comprehensive" overhaul. This will likely come up in the special session. No seriously folks. It won't just be about marijuana
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11 Mar
#nmpol. Urgent problem has developed over election integrity issues. SB 48 just came out of Senate Judiciary with a Do Pass with amendments. It is a bad bill. R's caused this problem last special session and now they are making the mistake permanent.
Ok. The time has come. SB 48 went from 23 pages to a new bill with... wait for it... 146 pages now called SB 454. It codifies portions of the SB 04. Bad bills building on more bad bills. It now cloaks a portion of the election code. Really. Call ALL the Senators now.
Tell them to VOTE AGAINST SB 454. Cloaking devices? In the election code? Uh...yeah. How about clear language guaranteeing transparency? Umm....not here. What about the needs to make decisions at the lowest possible level? Ummm...nope. This bill puts more power
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1 Mar
New Mexico governor spent thousands in taxypayer money on groceries, liquor, and dry cleaning: Report. Didn't Diana Duran go to jail for a month for behavior just like this? Wasn't it about this same amount of money? @HectorBalderas @pgessing #nmpol…
@koat7news @KOB4 @krqe Seems like there is a much bigger news story here. Why would @HectorBalderas prosecute Diana Duran for about $14k in misuse of donor and NOT prosecute @GovMLG for misuse of taxpayer money of about $13,500? Is it because of the source of the money?
Perhaps it's ok to misuse taxpayer money, but not donor money. Wait. No. It must be the $500 difference. At $13,500 you're ok, but at $14,000 you're over the line. Mmmm. Wait. Maybe it's because @GovMLG is the governor and Diana Duran was only the Secretary of State. Yeah.
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19 Feb
So last night the Sandoval County Commission voted to support the formation of a public bank using taxpayer funds. Yeah. A Republican not only voted yes, Dave Heil sponsored the legislation. Yes tax payers money will be lent to those who can't get money at a private bank.
Think about this for a moment. There are banks in the state making loans to those with credit scores below 620. Taxpayers already supplement housing in SO MANY ways. I have seen loans where ACORN literally just added fake income to the loan application. And it got approved.
And yet we now have a Republican who says he wants to use your tax dollars to help those people who cannot qualify for a loan at a private bank. Dave Heil is not a fiscal conservative. Not careful with your tax dollars. Don't let him tell you otherwise. @threadreaderapp #unroll
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16 Dec 20
1/6 Electors in 7 States Cast Dueling Votes for Trump… via @epochtimes Now the ball rests with @LeaderTownsend. It is your ball. I would ask the Senate of NM but they have hampered the election in NM. Good job @Pearce4NM.
2/6 We have plenty of people fired up and ready to support. Time to write to.... wait for it.... wait for it.... Ben Ray Lujan, Deb Halland, Martin Heinrich, Theresa Ledger and @Yvette4congress. Write those cards and letters. Talk about the fraud you saw in this state.
3/6 Talk about the unsupervised drop boxes. Talk about the fact that Maggie excluded poll challengers from meaningful access to the decision making points of the absentee balloting process. Talk about the fact that County Clerks agreed to change the rules mid election.
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