The planet of action - Mars is going to enter sign of #Pisces which is natural 12th house of zodiac on 4th October. Mars is a soldier and a natural karaka for strength, energy and warriorship.

It is a highly active planet which makes us successful in our worldly pursuits but it is undergoing affliction due to its ongoing tussle between the #aries and #Pisces sign. This affliction of mars can lead to abuse in relationships, unfruitful arguments, domestic violence,

mental harassment and loss of passion to bring ideas to reality. Mars is transiting the gandanta point of Aries- Pisces 3 times this year which is a catastrophic event in itself. It can trigger unpleasant events in both personal and professional life.

Some past health issues can also surface out again during this period. If you are feeling that your fire of passion has lowered down and you are not able to take decisions for acting upon ideas, then you can surely put the blame on this Mars retrograde!!

Let have a look what’s going in cosmos with planet of Mars.

- 16th August, 2020 – Mars enters Aries
- 10th September 2020- Mars turns retrograde
- 4th October, 2020 – Mars enters Pisces
- 14th November, 2020- Mars becomes direct
- 24th December 2020- Mars enters Aries again

So, you can see that mars will be dancing to the tune of Aries-Pisces sign for the upcoming period of 2020. This will have large repercussions on our home environment, work-life balance, sexual lives and overall relationships. Mars will form aspects and yogas with many
planets during this whole transit. These mutual aspects and combinations can trigger important events. Let’s have a look at these combinations:

- Saturn and Ketu aspects Mars (4th October -24th December):
Two dire malefics are putting pressure on another malefic which is
in retrograde form. This can lead to severe health issues and instances of violence. This planetary setup is catastrophic for world peace too. Also, Ketu is currently in natural 8th house Scorpio and Saturn is in Capricorn, so this can result in loss of peace due to

unearthing of scams in world.

- Mars -Sun mutual aspect (4th October-17th October) –
Mars and Sun are both fiery planets. Their mutual aspects will work like putting ghee in the fire. You can expect explosions i.e. unusual eruption of anger and harsh behavior on account

of this mutual aspect. Lack of decision making among major economies and war like conditions will prevail during this period.
- Mars -Venus mutual aspect (23rd October -17th November)–
Retrograde Mars and Venus are aspecting each other can be a worst time for

relationships altogether. Here Venus will be debilitated in Virgo & thereby indulged in material pleasures. There will be lack of emotional connect and passion which are crucial for smooth flow of love in relationships. This time is also not good for entertainment industry.

Mars & Saturn aspecting Libra –
Both the malefics will be aspecting natural 7th house of zodiac i.e. Libra during this transit. This brings relationships to forefront and the urgent need to address the issues in this area. No matter where Libra is placed in your chart,

you will be experiencing some sort of effects varying in magnitude according to your natal chart. Also, with the worldwide lockdown, we already know that the cases of woman abuse are on rise. Rapes, domestic violence and physical abuse has heightened due to mental

frustrations and stress on Libra sign.
Having said all this, let’s have a quick look who all can witness greater impact of this transit.
• People having planets near Aries- Pisces Gandanta
• If you are undergoing Mars Dasha or Antardasha
• If you are born under

Ashwani or Revati Nakshatra
• Virgo ascendant or moon sign people for whom the transit is happening in 7th house can undergo very tough time in relationships.
• Leo ascendant or moon sign people for whom the transit is happening in 8th house can fall in trap of

diseases in lower abdominal area. • People for whom mars is transiting over natal Ketu or Mars can undergo surgeries or accidents.
• People for whom mars is going through tough nakshatras according to Navtara table
These are some general predictions forecasting impact of

Mars during this retrograde motion. Depending upon the current dasha and natal planetary situation, the results can differ. Also, Ashtakvarga should be taken into due consideration while deciphering results of transits. In all, proper analyzation of your chart is required

to ascertain the current results of any transit. We understand that the current time is challenging and cosmic weather is not so good. But we can always make effort for healing the inner sanctums of life.

I highly suggest you to take up meditation and mantra chanting

during this time to break the cob-web of these disturbing energies. With regular mind training with meditation and reciting of mantras, we can actually attune our energies with higher energies which can ultimately result in healing. Everything is universe is energy which

• • •

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