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Good Night Oppy (Prime) is a beautiful documentary directed by Ryan White, combining archive footage, new interviews and a magnificent vision of Mars by the wizards of @ILMVFX
The story of Opportunity, which was supposed to last 90 sols but lasted 5,352, is thrilling and...
@ILMVFX ...and sometimes even moving.

Because we quickly understand why engineers and scientists have considered her a member of the family, and at the end of the film, Oppy quickly joins the pantheon of cinema robots. Except that she existed and is still alone on Mars.
@ILMVFX The documentary highlights not only the technical exploit but also the scientific one, especially what Oppy and her twin Spirit brought to science and knowledge.
A film not to be missed!

#oppy #opportunity #science #nasa #rover #ilm #mars
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Dear @elonmusk, here are a few steps that you can take to take #Twitter to #Mars (Follow the thread below)
1} Love your People: They are the team that created a great Product which made you think to buy the company. Ensure your people are treated well and you safeguard them and keep them happy. Don't let a single person leave instead bring back the left.
2) Love your Customers: They are the ones who give you business. Help them get verified with ease and without any charge. Provide them tools to use Twitter to earn for them and for your company. Tell your People to provide BEST customer experience to them.
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#venus & #Mars

The best thing about Mars and Venus conjunction, placement, opposition’s and trine to each other is , it will makes your very passionate in whatever endeavour you follow, either it’s about #relationship, #marriage or in any creative studies or profession
i.e music, #fashion, #beauty, film industry, media, #Sports, #gymming and show biz etc. If we go for majority of views, Venus and mars conjunction usually delays a marriage,a person may remain unmarried if there is involvement of either Saturn or nodes Aspect on this
conjunction in either D1 or d9. If the person is married the native may not have a normal home life due to spouse working in different city or different work culture; however the conjunction itself does not cause any multiple partners either before or after the marriage .
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#love & #relationships in #astrology

When we are talking about Love relationships & Marriage in Astrology the primary planet to look deeply is Placement, dignity, affliction & Strength of Venus for Both male & Female.

As Venus is karka of Relationship & Marriage prosperity.
When Venus is well placed in Natal & Navamsa chart without any blemish one will have good married & relationship life.

These are below factors, combination & source of affliction in Love relationships.

1) Venus & Rahu Conjunction either in D1 Or in D9.
2) Venus & Ketu
3) Venus & Mars
4 ) Venus & Sun
5 ) Venus & Saturn
6) Affliction to 7th Lord
7) Darapada in Dual Signs & in affliction.
8 ) Uppada lagana is in affliction.
9 ) Navamsa 7th & 8th house is in affliction via nodes, Mars or Saturn.
10 ) Mercury & Venus conjunction in D1
& D9
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🚀 We are live! Here is the correct streaming link for all of today's discussions and performances, starting with a panel on complex time with David Krakauer, James Gleick, Ted Chiang, and David Wolpert in a few moments (measured linearly...):

"One of the ideas we had with #InterPlanetary was, 'What would it take to make science hedonistic? And instead of telling people to do it, you'd have to tell people to STOP doing it?"

- SFI President David Krakauer sets the tone for this weekend's celebrations
#IPFest Image
David Krakauer: "Do you have a favorite model or metaphor for #time?"

@JamesGleick: "You've already mentioned a river; that's everybody's favorite. Borges said time is a tiger. People talk about it as a thread. We ONLY talk about time in metaphors." Image
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#Breaking #Update #Mars #Thread

India’s Mars Orbiter Mission — #MOM — which was designed to last for 6 months when launched on Nov 5, 2013, has lost communication with the ground station, bringing an end to its life after 8 long years. 1/n

Pics: 1st image & Mars dust (isro)
@isro is working out the details of whether the spacecraft ran out of fuel and battery power, or whether communication was lost because of an automated manoeuvre while moving out of a long eclipse changing the direction of the antenna. 2/n
However, multiple sources confirmed that it would not be possible to recover the spacecraft. Isro’s UR Rao Satellite Centre (URSC) director on September 27 communicated the same and Isro will officially announce it soon, a scientist said. 3/n
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Někdy kdysi dávno bylo klima na Marsu mnohem teplejší a i vlhčí. Stále více důkazů ukazuje, že rudá planeta tak mohla mít podmínky vhodné pro vznik a rozvoj života (takového, jaký známe ze Země). Jenže pak se něco stalo a Mars se stal studeným a suchým světem.

Co? 🧵
Dramatická změna se +- nějaký ten čtvrtek začala odehrávat před 3,6 miliardami let.

Je možné, že změna byla spjata s vymizením magnetického pole Marsu, které do té doby planetu chránilo před dopadajícím slunečním zářením i kosmickou radiací.

Jenže to samo o sobě nestačilo.
Nová studie z klávesnice @edwinkite a kolektivu nabízí možné vysvětlení.

Na základě výzkumu rozmístění kdysi dávno vzniklých sítí říčních koryt ukazuje, jak se měnily srážky v čase.

Před 3,6 miliardami let pršelo/sněžilo mnohem více (horní obrázek), než poté (dolní obrázek).
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Zanim dowiemy się, ile byśmy szli na Księżyc, zerknijmy na najwyższy wulkan naszego układu słonecznego, #OlympusMons #Mars. Wiemy już, że zmieści się w stanie Arizona w całości!
Kilka dodatkowych faktów:
Wysokość: 25 km
Szerokość kaldery (to ta „dziura na czubku”): 80 km
Średnica: 624 km
Żeby złapać nieco perspektywę:
Największy ziemski wulkan to Mauna Loa:
Wysokość: 17 km, ale od podstawy głęboko w oceanie
Szerokość: ok. 120 km
Zdjęcie z wybuchu w 1984 r.: @NatlParkService
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Here’s how Elon Musk is the biggest charlatan of 21st century.
$tsla $tslaq

Time for a thread🧵 🍿
1. Isn’t the founder of #Tesla, #PayPal or #Neuralink but tries to revise history to call himself one.
2. Always tries to push vaporware to generate hype (#FSD, #Robotaxi, #Semi, #Cybertruck, #Roadster, #Robot, etc)
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#Japan is making grand plans of creating interplanetary #trains and champagne flute-like glass habitats in its bid to send and host humans on the #Moon and #Mars!


📸: Youtube SC/Kajima Corp.

Thread. 👇
An interplanetary transportation system dubbed the 'Hexatrack', which maintains a gravity of 1G during long-distance travel to mitigate the effects of prolonged exposure to low gravity, has been proposed by #Japanese researchers.
The #trains will also possess 'Hexacapsules', which are essentially hexagon-shaped capsules with a moving device in the middle.
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Times Ahead:-

Well things do not look good Astrologically from now on. Sudden turn of events will shake us. As i have said before as well, the second half of 2022 is going to be horrendous. And if you ask me , it has just started.

There are a lot of predictions i would like to share but looking at the present scenario i will hold back for sometime. There is so much uncertainty, fear already among everyone right now. I just want you all to stay calm and patient. You will certainly feel
being drowned or pushed too much . Remember i am always there for those who need my help and support.

As Mars moves in Bharani we will have to be more cautious. One thing Is for certain, As we move towards the end of July please take care of yourselves.

Be strong and careful.
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#Amazon is working on a creepy feature that will enable #Alexa to speak in your dead relative’s voice…

By @sourabhjain24 Image
A recent #trend last year allowed users to animate photos of people, which was majorly being used to animate pictures of dead friends and family members. While some people would find this feature comforting, a lot of people found this #creepy.…
If this was not #creepy enough for you, #Amazon is working on a feature that will enable #Alexa to speak in your dead relative’s voice.

Yes, you read that right👀
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A bit of a random comparison, but here's how the Earth/Moon system compares with Mars and the orbit radii of its two little Moons (Phobos & Deimos)

Moon's orbit radius: 384,400 km
Phobos's orbit radius: 9,376 km
Deimos's orbit radius: 23,463 km Image
Phobos is practically a ready made low orbit space station for it. (The size of London)

But even Deimos is actually quite close to it.

Phobos would in fact be orbiting under the altitude of the GPS satellites if it did so around Earth. And Deimos is at almost exactly their alt.
View of #Mars from Phobos simulated in the @SpaceEngineSim

Also added tiny starship.

#space Image
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#ThisDayInHistory Post 661:

19 April 1770 (252 years ago): Captain James Cook sighted the eastern coast of what is now Australia.

CC: @Australia


#History #OnThisDay #OTD #CaptainJamesCook #Australia
19 April 1971 (51 years ago): Launch of Salyut 1, the first space station.


#ThisDayInHistory #History #OnThisDay #OTD #Salyut1 #SovietUnion
19 April 1975 (47 years ago): India's first satellite Aryabhata launched in orbit from Kapustin Yar, Russia.

CC: @isro


#ThisDayInHistory #History #OnThisDay #OTD #Aryabhata #India #Satellite #ISRO
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🎞️ Our fourth #STSshorts episode is live! 🎙️

We talk with @ashleyshoo about #STS, Technology & Disability, #DisabilityStudies, #technoableism, philosophy of tech, #cripsinspace, amongst other topics.

Watch & subscribe:
@ashleyshoo This is the 4th episode of #STSshorts, a new video series in which we dialogue with a researcher, lecturer, writer, and eclectic human in the #STS discipline or related fields.

~30 mins in length.

The goal is to highlight and hopefully introduce a new audience to their work.
@ashleyshoo Ashley is an assistant professor in the Department of Science, Technology, and Society at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia. (@sts_vt)…
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#EpigraphyTuesday – The Foss Dyke Mars: a statuette of Mars, nude apart from his rather flamboyant helmet: found on the course of the Foss Dyke in 1774, though the original find-spot is not specified. #Roman #Mars

Image: British Museum (OA.248). Link -…
This ca. Late 2nd – Early 3rd Century copper-alloy figure is well executed, highlighting once again the popularity of Mars as a Romano-British cult focus, as shown in other artefacts such as the Barkway Plaque.

The inscription runs across two of the panels on the base:

Deo Mar(ti) et
Nu(mini)b(us) Aug(ustorum) Col-
asuni Brucci-
us et Caratius de
suo donarunt
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#Saturn and #Venus is a natural pair. Saturn is the fixed expression of Libra as its middle decan, and also the mutable expression of Taurus as it's third decan, transforming into Gemini. Venus exalts Saturn in Libra, masculine cardinal air sign.
Furthermore, Venus is the cardinal expression of Aquarius, and represents the force the transforms Capricorn into the active + airy Aquarius. These two play a balancing game that highlights important planetary transitions across the zodiac.
Saturn's exaltation in Libra further affirms this connection and importance to finding structure and foundation even in a high-movement sign like cardinal air libra. Saturn is the force that tames Venus, just like Mars is the force that tames Jupiter. Mercury relates the lights.
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A mapping effort led by @NASAGoddard's chief scientist shows how the explosive volcanic eruption at #Tonga's #HungaTongaHungaHaapai obliterated the island.
“This is a preliminary estimate, but we think the amount of energy released by the eruption was equivalent to somewhere between 4 to 18 megatons of TNT,” said Jim Garvin. 🌋
For comparison, scientists estimate Mount St. Helens exploded in 1980 with 24 megatons and Krakatoa burst in 1883 with 200 megatons of energy.
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Avec la pandémie du Covid-19, j'ai plus trop envie de parler de génétique parce qu'a chaque fois, on me parle des variants et on me demande ce que j'en pense...
Or je ne suis ni virologue ni infectiologue et je fais confiance à mes confrères... Genre @nathanpsmad
CEPENDANT, la génétique du SRAS-Cov2 (c'est le nom du virus de la maladie Covid19) permet de mettre en lumière la "derive génétique" et les "pressions de sélection".
Et vous savez quoi, ces deux phénomène existe en génétique humaine !
Ce sont des phénomènes étudiés dans la genetique des populations.
La dérive c'est un phénomène bien connue et facilement modelisable informatiquement.
En exemple, la conservation d'un allèle (une copie spécifique de l'information génétique) :…
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#Espace - Les bonnes raisons d'y aller
🌿À l'heure de la #COP26, pourquoi dépenser de l'énergie et des finances pour aller dans l'espace. #Thread de quelques éléments de réponses du côté optimiste de la force 🤞
#espace #écologie #spacegeek Space final frontier - illustration Elite Dangerous
1. Pour trouver notre place dans l'#univers, #explorer, #rêver.
Historiquement, l'observation des étoiles a interrogé, fait rêver. Domaine des dieux, sphère céleste, on étudie le ciel nocturne et l'évolution de soleil en journée qui rythme les vies.
#astronomie #histoire #Science
🔭Les #philosophes déblayant les principes de la mécanique céleste posent les bases de l'#astronomie moderne, s'égarant parfois dans des interprétations erronées. Les briques sont posées et ainsi naîtra les #science, #physique, #astrologie, ...
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La campagne du projet #crypto @MarsEcosystem ($XMS) "Learn & #Earn" vient de démarrer et se terminera le 28/11/2021 à 01h59 sur

Cette #campagne va vous permettre de (peut-être) gagner 5$ en répondant à des questions.

Voici la liste des Q&R pour participer ⬇️
1. Where can you buy an $XMS token?

2. Mars Ecosystem consists of three parts. Mars Treasury, Mars Stablecoin, and What is the last part?
Mars #DeFi Protocol

3. Which tokens are deposited into mars treasury to mint USDM in the genesis launch?
4. On which network is the $XMS Token traded?

5. In which month is @MarsEcosystem selected as the MVBIII Monthly Star?

6. How much percent of the revenue that Mars Ecosystem ... in the form of $BTC, $BNB, $ETH, $CAKE via the XMS staking Pool?
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Nevíme kdy a jak, ale je jisté, že i na Marsu, až tam jednou pošleme lidi, bude #smrťák úřadovat.

Dříve či později na povrchu rudé planety někdo umře.

A ač si říkáte, co jako, smrt patří k životu, pojďme si ukázat, že smrt bude trochu divná.

Proč? Protože... #vesmírníček #Mars
Zaprvé se nedá moc počítat s tím, že by někdo nebožtíka naložil do rakety a poslal zpátky na Zem. Ptáte se proč?

Protože by to bylo moc drahé a náročné.

Tělo tak téměř jistě* zůstane na Marsu

* snad jen nesmírná touha vědců prozkoumat mrtvolu v pozemských labech by to změnila
A to představuje problém. Zatímco když máte tělo na Zemi, řešení je poměrně snadné - vezmete lopatu, tělo zakopete a necháte přírodu udělat své čáry a máry - na Marsu máme problém.

Tam se příroda rozhodla "stávkovat"...
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Check out our new paper in @nature. We show that at least 25% of the total martian valley network volume formed from catastrophic lake breach floods (1/10):…
Valley networks on #Mars are somewhat analogous to river valleys on Earth but differ morphologically. Maybe this is a sign that instead of forming from precipitation, #martian valleys are a result of groundwater or glacial erosion, or even lava. (2/10)
Alternatively, my co-authors (Goudge et al., 2019) previously showed some valleys formed catastrophically from lake breach flooding. How do we know they were catastrophic? The downstream valley volume closely correlates with the inferred volume of water in the #paleolake (3/10)
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