When a neocolonialist motherfucker such as @EmmanuelMacron points to the colonized and says "you guys have a problem", this isn't a dispassionate critique but rather a pretext for a narrative of domination that will reflect in policy across the board and into the future.
Motherfuckers such as @EmmanuelMacron are a more serious threat to our liberty, dignity, and human rights than even Trump. At least outright racists such as Trump say the quiet part out loud and that inspires resistance and gets people to get off the fence.
If I had more time I'd post an entire series under the title "Fuck you, Macron" about how cynical he is about the "problems" he speaks about (while breaking down each problem and the actual solution). Maybe I'll have the time.
Macron isn't saying any of this to fix the problems, only to win the votes of racists, and perhaps to make more money from Muslim dictators who also want to say that we Muslims are uniquely savage and hence must be ruled by enlightened dictators because we can't rule ourselves.
Btw if you're offended by the language I use when I describe neocolonialists, tyrants, and terrorist, then don't follow me. I do not model myself after your social construct of how someone like me should sound, and I find it part of my work to advertise our rage to the world.
It is part of my job to show absolute contempt and complete disrespect for every power that profits off the subjugation of my people.

• • •

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6 Mar
Talk to me when British or Brazilian people are being harassed and spat on in the streets because the media has named a virus after them. This is "all lives matter", or yet another demonstration of how white people can be.
Every time I feel a wee bit of sympathy for these people, their anxiety, their mediocrity, their disorientation in a changing world... I come across something like this that reminds me who to center.
Reminds of Farida's tweet. They can only see double standards in one direction
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5 Mar
Can someone recommend books, lectures, movies, etc on the history of Liberia?
Liberia, that country which was founded by newly emancipated African Americans "going back home"; when they got there they established a plantation economy that exploited and even enslaved the natives all the same. Emancipation and independence do not equal decolonization.
Liberia, whose history shows you that even "returned natives" can be colonizers; and that systems of injustice can become so deeply impressed into our souls that even when we escape them, we replay them, just with us on top this time around.
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4 Mar
There's this binary conversation around Clubhouse and other social media tools and their impact on the MENA. This conversation seems to only entertain two extremes - either these tools are emancipatory or they're a nothingburger. I'm finding this extremely annoying
When we say these tools are an opportunity, we're told we're "romanticizing" them (wtf?) and if we say the regimes will *always* find ways to fight free expression we're told we're giving up. I honestly want to understand where this lazy mode of thinking comes from
Tools are opportunities, not saviors. We don't need to be reminded of the brutality of our regimes or the failure of the world to stand up to them. We also don't need to be lectured about the resilience of our people and their pent up need to express themselves freely.
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2 Mar
Thread: Revealing important information about link between the pro-MBS online disinformation network and the pro-Trump disinformation ecosystem
BACKGROUND: In May 2019, due to recent action by Twitter, a number of large Saudi disinfo accounts were removed from the platform for state-sponsored manipulation. This was a hit to MBS's disinfo efforts, and led to a Saudi state-manipulated campaign against Twitter.
The Saudi campaign included insults and harassment against Twitter MENA employees, but also importantly, calls to delete Twitter and install Parler. Some of these tweets are still online, but I don't want to link directly to them. Here's some screenshots (Arabic):
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2 Mar
IMPORTANT: MBS's disinfo machine is now producing propaganda videos targeting @DAWNmenaorg and its members, including @sarahleah1. These videos are being distributed here on Twitter. This kind of output has in the past been coupled with hacks and other forms of state action.
We have said repeatedly that MBS cannot take a hint. If you are silent about his actions he takes it as permission. Here he is feeling empowered to go on the offensive, just days after the ODNI report. This is the result of impunity, @POTUS.
Campaign also targets @marcowenjones, @aalodah, @Hala_Aldosari and others. I repeat these campaigns in the past went hand in hand with state action including hacking, intimidation and physical threats. MBS is advertising his impunity.
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28 Feb
Hi guys, here's an important thread about the Israeli connection to MBS and the cause of justice for Jamal. It's also a thread about how many crosshairs are on my back, and why I'm probably less safe now than I was before the ODNI report:
So you may have noticed that MBS's disinfo accounts have been pumping out anti-Palestinian racist material and have been signalling support for Israel. I've talked about this many times, most recently here:
You'll also notice this piece of news, which Israeli media dropped just hours before the ODNI report came out. It states that Israel is seeking a military alliance that includes MBS, as well as MBZ and Hamad of Bahrain. i24news.tv/en/news/intern…
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