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1/ A former friend who has joined the Washington "just following orders" crowd is horrified that we're hitting Jason Miller.

I asked him which of Jason's admitted actions -- the prostitutes, the strippers, skipping child support, etc -- he'd like to defend in public.
2/ "Well, I can't. You know I have to work in this town. Besides, he has a family."

Me: "He has at least two families, one to whom he's refusing to pay child support."
3/ The broader conversation was telling. A guy in the business who bent the knee to Trump feels the campaign is out of control (and I have better visibility into their ops and it's even worse than he thinks) and losing.
4/ He still can't understand why the @ProjectLincoln founders burned our boats and give no fucks. It's the DC mindset writ large. "Go along to get along" turned out to be a slippery slope. Dude, we're liberated.
5/ If you're protecting Jason Miller to "get along" you've lost your moral compass in a fundamental way.

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Feb 27
1/ So the Dominion lawsuit depositions from Rupert Murdoch and Fox News are lighting up the Internet tonight, and there's a true frenzy over the revelations that the entire network, even the performative nightside trio of terror.

They knew Trump lost. They knew there...
2/ ...was not then (nor is there now) a scintilla of fraud. They knew, and lied. Over, and over, and over. They chose guests they knew were lying. They allowed story meetings promoting a massive, dangerous lie that reduced faith and belief in the American system.
3/ The entire top level of Fox management knew their lies were leading to danger for this nation.

Just as the GOP once ruled the base and now the base rules the GOP, a slavering, inchoate rage beast demanding more and more...
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Feb 27
Here's what I wrote in #ETTD about Trump and Reince:

"Not long after Trump entered the race, Priebus feared Trump would bolt the party, run as an independent, and wreck the GOP’s chances against Hillary Clinton. He absurdly believed that if he convinced Trump to sign a GOP...
2/...loyalty pledge, Trump would support the party after he lost the primary and that the oath would moderate some of Red Hat Don’s more grotesque excesses.
3/ So Priebus went to Trump Tower with a cheesy parchment that looked like it was extracted from a bin of discount award certificates at Office Depot and run through a knockoff-brand inkjet printer and had Trump sign it.
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Feb 27
1/ Let's be clear about the RNC loyalty pledge Ronna wants Trump to sign.

Hahahhahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahhahahahhahahahhahhahhahahahahahahhahha <breathe> hahhhahahahhahahahhahahhahhahhahhahahhahahahahahahhahahahhahhahhahahahhaha.
2/ This is the same horseshit fantasy thinking that led Reince to scuttle up to Trump Tower with an Office Depot award certificate for Trump to Sharpie-splooge over.

If you think Trump has ever, ever, ever considered any contract, vow, oath, agreement...
3/ ...memorandum of understanding, or blood oath sworn on an ebon altar in the depths of Hell, I have some overpriced mid-tier golf club memberships to sell you.

Anyone from Ronna on down who thinks this would stop an angry Trump...
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Feb 4
1/ Earlier this week, @projectlincoln announced its targeting of 18 vulnerable Republicans to the usual pissy complaints from the GOP, its ancillary media, and even some centrist types who say...

@ProjectLincoln 2/ ... "But wait...they're not AS bad as Marge Sporkfoot or Biggs or Boebert or Gaetz or blah blah blah."

Bless your hearts. They ARE, though. They're all of a piece now, and ideological and political conformity is the core of the MAGA caucus.
@ProjectLincoln 3/ Our mission isn't to save the GOP from MAGA. The infection is too widespread. They're post-ideological.

They're all in on the nihilist games that will lead to a default when the debt ceiling fight becomes the main test of MAGA purity.
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Jan 6
1/ It was two years ago today that Donald Trump incited and encouraged a violent mob to attack the United States Capitol.

It wasn't a tourist visit.

It wasn't a protest.

It was an attack at the root of our republic and democratic governance.
2/ He had help. Inside, the cadre of "men" like Josh Hawley, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz et al were cheering the mob and efforts to undo the election.

On his agitprop channels from Fox to Bannon to OAN, the lie of a phony election fueled the apocalyptic fervor of his horde.
3/ It was only by the luck, providence and the unrivaled courage of the Capitol and Metro police that the mob was prevented from killing Members of Congress.

Mobs do what mobs do, and this mob was intent, violent, and ready for blood. Luck and courage aren't the worst things...
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Nov 29, 2022
1/ A bit of faffing about on the anti-anti-Trump right at the moment. I know, I know you hate us with the fire of 1000 Suns, but you don't get to escape as easily as "I love Ron DeSantis! He's DREAMY!"

God, after 7 fucking years, don't you get it?
2/ In 2016 you said, "Never" and meant, "Do me harder, Daddy" once Trump won. Oh, you did the "I hate the tweets love the policy" bullshit but you know in your heart how false and reprehensible that was from the start.

You don't get to walk away from that.
3/ To quote the political philosopher Bane, "Your punishment must be more severe."

Here's how it plays out.

You can write a billion NRO columns saying DeSantis craps gold bullion and smells like summer rain, but the seething, hideous mass of the MAGA base is always there.
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