Supporting Trump is such an unforgivable moral failing. It calls every bit of your judgement and character into question. Nothing about you should be trusted if you can look at this man and think "that's the one for me."
The first will be last and the last will be first, Christian.
This would make sense if Trump was able to get the most votes.

“Evil can’t possibly be evil if it’s broadly popular and the scale of it is vast.”
Imagine thinking an alignment with fascism and white supremacy amounts to a benign political choice that doesn’t reflect on who you are as a person.
Finding a non-white supremacist reason to support a white supremacist still aligns you with white supremacy.

Finding a non-authoritarian reason to support an authoritarian still aligns you with authoritarianism.

Reducing what Trump is to "politics" or “tone” abets him.
Every person answering this thread in dissent thinks that something is being missed that isn't being missed.

*You don't understand the rewards we expect to get
*You haven't heard the reasons we tell ourselves
*You don't understand, there are so many of us

No, we understand.
I think what Trump supporters were expecting to get is what they've always received before, which is the ongoing benefit of the doubt, that what they supported was merely a bloodless difference of opinion, that their character and judgement were good.

They thought.
They expected to get away with it with our regard for their character and judgement intact, and for millions of us that simply isn't going to happen.

Trump support can't be explained away. There's no debate to be had. There's just an accurate assessment of what it means.
It means either that cruelty and bigotry and violent domination excites you so much it's worth risking literally everything else to see it enacted, or else it means you're willing to overlook all of that to secure some personal benefit.

Support Trump. Prepare to be understood.
If you support this sort of thing, you'll be understood as the sort of person who supports this sort of thing.

Your reasons and justifications for doing so will be interesting only from a clinical historical perspective.

Support Trump. Prepare to be understood.
There might be a lot of things a Trump supporter will gain from their ongoing support. They may get everything they wanted.

They won't have our good regard. Instead they will have our correct understanding of their moral judgement and character.

It's not a debate. It's a fact.
If this makes you uncomfortable, realize it’s meant to make you uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable. These aren’t comfortable truths that we need to face, nor do they lead to easy conclusions, but we do need to face them.

If this offended you, offense very much intended.

• • •

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5 Oct
Me: ok I've admitted your reasons for supporting Trump are valid, though I disagree—now: to convince you to change your mind!

MAGA: actually I just wanted my views normalized

Me: What?

MAGA: yeah not changing my mind

Me: but the discourse

MAGA: appreciate the validation tho
Me: but I validated your humanity!

MAGA: appreciate it

Me: so now you validate the humanity of gay, trans, black and muslim people

MAGA: lol no

Me: but—

MAGA: just a reasonable disagreement

Me: you're not being reasonable

MAGA: that kind of talk is why I'm voting Trump
Me: But I made you comfortable!

MAGA: thanks, I am comfortable—very comfortable

Me: I bent over backward

MAGA: even though I didn't bend at all!

Me: I worked so hard.

MAGA: I didn't lift a finger.

Me: you should at least meet me halfway

MAGA: why? you came to me
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5 Oct
Elie Wiesel: We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.

Conservative: wow sad that you would just write someone off over a political difference
Martin Niemöller: Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew.

Conservative: Ridiculous of you to suggest half the country is just irredeemably evil. Sounds like you’re the problem.
Refuse to waste time debating obvious things with people who have shown themselves unwilling to acknowledge obvious things.

Their ignorance is an ignorance of convenience. An ignore-ance.
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4 Oct
L'ATALANTE is, in my opinion, not half bad. ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Watched it because it was the ranking film in the They Shoot Films Don't They 1000 list I had yet to see. What can I say? Most of the films so honored make the case for their placement obvious. This, while not without charms, did not.
I think the big mistake is making the husband a grump and a dick in almost every scene, then making the movie about getting them back together. Did not care about that a bit, don't think it's going to work out with them either way.
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4 Oct
They just do not give a shit about people, at all. They don't give a shit.
They get it and just keep going to events and encouraging people to not wear masks and engage in virus spreading behavior and sneering at people who try to prevent the spread.

Utter monsters.
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3 Oct
I see the sense in suspending negative ads; strategically the optics could be bad & it's a campaign's job to manage that. But there would have been comfort in seeing some sign that the Biden camp understands just how ruthless we're going to have to be vs. the death cult in 2021.
There can't be the slightest bit of bipartisanship, no reaching across the aisle. Just pushing an aggressive agenda of badly-needed remediations, totally ignoring the people who created the problems because they wanted the problems.

And many, many, many legal consequences.
There is no healing without a full redress of the wrongs that caused the wounds. There can be no redemption without reparation. We can't forgive the harmed on behalf of the harmed.

Consequences and remediation. Aggressive bold and uncompromising.
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3 Oct
Makes a hell of a lot more sense than Biden dropping out.
I think it's worth a hard look in the mirror for media figures who looked at the melting-down president, down 7-9% in polls, losing swing states, now hospitalized with the virus he actively worked to spread across a failing America and thought, "the other guy should stand down."
*trump punts an ebola-infected baby seal into a premie nursery*
pundits: this is going to be a tough narrative for the biden campaign

*trump swallows a hand grenade*
pundits: maybe biden should quit? in a time of crisis like this we should all rally around our president
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