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6 Oct, 17 tweets, 3 min read
Remember the hysteria and lunacy from the media over Trump's coronavirus diagnosis, the hatred and death wishes. You do NOT want people who think that way to gain power and take control of your life. Trump is right about fighting back against fear.
The Left WILL vent all that rage and hatred on you and yours, if they gain the power to do so. They're showing you who they really are. The entire Democrat Party is an endless nervous breakdown. Hysterical people tend to lash out at perceived tormentors.
By now it should be crystal clear that the Left isn't kidding around when it unrolls its enemies list and vows to punish everyone and everything it holds responsible for "unfairness" and "injustice." They view government as punitive - a mighty engine for hurting "bad people."
The notion of punitive government is inseparable from the Left's vision of socialist redistribution. Wealth cannot be redistributed unless it's taken away. The takers have a deep moral need to view the people and entities they intend to loot as evil and deserving of punishment.
The more they plan to take, the more evil people they see. Socialism is heavily dependent on institutionalized prejudice - including racial prejudice, for the modern American Left. The Left literally pre-judges its targets as unworthy of exercising civil rights or owning wealth.
The thing about prejudice is that it always invites hatred. It can be difficult to remain prejudiced against entire races or classes of people when you start getting to know them. You need to stay drunk on hatred to avoid processing that information and losing your prejudices.
We saw expressions of that bottled-up hatred all weekend - and don't forget that all the people shrieking at Trump, wailing in dismay when he got better, really hate his VOTERS too - maybe more than they hate him. They can't WAIT to make you suffer for supporting him.
Add the Democrat Party's growing comfort level with political violence on the streets, and you have a formula for sheer hell getting unleashed as soon as they're secure in power.
The Left has been shooting fear into its veins since 2017, and they started overdosing when the coronavirus panic began. They're fear junkies now. Fearful people are jittery and prone to sudden eruptions of rage and violence. Adrenaline surges destroy good judgement.
Fear also wrecks your ability to measure consequences and judge costs against benefits - and politicians are terrible at both of those things to begin with. Fear makes people submit to extreme plans that deliver tiny benefits with wildly disproportionate costs.
You really don't want to see what four years of rule by politicians who are even WORSE THAN USUAL at balancing costs against benefits looks like, especially when they're also crazed with hatred and determined to punish everyone that scares them.
As the old saying goes, we're the land of the free because we're the home of the brave. Freedom, and the responsibility that comes with it, requires and inspires courage. Terrorized people are not free. Responsibility is the last thing on their minds, with freedom a close second.
Try asking a veteran cop, soldier, or firefighter about their jobs. Ask them how they can run TOWARD alarms and the sound of gunfire. You won't get macho posturing in response. Instead, they'll talk about the sense of responsibility they feel to the people they protect.
There, in that sense of duty and responsibility, you will find the death of fear, and the birth of freedom.

Conversely, in a land governed by the fear, loathing, and babbling hysteria we saw over the weekend, freedom will be very hard to find.

Trump should campaign on that.
This election is all about the return to normal. Those who think all the polls are total garbage and Trump will easily ride to victory on a tidal wave of shy voters are underestimating how many tired, frightened people just want the country to go back to normal.
Trump can show them Biden and the Democrats aren't going to deliver any kind of normal. They have absolutely no intention of rebuilding the country that was smashed by the Wuhan coronavirus. They will not let this greatest of all crises go to waste.
The proof is in the seething rage Democrats and their media displayed when Trump spoke out against fear. There's your opening, Mr. President. There will be no return to normal under the Party of Fear. These twitchy fear junkies will never shake their addiction. /end

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8 Oct
Who know if this veep debate will matter more than any of the previous ones, but rarely has a running mate done more to help his ticket than Pence did tonight, and rarely has one hurt her ticket more than Harris.
This debate SHOULD be important because Harris is going to end up in the Oval Office and everyone knows it. It matters a lot that she's a lightweight who can't give a straight answer, credulously repeats every hoax she's ever heard, and thinks China is the top dog nation.
Harris' servility to Communist China is ASTOUNDING. Xi Jinping should send her a hammer and sickle pin as a reward for a job well done. She took Beijing's line every chance she got, on every issue. She even straight-up lied about global opinion surveys about Beijing.
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7 Oct
This election is a contest between reality and illusions, including the illusion of perpetual fear. Trump's troubles flow from how he speaks into the social media hall of mirrors, but what he's saying is fundamentally true. Don't underestimate how many people prefer illusions.
As the WSJ put it, "Trump doesn't do nuance." Nuance belongs to the realm of illusion. With enough nuance, the plain meaning of words can be inverted and the truth can be completely obscured. Many Americans are sick to death of getting "nuanced" into ruin.
But many people PREFER illusions - role-playing, virtue signaling, social media freakouts. Cancel culture flows from children achieving illusory "victories" by silencing people they hate, without changing a damn thing about the great social issues they claim to care about.
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6 Oct
He'll get roasted for using "coronavirus" and "flu" in the same tweet, but note that he's not saying Covid-19 is "just the flu." He is correctly noting that we need a coping strategy that doesn't involve perpetual lockdowns, because the Rona isn't going away any time soon.
There's some weird new version of Godwin's Law that says if you mention the coronavirus and any lesser disease in the same sentence, you're minimizing the threat of the Rona and dismissing it as "just the flu." We've had more than enough illogical hysteria during this pandemic.
Discussing long-term strategies for dealing with a persistent health issue does not require minimizing the threat of the disease. Nor does observing that it's not as lethal as early projections claimed. Minimizing its threat is wrong, but so is dramatically overstating it.
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5 Oct
The Wuhan coronavirus carries a heavy ideological payload of conformity and submission to authority. The Chinese are aggressively using it to promote their model of fascism. Others of an authoritarian bent are making political use of it as well.
The basic idea that the virus is a form of divine punishment for failing to implement and obey the "right" policies is clearly false - there are far too many case surges in places that did everything "right" - but it's irresistible for believers in centralized authority.
It also has some appeal to the public, because they want a frightening and confusing epidemic to be made simpler. Do X, Y, and Z and you won't get the virus; if you got the virus, you must have failed to do X, Y, and Z. It's comforting because it's simpler than the truth.
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2 Oct
The question with the many, many people in media like Acosta is: Are they shamelessly lying because they know damn well Trump has said it before, or have they actually convinced themselves to forget he said it, because they're so utterly invested in this narrative?
I'm genuinely curious about this. I could believe either explanation. A LOT of DNC Media reporters feel perfectly justified in lying and concealing facts to achieve their sacred political objectives - especially regarding Trump, who they think is not entitled to fair treatment.
But the "Trump never denounces white supremacy" narrative was so all-encompassing among journalists - including those who personally knew better, like Acosta - that it looked like mass hysteria. Hysterics can easily convince themselves to forget things.
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1 Oct
If Democrats take power, you WILL be forced to pay reparations before the end of Biden's first term - and the Abolish the Police Party will gleefully inform you that resistance will lead to fines, imprisonment, and ultimately death at the hands of law enforcement officers.
California's announcement of "serious studies" for reparations bills is a clear harbinger of things to come. Bad ideas from California reliably infect the rest of the country when Dems have the White House and Congress.
The Left is VERY serious about reparations. It's not a fringe idea for them at all. It's very much in the status of "something we need to figure out how to do without provoking massive public outrage." There is no serious intellectual argument against it on the Left.
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