Kamala Harris has continued to refuse to answer the question of whether she will support packing the court. Harris previously expressed support for the idea but now refuses to be clear on the issue that she helped raise during the primary.
...the test of principle is following principle when it is not popular or convenient. This proposal would destroy the Supreme Court and do precisely what Ginsburg once denounced.
...I like Susan Page's style and questions tonight. I was surprised however that she did not ask Harris to explain why the public should not know her position on court packing before they vote. This is a fundamental change to a critical institution in our Constitution system...
...it would also not only reject Ginsburg's position but would contradict Biden's prior opposition to court packing. If Biden and Harris want to offer a principled alternative, they should be clear on this principle regardless of the politics of the moment.

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6 Oct
Honestly, I get that we are living in an age of rage but the delight of the media and critics over the Claudia Conway videos is truly sick. Both of her parents have removed themselves from the public roles to address serious issues with their minor child . . .
...I truly never thought it would come to this where the public is thrills at the airing of these disturbing videos. As a parent, I can only imagine how this is magnifying the trauma for Kellyanne and George Conway. They have attempted to do the right thing by their daughter...
...yet some in the media and the public are fueling this destructive conduct for the family. I have been hoping that people might reach a point of embarrassment over their enabling this ongoing trauma. Yet, it seems that we have finally lost any sense of decency...
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4 Oct
What is fascinating about the coverage on the decision is that lack of any push back on Whitmer claiming on CNN and other outlets that this was just a bunch of biased Republican appointees... jonathanturley.org/2020/10/03/mic…
...When Trump has disparaged judges who voted against him as Democratic appointees, the media has rightfully denounced him. Moreover, no one has corrected Whitmer in suggesting that the Democrats supported her actions in the decision. They did not...
...They voted that she did violate the Constitution and acted without authority in her extension of the emergency orders. They simply disagreed on having to negate the orders. Finally, there was no push back on the notion of Republicans voting together is proof of bias but . . .
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3 Oct
The Internet is raging with conspiracy theories this weekend on how President Donald Trump may be faking his illness or using his Covid-19 treatment for some hidden dark purpose. jonathanturley.org/2020/10/03/tru…
...If we are going to unleash implausible conspiracy theories, at least make them interesting. Something far more sinister could be revealed as Trump emerges from his experimental treatment. No, not viral immunity. I am speaking of super MAGA powers:
...now that is a conspiracy theory. Otherwise, let's stick with the plausible medical and legal realities. This is a serious illness that is being treated by a staff of hundreds of professionals, not co-conspirators. The President is high-risk but they have also moved quickly...
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30 Sep
Before completing his testimony, Comey was asked if he regretted his various public statements dismissing allegations that have now been proved correct, particularly after he now admitted that he would not have signed the Page application . . .
...He was specifically asked about his column in 2019 on "Lie and Dumb Lies." He said that he does not know of anything in the column that he would change...
...How about? "But go ahead, investigate the investigators, if you must. When those investigations are over, you will find the work was done appropriately and focused only on discerning the truth of very serious allegations...Those are lies, and dumb lies at that."...
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30 Sep
James Comey seems to be offering the Senate today a series of shrugs over troubling evidence of false evidence and possible Russian disinformation in the Russian investigation. Despite his signing off on secret surveillance, Comey is dismissing questions ...
...on the basis that he never knew of any of the memos indicating that the information in the investigation was false or even Russian misinformation. He was under a duty to confirm such facts. As someone who has billed himself as a strong leader, he is now portraying himself...
...as a passive player in these decisions. However, while he would not answer questions on the new evidence of possible Russian misinformation used by the FBI, he had no problem discussing new evidence on Trump's debt that might suggest Russian control over him.
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27 Sep
Chuck Todd fairly challenged Sen Blount about the hypocrisy in the positions of Senators in 2016 and 2020 on nominations. But he continues to repeat the false statement that Republicans did not cite the fact in 2016 that the Senate was under the control of the opposing party...
...Todd said again that he has exhaustively looked for any reference to the control of the opposing party of the Senate back in 2016 as a rationale. It took me exactly 50 seconds to find such statements on the Internet...
...McConnell repeatedly made this point: “You did have to go back to 1888, when Grover Cleveland was president, to find the last time a vacancy created in a presidentially elected year was approved by a Senate of a different party. I think you all understand where we are.”
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