Good question: what proofs has BDA provided of his authenticity?

Let's go through some of them.
- BDA predicted the Saudis would assassinate Suleimani. They did.
- He said the dog that got Badghadi's arm deserved a Medal Of Honor. The next day the President posted a joke image showing him giving the dog a MoH.
- He said one of his ops in Syria would severely disrupt a CIA drug trafficking operation. This was proved true within a few days:…
- He sent gold to Brazil to help pay for an anti-trafficking operation there. That op became public soon afterwards.
- On May 31 this year, he predicted the President would be giving a speech the next day. June 1, the President gives a surprise address at the Rose Garden.
- He predicted the US would be making diplomatic moves on Greenland. True.
- He said the US would be pulling all troops out of Afghanistan. This was confirmed within the month.
- He claimed earthquakes would be hitting Iran's nuclear facilities in December. Yep.
- There were FOUR facilities hit, not the three made public. Also true.
- He's predicted that the US will be recognizing Taiwan as a sovereign nation. Hasn't happened yet but there is now an official Taiwanese ambassador to the US.
- Strzok and McCabe were on the same Page. Yep.
- The US will interdict Iranian tankers bound for Venezuela. They did.
- He said in Jan that Corona is a Chinese-made bioweapon. Confirmed.
- He said it was released by accident from a lab in Wuhan. Yep. Strong evidence using mobile metadata to support this:…
- The US has futuristic weaponry. Directly confirmed by the President at a rally last week.
- The US has futuristic craft. Directly confirmed by the Pentagon recently.
- Corona's death toll in China is horrendous. Confirmed by POTUS:
- The vaccine from the Valley is actually a cure that also immunizes you. Listen carefully to the President here:

- The phone call between POTUS and President Zelensky was a trap. Yep. The phone call was entirely innocent.
- Brennan helped cook up the dossier with rogue members of Russian intel. Yep.
- There is no butterfly effect at the quantum level. No there isn't:…
- Time travel is theoretically possible but changing the timeline is not. Yep:…
- A ton of gold is made from lead daily in an Area 51 lab and shipped to the New York Fed. Not directly confirmed yet but I find it amusing to read Goldman's and others' reports on how there seems to be far too much physical gold in the system of an unknown origin.
So there you go - just some of the proofs he's genuine. Applying basic historical method to all this leads me to conclude that he is telling the truth: he's a merc in the President's inner circle who's been leaking to us for various reasons.

Your call.
- The Democrats will attempt to remove the President from office via a coup. Certainly looks like it:…

• • •

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