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18 Sep
#BigDickAnon Update: The Final Countdown Edition.… Image
Our man is hanging around on 3GDG threads again and promising big things are imminent.

"As I mentioned I believe in November of last year the virus was created in the lab in Wuhan. There were two accidental releases. First in a remote area of the country where they were testing the virus and over 5000 Chinese were killed."

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17 Sep
The number of things that have to have been fixed behind the scenes in order to get to this point boggles my mind.
For a taste, go to the #BigDickAnon archive and search for Middle East:

Let's go through some of them.
- The ousting of the old Saudi regime on November 4, 2017
- Iran's nuclear weapons
- Iran's close relationship with The Cult
- Baghdadi and Suleimani
- The CIA's ops in Syria
- Iran's influence in Iraq
- Kerry's relationship with Iran
- Brennan and Strzok's power
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16 Sep
#BigDickAnon Update: Moving Through Time Edition.…
"After the Dam goes there will be ample time to understand what happened. Heidegger wrote a wonderful book on Aristotle where he discussed movement in time and how you can visualize the movement of things by focusing on the individual .."

"say a athletic and through imagination visualize the movement of the athletic. What Heidegger did not understand is that what you are perceiving is a form of time travel."

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15 Sep
#BigDickAnon Update: Everyone Has A Ticket To This Party And Attendance Is Not Open To Discussion Edition.…

Anon on a 3GDG thread looks like our man.

"Are you ready?"

Anon wants to know what will happen to the good guys after all this.

"After the Dam goes everybody has a ticket to the party."

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14 Sep
Dualism: the secret religion of the elites.

A thread.
The media is not happy that tens of millions of #qanon followers around the world are pushing the 'debunked' conspiracy theory that the elites worship Lucifer, engage in child sacrifice and other unspeakable things.

Q post #133 refers.
This is perfectly true of course but it's actually not the whole story, believe it or not. I want to go through the bigger picture of where the Satan worship fits in and point out how dualism and its key tenets are presented in our culture all the time so that we'll swallow it.
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13 Sep
BDA stopped by on a Yellowstone thread to give us the usual litany of apocalyptic news in an easy to digest list form.

1. Three Gorges Dam
2. Taiwan
3. Yellowstone
4. Fires on the West Coast
5. The return of the Christ.

"What do they have in common? Say my name."

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12 Sep
Netflix, Cuties and Hollywood Insider: a theory.
By now you've probably seen the firestorm that's been ignited by the release of Cuties on Netflix. The backlash against it has already cost Netflix more than $9bn in valuation which is even more money than Gillette lost with its bullshit woke Boys Will Be Boys ad.
People are upset because it's child pornography by almost any definition. But the director, Senegalese immigrant Maïmouna Doucouré, has claimed - I believe sincerely - that the film is a warning against the West's exploitation of young girls.…
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12 Sep
#BigDickAnon Update: Cuties Was The Final Straw For The Almighty Edition.…
"While it is true the events on the West Coast are related to Antifa they are not the cause. I will invite you to take a look again at the short video clip I have posted recently on numerous occasions and compare the storm to what you see in the fires on the West Coast."
"The purpose of posting this video was a heads up on what is coming and the first installment of the storm is what is happening on the West Coast."

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10 Sep
Jared Kushner suggests reading 'Alice in Wonderland' if you want to understand Trump:…

I wonder if this is a subtle nod to Q by JK.

Q posted the signature "Alice & Wonderland" more than any other and he associated it with JK's trip to Saudi Arabia before the coup there on Nov 4, 2017. The evening of the 4th he posted this, just as the day's events wound up.

#qanon Image
Lol. Image
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8 Sep
#BigDickAnon Update: Q4 2020 Predictions Edition.…
Not 100% sure that this is our man taking a break from gold panning to give us an update but a few of us think it might be.

"What is coming for China will make the Khmer Rouge experience in Cambodia look like a walk in the park."

"Plague, cannibalism, the collapse of the three Gorges Dam.Millions of dead Chinese in the rivers floating from one city to another. The dead being fed on by maggots, fish and the birds and worms of the polluted rivers."

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2 Sep
Patriots. President Trump needs you all more than ever. Stay on the path. Don't deviate. Ignore the liars, the naysayers and the disinformation agents.
- Q

We're into the home straight.

Traitors are trying to destroy your country and take away your freedoms. You can see it all around you: blue mayors and governors enabling Antifa's death squads on your streets and the media trying to lay the blame at the feet of the President.

Thirty days remain before the mother of all October Surprises is unveiled: the Weiner Laptop. Hang in there. This is the final assault on the West by The Cult. Do not be triggered by stories in the news. They're carefully designed to make you angry and lose hope.

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1 Sep
Did you feel a dangerous and exhilarating thrill at watching Kyle Rittenhouse defending himself?

Here's why: he ticked all the boxes of the Man of the West. Image
Justice - served on a pedo, a serial abuser and a burglar
Order - Kyle was there to clean up and help others
Heroism - unmistakable
Chivalry - he only did what was necessary to defend himself
Empiricism - we can see his actions for ourselves and judge them
Violence is the pillar on which all societies are built and its repression is tantamount to societal collapse. Image
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31 Aug
Pensacola proofs: a #qanon read.
This Q drop on the 9th Dec, 2017 claimed that the President's speech the night before at his rally in Pensacola made many references to Q drops - the 'markers in the map'. Having listened to the full speech again and done a review, I finally get what he meant.

Here's a full transcription of the Dec. 8th, 2017 speech in Pensacola if you want to check what I'm saying:…

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29 Aug
#BigDickAnon Update: Bad Bad Move Edition.…
Looks like our man stopped by on a Three Gorges General to say goodbye for now.

"You cannot even imagine who visits this board. The Chinese are toast and millions will die. All because a Chinese agent is going to kill one man. Bad, bad move.""

"Biden is just an old fool who will be discarded at the appropriate time. On another matter and this is not for this audience but it is time for me to well take care of important things.."

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28 Aug
#BigDickAnon Update: Hands In Pockets Edition.…
"THE ELECTION FRAUDS.; THE PROCEEDINGS AT BALTIMORE. THE PARTIES ON TRIAL. The Frauds Deliberate and Unblushing. Evidence Entirely Conclusive. Forgery Admitted by the Prisoners. "

"How Votes were Manufactured for McClellan and Seymour. Implication of Democratic Politicians The Voting Fraud on the New-York Soldiers. Card from Gen. Farrell.
Oct. 29, 1864

I should know I was there."

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26 Aug
#BigDickAnon Update: It's What's Underneath The Dam That Is Important Edition.…
Another hour, another Three Gorges thread. Krautanon baker notes the quakes are getting close at a shallow depth.

"Looking' good!" he says.

"Why yes it is" replies BDA.

Lol - Twitter just deleted this. Let's try again.

Anon wants a sign from God.

"The signs are all around you."

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26 Aug
#BigDickAnon Update: You're An Errand Boy Edition.…

Anon asks how soon.

"When the horror of what is happening now is fulfilled.Cannibalism, pestilence. The Chinese are being punished for what they will do not what they have."

"This phase will end in early September. Then the horror will begin."

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24 Aug
Interesting double meaning in Q's drop 261:

RED Haiti.
Since POTUS elected what changed w/ RED?
Since POTUS elected what changed w/ CF?
Since POTUS elected what changed w/ Mc_I?
These people deserve …. . .. …….

This drop was right in the middle of a flurry of posts about the Red Cross, the RED organization, Barry's appearance to supposedly talk about AIDS on Kimmel, and the Roths.

It's that last line which is weird.
…. . .. …….

It's not morse that makes any sense, just a sequence of dots: 4 1 2 7.

Anons found this story:…

which is about Threat Group 4127, a group that exposes governments' and non-profits' private communications.
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24 Aug
#BigDickAnon Update: Time Pilot - Battle Of Midway Edition.…
"At the battle of Midway when my ass was shot out of the sky, well I did take a few with me, in the moment of fear and dread, similar to Heidegger`s notion of dread, all distinctions of the present disappeared .."

"and the full spectrum of past, present, future and matter was before me and the realizations that the present is just a partial snapshot of the totality of of space and time became clear. "

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23 Aug
This is an entirely appropriate reaction to #BigDickAnon's recent drops.

Some perspective.
What was planned for the planet was horrifying. President Hillary Clinton would have already made sure that Iran and Israel would have had a nuclear war. She would already have been in the process of stirring up war with Russia. And NK would be growing increasingly belligerent.
The Cult would have released it's own version of Corona-chan on the world, prompting severe restrictions on civil liberties in the West. You think the rioting in Portland is a thing right now? Imagine every major city in the US overrun with Iranian supplied, Chinese funded cells.
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23 Aug
#BigDickAnon Update: Annie In 1849 Edition.…
Looks like our man posting on a Three Gorges thread. Quite why he's included a pic of Lotta Crabtree I'm not sure.

"Good Evening Ladies.

Have to say I really get a hoot out of this thread. I have talked to my Russian friend.."

"..and he has given me permission to release 5 photographs of what has been going on inside the Dam once it Collapses. I will post it here and will let you folks dissect them at your pleasure. Later."

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