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13 Oct, 22 tweets, 6 min read
1) 2020 election odds
3) What are the odds Trump is reelected?
4) There are lots of approaches here.

You can read polls, as 538 does; they end up at 13%:…
5) You can look at the economy, as The Economist does, and end at 9%:…
6) Or you can look at what prediction markets say--which have Trump around 33%.

[Disclosure: FTX owns; the odds there come in part from FTX's market at]
7) This is a reversal from 2016, where "models" had Trump higher than prediction markets.

So what's right?

I mean, really, who knows. But here are some thoughts.
8) First off, @TheEconomist's model seems suspect to me.

They use a fundamentals model.

Their description (…) beings "A common criticism of fundamentals models is that they are extremely easy to 'over-fit'..."
9) To combat this, they:

a) combine two statistical techniques chosen out of who knows how large a set

b) sample 100 values of a parameter and choose the 'best' fit

c) add in an arbitrary coefficient for COVID

d) fit the model to 18 data points

glad they aren't overfitting
10) @FiveThirtyEight's is way more up-front. It _does_ have a ton of factors in it, but uses much more data and many more data points.

It also is based heavily on polls, rather than fundamentals.

Historically, it's done quite well compared to others.
11) So between it (13%) and prediction markets (33%) what do I think?

Well, they're not actually predicting quite the same thing.

They might disagree in the case of a contested election--with 538 predicting the ballots cast, and prediction markets reflecting inaguration.
12) That might make up something like 5% difference between them, but I doubt it's 13% vs 33%.

And note--prediction markets get to read 538; 538 doesn't model based on FTX.

Prediction markets are at 33% *after adjusting down* for 538's information. Otherwise they might be 40%.
13) So what's really going on here?

My best guess, roughly:

There are known unknowns; models capture those.

There are unknown unknowns; models try to model the distribution of those.
14) And then there are intuitions -- something like "yeah, but COVID".

The unknown unknown unknowns -- the model's uncertainty about how many unknown unknowns are likely to happen this year, relative to others.

Those were high in 2016.

They're way higher now.
15) What are the odds that mail-in voting turns out very different than expected in an election blowing through records in mail-in voting?

What are the odds there's $5b of Super PAC spending coming on November 2nd?

What are the odds COVID delays the election in some states?
16) 2012 was a pretty 'standard', boring election. Incumbent with average popularity, slightly unpopular challenger, decent economy.

2016 was weird: a candidate unlike what we'd seen before. Almost everyone was off by a bunch there--a few % of the popular vote.
17) How much wackier is 2020 than 2016?

IDK -- probably a lot more.

I sort of think that volatility here should be something like 9x the baseline and 3x 2016.

So, idk, I think my model would be a fair bit less certain than 538 etc.'s, in ways that aren't reflected by polling.
18) And then, take a step back.

How surprised would you be if Trump won--if it turns out polls were off by 5%, Trump lost popular vote but won Electoral college?

IDK -- I wouldn't be shocked.

And if you say the odds Trump wins are 10%--
19) idk, I guess I feel like the odds all these models are just kinda busted and this is a wacky election are greater than 10%.

It can be dangerous to trust intuition above numbers, and so I'm definitely fading to the models here.

But 10% kind of fails my smell test.
20) But, who knows, I might be wrong.

I guess we'll find out.
21) to be clear here, I think Biden is the heavy favorite -- and *very* heavy favorite for the popular vote.

I think the odds Trump wins aren't that much higher than the odds he loses but tries to say he won.

But I think both of those are above 10%.
22) Both sides are doubling down, e.g.

If @NateSilver538 is right that @realDonaldTrump's COVID strategy sucks, then Trump very likely loses.

But the public secretly liking it more than they let on is an example of a possible systematic bias.

• • •

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14 Oct
1) Can you fix AMMs?
3) The premise here is a little odd:

Providing in AMMs has made people millions this summer.

How are they broken?
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14 Oct
1) There's something really viscerally brutal about being tied to a token.
2) NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE. NOT TOKEN ADVICE. If you want to take this as advice on tying, go for it, as long as it's not related to any investments or tokens.
3) In the last six hours, is up ~4%. Most coins are down.

Which is awesome!


Also I have no idea why. Literally no idea.
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13 Oct
1) There's a lot to unpack in the latest FTX index rebalance announcement:

2) futures will be delisted from FTX. The instability of the blockchain makes finding a consistent index challenging.

Perpetuals will expire to the index in a week; quarterlies will expire as normal in December.
3) The DEFI, EXCH, ALT, and MID indexes are getting updates. Most of these are straightfoward reflections of recent market cap changes.

Note, in particular, that FTT is getting added to the EXCH and MID indexes.
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12 Oct
1) Ok this smear campaign is starting to get a bit ridiculous.

Take @realitoTV.

Account about a for-profit company that's likely defunct:…

Only post was in 2015, about food and kickstarter. Image
2) Then, today:

a) follows 2 people: Sam Altman, and a CT guy who FUDs me (@amologoko)

b) Retweets FUD, comments with content-free FUD

c) likes more FUD Image

also somehow exactly one person follows him.

@BridgetCBSauer do you know @realitoTV? You have an actual high engagement account which has nothing to do with crypto.
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11 Oct
1) This seems more like what I'd expect than a rugpull:
2) I think there was a lot of legit worry about the way off--blue was conducted--I was pretty surprised that it started with a ton of NFTs being sold without more of a roadmap.

I think I would have started either with a more detailed roadmap, or an auction for something valuable
3) But I also think the internet overreacted here.

There are two paths:

a) ask questions, give feedback, wait for responses, don't buy unless/until you're comfortable

b) dox, threaten, cancel

The internet chose (b).

I don't think the offenses so far justified it.
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10 Oct
1) bathwater
2) NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE. Really not advice of any kind.

I obviously have conflicts of interest here. Take that for what you will.
3) in case you were living under a rock, or for some reason prioritize the rest of your life above crypto twitter drama (priorities people!)--

yesterday this was proposed for CREAM governance:…
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