COVID Update October 13: I've been writing these for 8 months straight. I could never have imagined. I imagine you're eagerly awaiting the day when you go on Twitter & don't have to see these any more.

You deserve that and so much more... 1/
1. A pandemic election.

You deserve to hire someone for this job. Based on my time serving in government, make the decision based on compassion, competence, and someone who won't rest until Americans are safe again. 2/
2. Stress relief.

People are wound pretty tight after 8 months of this I don't care who you are. Take time to remind yourself what gives you joy in life-- likely who gives you joy in life. Don't make this feel unsustainable, like you can't exhale. Meaningful moments exist. 3/
3. Not going back to the old way but going forward. Some crave a return to normal. But normal wasn't great for many. The pandemic not only exposed so much inequality, it exploited it.

Family medical leave, independent living, health care for all seem like places to start. 4/
4. Reconciliation.

Face it you hate your neighbors. Not those neighbors, the other ones. The ones that watch that other cable channel and wear their masks ironically. Yes, them.

It feels like you'll never get past it. But remember they make that mean dessert you like. 5/
5. To hug your kids.

Ours don't hug us anyway. They're 22 and 18. It doesn't mean we don't deserve it though. We're cool parents & very funny. 6/
6. A helicopter ride to the hospital if you get sick, access to the best medicine, and the doctor that looks like Alfalfa.

Actually I'm fine with a different doctor, but we should all get the helicopter ride & the medicine. 7/
7. The ability to be shocked once again.

"Did you hear? He swallowed an American flag."*
"Yes dear. I know."

*Sub: "He burned down the White House"; "He sold Nevada"; "He put tariffs on Virginia"; "He rode a horse into the Oval."

Be honest, none of it would shock you. 8/
8. I'm quite confident that if Joe Biden becomes president, we will once again be trained to be appalled if misplaces an adverb or wears socks that are too light.

But we deserve to be shockable again. 9/
9. A credible light at the end of the tunnel. No bullshit but the promise that many of the things we miss will be returned at some point.

Crowded airports, Fall TV, dinner parties, a safe bus, a wedding, a graduation-- step by step and safely. 10/
10. Some water and a few fans cheering for us.

Yes, this is going to be a marathon not a sprint. But when I watch marathons, someone is passing out water & some friend is cheering at mile 14.

Right now, we're getting handed a fake map, a cup of spit & someone glaring at us. 11/
11. More good days.

I hear from a lot of people who are having some rough days. Depression, anxiety, judicial hearings. That's not every day. The good ones come. But everyone needs more. 12/
Question: does Melania Trump still hate kids and Christmas because I don't hear about it much?

I wouldn't object except its on page 2 of the First Lady's handbook: "Must like kids and Christmas. Can pick additional things, but kids and Christmas are a must." 13/
12. A dashboard.

The White House dashboard to be exact. They have a detailed dashboard of what's going on with the pandemic but won't share it publicly I think because it makes it appear like we're having a pandemic & they're trying to keep that on the down low. 14/
13. A peaceful transition.

Or a loud transition. Or a messy transition. Or a transition where security needs to be called. So just a transition really. 15/
14. A death toll that begins to look more like the rest of the world.

Apparently its not humanly impossible. 16/
15. Fewer long threads, more cat videos.

That was the original vision of this website right? My bad. 17/
16. More years of the democracy. Would be nice.

I do have a preview of the next year with a little more precision on it. With @ZekeEmanuel

Then I have some episodes where I get yelled at. 19
I do think all these things are possible. Except I think hug from the kids is most remote. Hopefully not for you! All the best. /end

• • •

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27 Oct
COVID Update: If you want to avoid getting it spreading COVID, Mark Meadows is right. There’s not one thing you can do.

There are 6. 1/
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This image captures it the best well. 2/ Image
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COVID Upate October 26: There's a dangerous new disease I've been reading about that's a dangerous off-shoot of COVID.

Its highly seasonal and potentially lethal. It strikes the temporal lobe and is called COVID Fatigue. 1/
The way it works is you don't actually FEEL sick. There is no fever or chills. Your bones or body doesn't ache. And you don't need to be ventilated. But it lulls the unsuspecting person into a kind of whiny sense of entitlement out of boredom. 2/
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COVID Update October 24: I spent the day reviewing data with & from the White House team in the spread of COVID-19.

The latest rush of new cases is very concerning. There are new insights as well. Will finish posting shortly.1/
I’m not going to pull punches. It’s a shit show. Here’s the quick overview.

April: intensely local
May-June: locale-based spread
July: entire South. Every county
August: some easing
September: South better, rise if cases in heartland

That leads us til Now and Next. 2/
Now: Deeply penetrated in rural communities. Only counties w/ <1000 are spared. Heartland on fire, but just beginning. College spread story (I will come back to this as a main event). Testing leveling off. Southern states & East beginning to get concerning again. 3/
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So it’s time to talk about Thanksgiving. 1/
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Remember we’re supposed to “isolate the old people?” from Scott Atlas and the herders. 3/
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Those damn gold star families.
We do need to avoid the gymnasiums.
I have no money because I don’t want money.
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