It's a huge problem that many in the mainstream media and pundit class (i.e. the people attacking Maggie Haberman for daring to share NY Post's Hunter Biden scoop) now think its their job to suppress information they don't want the public to read.…
Would social media sites reduce distribution of the mainstream press's articles, which are often thinly or anonymously sourced? Would the BuzzFeed report on Steele Dossier need to pass a fact-checker's muster before you could share it? What are the rules here?
In defending publication of the Steele Dossier, @benyt wrote: "We trust you to reckon with a messy, sometimes uncertain reality." Try squaring that statement with all the mainstream media and social media moderators now asserting it's wrong to even note the Hunter Biden story.
The 1619 Project contained some inaccurate statements. Does anyone expect Twitter or Facebook to add warning labels for users trying to click on it? To reduce its distribution? There is an obvious double standard here.
(Note that I don't think "abolish Section 230" is a good solution, since it's the surest way to make it so that tech companies are legally obligated to do even more aggressive moderation.)
Again, I have a lot of questions about the Hunter Biden story. Some reporters have raised valid criticisms. No way to talk about them without talking about the underlying article. It's not the media's job to coddle or shelter readers.…
The Hunter email wasn't technically hacked by the way, at least according to NY Post.
The obvious result of all this really heavyhanded muzzling of the NY Post story will be that people think the truth is being covered up or kept hidden from them by elites who are in the tank for Biden.…

• • •

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13 Oct
News organizations should not repeat her words without what now? Ridiculous. (And when did "sexual preference" become offensive? Five seconds ago?)
Yes, I am aware that "orientation" has existed for some time as an alternative, and some people have—dare I say it—a *preference* for it. I really don't think the former is typically malicious, though.
This is really being made into a thing, I guess? "Orientation" can also be used in a way that implies a choice, though: i.e. people say "political orientation" all the time.…
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12 Oct
Every election year, in the interest of full disclosure, @reason lets its writers explain who they are voting for. I am voting for LP candidate Jo Jorgensen, for the following reasons.…
The bottom line is that Jorgensen recognizes the government's coronavirus response "has been the biggest assault on our liberties in our lifetime," which is more than sufficient to earn my vote in these insane times.
I cannot vote for Trump. Biden had a small opportunity to win me over by picking an independent-minded veep—I would have voted for him had he selected Tulsi Gabbard, for instance. He didn't, obviously, so no vote.
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28 Sep
Thread: I just had an unbelievable encounter with a Karen in DC. I was running outside—unmasked, which is permitted during recreation per the mayor’s orders—and as I passed a woman (also running) she pulled down her mask and loudly blew air at me on purpose.
I stopped, whirled around, and demanded to know whether she had just done what I thought she had done. She said yes, but she was only treating me the way I was treating other people (by running without a mask).
Again, running without a mask is permitted. If you think you are likely to catch covid outdoors during brief, incidental contact with another person—in a city with an extremely low infection rate—please educate yourself.
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24 Sep
Was just instructed (nicely) by the protesters not to take pictures.
Lots of banging, fireworks, and some smoke canisters.
Many on foot, many bicycles, some scooters, some skateboards, some fancy motor wheels, and at least one roller blader, who wiped out right next to me. As an infrequent blader, I can relate. (I’m on a scooter right now.)
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23 Sep
Even if the Breonna Taylor raid was technically not a "no-knock" raid, consider that the denizens of a living unit might be reasonably confused, or fail to understand who was at the door, if police come at midnight, shout "police" and then bang down the door.
One cop was charged with recklessly endangering the neighbors by shooting wildly, which seems like just the absolute bare minimum accountability citizens should want in this case.… via @cjciaramella
Fellow citizens, are low level drug busts so important to you that you want the police breaking into people's house in the middle of the night and shooting guns at their neighbors during the ensuing confusion? Not to me.
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19 Sep
Scene in front of the Supreme Court Image
Mourners chanting “vote him out” and “honor her wish” Image
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