Day 4 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry behind closed doors ALL DAY again:

Tony Butler, senior Leicestershire Police officer who oversaw investigation into Frank Beck in 1991 in which allegations against Greville Janner MP arose. And Mark Williams of CPS.

After I highlighted how #CSAinquiry had been seeking to keep secret even the operational name of the police investigation into Frank Beck, and then, Greville Janner MP in 1991, it has finally made public what it was called: Operation Intern.
Tony Butler was Leicestershire’s assistant chief constable when he oversaw Operation Intern, inv into Frank Beck and then Greville Janner MP. He later became deputy chief constable and has since retired. He is giving evidence behind closed doors at #CSAinquiry. #SecretCSAinquiry
The investigation in 1991 was the first of four police probes into Greville, later Lord, Janner. #CSAinquiry yesterday heard from DCI Kelvyn Ashby, who says that he was stopped from arresting Janner even though “a man off the street” would have been.
Although much is in public domain about this police probe, #CSAinquiry has banned discussion of it in Janner hearings. It even kept secret that it was ‘Operation Intern’ until after I highlighted this.

This is why Tony Butler is testifying behind closed doors. #SecretCSAinquiry
However, I AM able to tell you what Tony Butler has to say about the first police probe into Greville Janner MP in 1991.

Despite this Orwellian attempt by the #CSAinquiry to delete it from history.

And that is because he has spoken about it in PUBLIC…
Tony Butler has accepted it to be likely that, as Leicestershire’s assistant chief constable, he made the decision not to carry out an arrest of Greville Janner in 1991.

He said that there was no risk of Janner fleeing, offending, destroying evidence or failing to co-operate…
Tony Butler said: “From what I can recall of the evidence, and from looking at papers now, I don’t see there was a justification to arrest Greville Janner.”

He described the evidence against Lord Janner as “quite slim”, especially given the legal culture of the time.
Tony Butler said re Greville Janner: “But it certainly wasn’t a cover-up.

“I was certainly not leaned on not to arrest him, and there was no influence brought to bear from outside the force that influenced that decision.”
Tony Butler gave this account of the police investigation in 1991 into Greville Janner, including why he did not think the MP’s arrest was warranted, to the BBC in 2015 despite attempt by #SecretCSAinquiry to delete it from history:…
Following a long lunch adjournment, I am back to resume coverage of today’s Janner hearing of #CSAinquiry that was again held entirely behind closed doors. #SecretCSAinquiry
“Summary” by #CSAinquiry of evidence in closed session today records that unnamed retired senior police officer – but who was identified in the published timetable as Tony Butler – DENIES “categorically” giving any instruction not to arrest Greville Janner or deciding the same.
Twitter broke tonight. I will resume my tweet thread on Day 4 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry later this morning.
Asked to clarify previous comments (see tweets earlier in thread) that appear to contradict his testimony today, Tony Butler said that he was speaking previously without benefit of reviewing all the documentation, according to #CSAinquiry “summary” of evidence in closed session.
Tony Butler: there “wasn’t a cover up”.

There were “a lot of other issues… that may have… led to the fact that [Janner] wasn’t prosecuted,” including culture of criminal justice system, which was “fairly brutal in relation to victims making allegations of child sexual abuse”.
An unnamed senior crown prosecutor, yet named in published timetable as Mark Williams, acknowledged that he was frustrated with police for not conducting identified further lines of enquiry re Greville Janner, according to #CSAinquiry “summary” of evidence in closed session.
The scant “summary” by #CSAinquiry of evidence behind closed doors fails to make clear that the evidence of Mark Williams of CPS concerned the first police investigation into Greville Janner, then a Labour MP, that sprang out of the Frank Beck case in 1991…
And the scant “summary” by #CSAinquiry in camera fails to specify what further actions Mark Williams felt the police had failed to carry out, and whether it included obvious omission, raised by Kelvyn Ashby yesterday, of not arresting Greville Janner. See:
Mark Williams: decision not to take any action against Greville Janner, then a Labour MP, after police investigation in 1991 was right at the time and it remains right now, according to #CSAinquiry “summary” of evidence in closed session:…

• • •

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16 Oct
Day 5 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry behind closed doors ALL DAY again for third day in a row:

Peter Joyce, prosecutor in Frank Beck’s trial;

Iain Groundwell, retired from CPS;

Reading statement by the late Peter Hollingworth, former chief prosecutor for Leicestershire.
Peter Joyce was prosecuting counsel in Frank Beck’s trial in 1991.

At the request of police, he advised how to deal with allegations that arose at the time against Greville Janner, then Labour MP.

He is giving evidence in closed session at #CSAinquiry.

Peter Joyce made a late, successful application to become a “core participant” in #CSAinquiry investigation re Greville Janner after inquiry sent him a “detailed request” in May for a statement...
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14 Oct
Day 3 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry behind closed doors ALL DAY: three Leicestershire officers who were on first police probe into Labour MP Greville Janner in 1991 as part of Frank Beck case... DCI Kelvyn Ashby, Ch Supt Graham Carr, Det Supt Tim Garner.

DCI Kelvyn Ashby was SIO on police probe into Frank Beck, who ran a Leicestershire children’s home.

He investigated allegations against Greville Janner, then a Labour MP, in 1991 as part of that case.

He is giving evidence behind closed doors at #CSAinquiry. #SecretCSAinquiry
Police in this first probe into Greville Janner passed a file to the CPS, which decided against pressing any charge against the then MP.

Janner was named as an abuser by a witness at Frank Beck’s trial.

Janner denied the claims in Parliament. Many MPs spoke in his support.
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13 Oct
WOW: in New York, a federal judge in New York has just asked Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer whether his client denied knowledge of sexual activity involving children in her deposition in a libel action brought by Virginia Guiffre Roberts.

Her lawyer declined to answer.
Ghislaine Maxwell is appealing right now to judges at US Court of Appeal for the Second Circuit to STOP the unsealing of her deposition about her relationship with Jeffrey Epstein in the libel action.

Other material has already been unsealed.
Ghislaine Maxwell’s counsel says that he is “hestitating” to answer the judge’s question because it would disclose material from a deposition that is currently sealed.

Judge accepts this.

Maxwell’s lawyer accepts that deposition covers “intimate sexual matters” with adults.
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13 Oct
Day 2 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry: Det Supt Matt Hewson, SIO for ‘Operation Enamel’, which investigated Lord Janner from 2012, due to give evidence – partly in open, partly in closed session.

Catch-up on his statement from my thread from Sunday:
After further submissions in closed session at Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry, Det Supt Matt Hewson, SIO for ‘Operation Enamel’, enters witness box in open session. He will later testify further in closed session.

See my thread on Hewson’s statement:
Det Supt Matt Hewson has been confirming some points from his statement, already covered in my thread from Sunday (see below).

Janner hearing adjourns for a mid-morning break.

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12 Oct
Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry: Brian Altman, counsel to inquiry, begins chronology with ‘Operation Magnolia’ in 1999.

But he completely omits the first police investigation into Greville Janner, then a Labour MP, in 1991.

Presumably entirely saved for closed session.
Brian Altman tells #CSAinquiry that among many allegations on which Lord Janner faced charges at the end of his life was that he sexually assaulted an under-age boy at a flat in Dolphin Square.
Nick Stanage, barrister for 13 complainant core participants, tells Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry: “You can ask who made mistakes in this case? Why did they make them?”
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11 Oct
Det Supt Matt Hewson, SIO for ‘Operation Enamel’, which investigated Lord Janner from 2012, is due to give evidence at Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry on Tuesday.

He is only witness due to testify in the open next week, but he will give some evidence behind closed doors. 1/17
Operation Enamel’s Det Supt Matt Hewson, now retired, reveals in #CSAinquiry statement that SEVEN witnesses to a police inv, ‘Operation Magnolia’ in 2000-2, into two Leicester children’s homes, mentioned Greville Janner, then a Labour MP.

That proved to be just the start... 2/17
One of two former residents of a Leicester children’s home described to police in 2000 being taken to a property for sexual abuse by a group of men, including Greville Janner.

He also described giving Janner a “blow job” in the Japanese garden of Abbey Park in Leicester. 3/17
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