1. Some information about the @OurCareOurSay2 survey which you will have seen over the past week. (There is a link attached to this post). Care experienced folk of all ages, in all our glorious diversity, are being asked to complete it and send it in > smartsurvey.co.uk/s/WMGW1P/
2. There've been a few questions about it, which may have led to some confusion. Some folk asked whether @OurCareOurSay2 is part of the forthcoming Care System Review. No, it is not. There is no Care System Review yet & the Chair is yet to be announced > smartsurvey.co.uk/s/WMGW1P/
3. The @OurCareOurSay2 project is a very diverse group of people, some care experienced, some not. Some are part of @NIROMP2, @Careexpconf & @CareLeavers, others are care experienced supporters. All are committed to getting the care community heard > smartsurvey.co.uk/s/WMGW1P/
4. The team hold one thing in common - a belief that the forthcoming Care Review must put the views of care experienced people of all ages, in all our diversity, at its centre. We share a belief in transparency, consultation, partnership, working together. smartsurvey.co.uk/s/WMGW1P/
5. The @OurCareOurSay2 survey & webinar seeks to collect and collate the views of as many care experienced people as possible in a very short time and to place them in front of the Secretary of State & Chair of the Care Review - when we now who it> ishttps://t.co/JeIqMLFYQO?amp=1
6. smartsurvey.co.uk/s/WMGW1P/ @OurCareOurSay2 can't promise the Secretary of State or the Chair of the review will listen to the views of the care experienced people they are gathering. That is beyond out control. We CAN promise to make sure they are presented in time to be heard>
7. It is our ambition to get the views of those care experienced people who don't fill in surveys either because they don't get n opportunity, or because they don't seen the point as "nothing changes". > smartsurvey.co.uk/s/WMGW1P/
8. If you have been or are care experienced, no matter where you are, how old you are, whatever your education or situation, if you can fill in a survey and share your views - whatever they are - please do. Here is a link >smartsurvey.co.uk/s/WMGW1P/
9. If you're in a position to support a care experienced person who for whatever reason can't access a survey, please assist them to complete & submit one. We can't promise it'll be listened to - but we promise that it will be shared with the Review Chair> smartsurvey.co.uk/s/WMGW1P/
10. smartsurvey.co.uk/s/WMGW1P/ So - If you're care experienced, please complete the survey & @OurCareOurSay2 will do their damnest to ensure it's included with the views of the care experienced community & considered by the Care System Review. No promises, just an honest commitment.

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13 Oct
1. @educationgovuk @10DowningStreet @vickyford Just wondering, do you plan to release the name of the Chair of the English Care Review any time soon or has the Review gone on the back burner? As Scotland get on with delivering their Promise, Westminster continue to say nothing>
2. I think the care experienced family want to know who'll be Chair so it can assess how seriously this govt will take the Review, or will it be another exercise in delivering govt policy rather than a genuine move to reform the care system based on listening to those involved? >
3. I think the care community will want to see real Scottish style steps to get their views heard as widely as possible, as @NCFscotland & "1000 voices" sought to do in Scotland. Will England mirror that? How will the Chair & the Review listen to the silent ones nobody notices? >
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12 Oct
ourcareoursay.wordpress.com 1. Just a few thoughts about the @OurCareOurSay2 survey & forthcoming event. I am supporting it, and would invite all my care experienced followers of all ages, who ever & where ever you are, to take part. Please have a look at this attached survey >
ourcareoursay.wordpress.com 2. Why support a @OurCareOurSay2 event? Why should care experienced folk bother when we've had so many crises, reviews, conferences, research reports over decades, which successive governments & professionals have simply ignored like old chip wrappings?>
ourcareoursay.wordpress.com 3. Why should care experienced folk engage with @OurCareOurSay2 or indeed a forthcoming Care System Review when those in power only listen to the same individuals/groups of people & nobody approaches or considers the most vulnerable care experienced folk?>
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10 Oct
1. ourcareoursay.wordpress.com Yesterday the "Our Care Our Say' survey to guide discussion between care experienced people of all ages about the care review was launched. It will shape an on line conversation to get the care family's thoughts "out there". I hope people support it.>
2. Just over a year ago, the @Careexpconf reports of the conversations between the care experienced community about change they wanted were published. They shouted loudly & clearly what was needed careexperiencedconference.com. it was ignored. > Image
3. Over decades, young people in care & care experienced people have patiently tried to share their views about care with power. Where their views didn't meet the agenda of the politicians, professionals & care sector leaders, they were quietly ignored >
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12 Aug
I recognise that for years I have been wasting my time trying to get Whitehall & the care industry to see the care experience as a single continuous experience that starts on day 1 in care & continues into adulthood. Having lived it, it seemed obvious to me & other "careleavers">
2. I genuinely believed that if we could get enough care experienced people together to explain to the politicians, civil servants & care sector bosses what the reality of care involved, they would recognise the need for reform. I no longer believe that. >
3. The concept of care, kids being in care, the "Care system' was introduced to replace Poor Law provision to protect children until they were deemed old enough to fend for themselves. It was a practical arrangement, not based on "care" in the sense that we care for our own kids>
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19 Jul
1. I'm fascinated by the disconnect in understanding & communication between care experienced people, speaking on here of the real issues they have faced through life, & professionals in the care industry >
2. I have followed the thread by care experienced colleagues started by @CareExpUK & read of people feeling abandoned, unwanted, abused, ignored, etc, so many issues, many very familiar to me in my own life & experience & from @careexpconf>
3. I meet & share views with so many care experienced people of all ages, including family, & hear of the lack of support, consultation & access to support for higher education, mental health support, access to their own information & of being moved around without consultation >
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16 Jul
1. I have no link with, nor am I sponsored or supported by any group, business or charity to take a particular point of view. My focus is always to promote the voices & interests of children in care & care experienced people. That sometimes requires blunt questions being asked >
2. For example, if as Ofsted repeatedly suggest, the overwhelming majority of children's homes or care providers are good or better & only a tiny minority are poor, why do other statistics show a disproportionate percentage of care leavers struggling once they leave care? >
3. Why are young care experienced people so prominent in the juvenile & adult justice systems? Homeless? Unemployed? Not in higher education? Struggling financially? Under supported by ongoing positive relationships? If care provision is so good, why does it fail so many?
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