17. So yeah @BenSasse he has done something’s I am not a fan of, but as someone who didn’t support him at first (and that is putting it mildly) I remain honest enough to judge him on his entire record. He is perhaps the ONLY man in America can can and has ... con’t >
18. Stood entirely alone, surrounded by enemies, surrounded by those who took an oath to protect and defend the constitution, who are now actively engaged in destroying it and any elected president who stands in their way. Personally, I have grown sick and tired con’t >
19.... of spineless, do nothing, old, corrupt GOP politicians who are either part of the problem or too frightened to stand alone and speak up. The vast majority all Sunshine patriots. History will condemn those who did nothing but complain and whine, while others ... con’t >
20. Not only rang the bell, but stood and took the hits. Who risked it all and lost money, reputation and perhaps God forbid some who gave the ultimate sacrifice to fight the evil that rages so clearly against the light. 100 years from now ... con’t >
21. History will judge all of us. So will our children’s children. Most will be forgotten. Those who failed to show up on the battlefield or cower in the trees, will be remembered with shame and disdain. Others like @realDonaldTrump I believe will be seen as indispensable. End

• • •

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16 Oct
1. So disappointed in @BenSasse. @realDonaldTrump has given us great judges on the lower court, 3 judges far superior than Roberts and other bogus constitutionalists as SCOTUS and one just may turn out to be another Clarence Thomas. He kicked the ass of Isis and came home ... >
2. He got us out of the disastrous Iran deal, killed their head of terror, boxed them in and is currently collapsing their economy while ALSO brokering a Mid East peace deal THAT EVERYONE SAID COULD NEVER HAPPEN, he moved our embassy to Jerusalem despite the state department >
3. Something NO president has done even though they all promised. Yes, he met with the North Korean Dictator. I hated that, but I also hated the fact that no other president did anything and NK kept gaining power. In swing how he has gotten Europe to pay their share of ....>
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10 Oct
1. Utahans: why would you ever read this paper? ⁦@SenMikeLee⁩ is right. How can you trust a thing ⁦@DeseretNews⁩ writes if they can get this simple principle so wrong? History TEACHES Pure Democracy leads to slavery and suffering. So did ... deseret.com/indepth/2020/1…
2. So did President Lee, McKay, Benson and every Prophet, book and manual the Church ever printed - when the Church still taught the Sacred importance of this Republic. It is shameful that this ‘war’ on @SenMikeLee is allowed to continue especially ... con’t
3. ... when Senators like Harry Reid who stood with and for those who would kill infants AFTER BIRTH, let alone before are to this day - held up as a paragon of virtue ‘in good standing’. I am not his or anyone else’s judge, but it is our individual responsibility ...
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28 Aug
1). I am feeling so humbled this week. I feel truly horrible for the things I said and believed in 2016 about @realDonaldTrump . I believed the worst politically, which he proved me wrong at almost every turn. In the most dramatic cases (life/Israel/China/authoritarian) cont
2. I expected @realDonaldTrump to take control federally at the first opportunity. Here we are in a massive crisis. Bush ‘violated the free market to save the free market.’ Trump could have violated federalism to ‘save federalism’ yet he has stood firm through COVID. Con’t
3. But let me cut to the chase. I believed he actually didn’t care about people. When @realDonaldTrump called me after my fathers death, I assigned the motive to politics - AND SAID SO. What haunts me this week is how my words must have hit his children. How ... con’t
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22 Apr
Today, we are excited to announce that Carbide 3D will be MATCHING DONATIONS!!! They heard about the need in Detroit and want to match COVID relief donations up to $25,000! mercuryone.org/donate-covid-1…
As I write this, another semi-truck full of supplies is headed for Detroit.
So far, Mercury has sent one truck carrying 103,680 meals and a second carrying 285,000 meals.
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20 Apr
President Trump as a dictator has been the Left’s theme for years. Yet, a Trump dictatorship hasn't materialized.

However, due to the coronavirus, actual mini-dictatorships have sprung up around the U.S.

On that note, welcome to the Chairman Mao Coronavirus Dictator Awards:

1) Brighton, Colorado Police officers arrest a dad playing t-ball in the park with his six-year-old daughter.

2) Policemen in Philadelphia dragged a man from a public bus for not wearing a protective mask.
Vote your "favorite" dictatorship!
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8 Jan
1. 15 total missiles. 10 hit one base (Al-Assad), 1 near Erbil and the rest were duds. The missiles that hit sound like they were largely inconsequential.

Iran has the capability to hit us in Iraq with precision... but they didn’t.con’t
#WarWithIran #NoWarWithlran #IranAttacks
2. `They could have targeted another base in Iraq that’s closer and has more US troops (Balad), but they didn’t. As of now it looks like a face saving symbolic attack.

It’s surprising as it’s a radical change from their usual doctrine... #NoWarWithIran #WarWithIran #Iran
3. They never use their regular military and rely on proxy. This might say more on the psychological effect the death of Soleimani has had inside Iran. The regime is acting out of weakness. The opposition within Iran and Iraq feel strengthened. Cont #NoWarWithlran #Iran
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