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A write up on the potential change in Spurs' formation/system due to the acquistion of Sergio Reguilon and why it could be beneficial in the long term.

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The Sergio Reguilon transfer from Real Madrid might just be a blessing in disguise for the North Londoners.

This transfer completely changes Tottenham Hotspur's dynamics and the way they play. This potentially could clear Spurs' breaking-down-the-blocks problem.
Before we begin, let's take a look at the previous setup and the problems associated with it.

Since taking charge, José has opted for the full-back assymetry — converting Ben Davies, Spurs' left-back as the 3rd Centre-back in a 3 CB model.
While this gives a sense of defensive security, the lopsided system paves ways for more problems while breaking down deep blocks or in possession.

This forms a 3-4-3/3-2-5/3-2-4-1 with a double pivot and Aurier even as high as the wingers sometimes in possession.
This lopsided shape makes it easier for the opponent to implement their press.

No width means the opposition shape gets more compact which makes it hard to maintain poss in the middle.

Son had to be on the touchline in Phase II for the exact same reason: To provide width.
While Son tucks inside in the final third, the opposition shape gets more tight/rigid/compact because nobody provides width in the left flank

Spurs' option for chance creation now was to play through the middle or via Aurier — the only outlet available.
Even though he likes moving upfront, Serge Aurier was tasked as the head chance creator in the side which eventually turned out to be more than what his shoulders could handle.

The opposition shape got rigid bcs of their system and Spurs found it hard to break down teams.
Spurs had problems in progressional play and Jose seemed to mask this by choosing to play out from the top i.e route one football.

Spurs managed to crawl through to the top 6 by some brilliant performances, but this was never going to be enough in the long term.
Enter Sergio Reguilon.

Completely changes the Tottenham Hotspur dynamics.

Jose seems to have moved away from the assymetry, but has opted to keep the 3 CB model with Højbjerg dropping back bw the two CBs in possession while the fullbacks provide the much needed width.
🗣️ "The ones with a different vision defend with 4 at the back, but build with 3 at the back."

This was Jose Mourinho on September 2019. Little did we know at the time that he was speaking about his future job.

This is exactly how Spurs set-up now.

This dynamic suits all the profiles in the squad and will probably bring the best out of them.

While this is a 4-3-3 on paper, this becomes a 3-4-3/3-2-5 in possession like we've seen against United.

PEH drops bw the CBs, the double pivot stays and the FBs push wide & high.
The double pivot is tasked with connecting play/progression in Phase II. Højbjerg acts as a shield to the defense and provides cover to the pivot while also helping progress play in P1. (Similar to the Casemiro Role in Zidane's 19/20 league winners Madrid)
This setup will allow the wingers to occupy the half-spaces in possession making them play more centrally.

While the wingers tuck in between the oppostion FBs, space opens up on the flanks. This allows the Spurs fullbacks to exploit the space left behind.
This will greatly benefit Spurs against teams who sit back because this setup provides the much needed width. Reguilon/Doherty/Aurier are all full backs who are known to exploit and thrive under open & wide spaces.
The wingers will now play more centrally to Kane compared to the previous setup. Like stated before, this will open lots of spaces to the FBs giving them more time on the ball.

The attacking output of the front 3 will defn increase over time due to this adjusted central role.
We'll take a look at a few clips from the game at Old Trafford.

Keep in mind these clips are before the Martial red-card incident – still a 11v11 setup.

Compare the improvements in gameplay, buildup & progressional play in this setup compared to the previous one.
— Ease in Build-up/Phase I
Numerical superiority in buildup due to the 3-CB model while the fullbacks provide the needed width.

— Time and Space
While United scurry to get their press on the ball, space opens up on the opposite channel which allows a switch of play.
— Width
Reguilon on the flank pulls the opposition RB to engage.

2 outcomes here:

• Reguilon likes to take on 1v1s being more offensively minded which opens even more space creating a dangerous situation.

• Option to cross or re-circulate the ball and keep posession
Another example of space opening up to the fullback. In this case, Serge Aurier.

— LB/LCM doesn't engage. Gives time and space for a cross/option into the box.

Also notice how both fullbacks, Reguilon and Aurier, are both on the same vertical lines.
Son opens up in a potential dangerous situation while Reguilon stays central as an option.

— Son moves centrally with a possible crossing opportunity looming while Reguilon moves wide when the midfield anchor receives the ball.
One might say that this is just one game.

Of course, in modern football, a lot of factors decide the outcome of a game; tactics, strategies, dynamics, intensity, approach... to name a few.

This setup ups the ante in Spurs' gameplay and allows for better chances on the ball.
The takeaway here is how the new setup holds more promise for the long term in comparison to the previous one.

While it suits the profiles in the squad, this dynamic allows Jose's side to be more proactive on the ball. This increases the attacking output more than before.
Might have a stumbles on the way, but this setup will definitely favour the squad and Jose over the course of the season

End of thread. All likes/Rts appreciated

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