1/ More News From The Republican Death Cult >> bit.ly/3dIDlnz by @Thom_Hartmann >> Scientists are projecting 400,000 deaths by the end of the year from coronavirus
2/ >> although a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that we have already undercounted the total deaths so far by as many as 75,000 >> bit.ly/3dIDlnz by @Thom_Hartmann >>
3/ we're learning that back in February the Trump administration gave a private briefing to elites at the conservative Hoover Institution >> telling them the economy was about to get into big trouble because of the virus >> bit.ly/3dIDlnz by @Thom_Hartmann
4/ >> As a result numerous multimillionaires and billionaires made a huge killing >> while the American middle class got wiped out >> bit.ly/3dIDlnz by @Thom_Hartmann >>
5/ The New York Times is reporting today that over 8 million American families have slipped into poverty in the last seven months >> bit.ly/3dIDlnz by @Thom_Hartmann >>
6/ This almost certainly understates the breadth and depth of the problem caused by the Trump administration's failure to stop the virus in the United States >> bit.ly/3dIDlnz by @Thom_Hartmann >>
7/ Dr. Anthony Fauci is even suggesting that >> because of Trump's and the Republicans' failure to do anything about the virus >> we should cancel Thanksgiving >> bit.ly/3dIDlnz by @Thom_Hartmann >>
8/ This is all a result of the Trump administration's policy of "herd immunity" which Dr. Fauci calls "nonsense and dangerous" >> bit.ly/3dIDlnz by @Thom_Hartmann >>
9/ Republicans have a long history of ignoring public health crises >> For decades >> they denied that tobacco causes cancer; in 2000 Mike Pence even wrote an OpEd for a newspaper saying explicitly that tobacco doesn't cause cancer> bit.ly/3dIDlnz by @Thom_Hartmann
10/ >> For decades they've[Republicans] ignored >> ridiculed >> and denied that human activity burning fossil fuels is changing our climate in ways that are dangerous to human and other life on this planet >> bit.ly/3dIDlnz by @Thom_Hartmann >>
11/ They[Republicans] are actively ignoring millions of Americans who don't have enough to eat or are on the verge of eviction right now >> bit.ly/3dIDlnz by @Thom_Hartmann >>
12/ They[Republicans are] before the Supreme Court in a few weeks asking that protections against pre-existing conditions be knocked down >> bit.ly/3dIDlnz by @Thom_Hartmann >>
13/ For 40 years they've been gutting regulatory agencies that protect Americans from corporations polluting our air and water >> banks ripping us off >> and companies producing and selling defective products >> bit.ly/3dIDlnz by @Thom_Hartmann >>
14/ They[Republicans] are champions for The military industrial complex selling instruments of death and destruction >> while actively blocking low-income people's access to Medicaid in red state after red state >> bit.ly/3dIDlnz by @Thom_Hartmann >>
15/ We need to start calling things what they are >> The Republican Party is a death cult->> bit.ly/3dIDlnz by @Thom_Hartmann >>

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1/ What Will It Take To Get Trump To Change His Deadly Position On The Coronavirus >> Per @Thom_Hartmann bit.ly/3lqDkap >> Donald Trump is stuck
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1/ Joe Biden will improve theEconomy per @BernieSanders >Now ,it'sNoGreat secret that Joe Biden&I disagree on a number of issues,But there is no question that the economic proposalsThat Joe Biden isSupportingRstrong&will go a long long wayInImproving life for workingFamilies
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3/ “There is no doubt in my mind that Joe Biden will be a much better president than has been Donald Trump.">> bit.ly/34uOpjR by @AdamSextonWMUR >>
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