@b_l_r_p Yes, contrary to my expectation.

However, this is just looking at new age religions, which I think is an indirect measure of latent "causiness", or the "general causiness factor".

Adoption of a new age religion is prob a function of gc and being dumb.
@b_l_r_p And so one group joining cults more is likely a mixture of low IQ and causiness. Since "conservatives" and "liberals" have negligible IQ differences, that gap can be explained by gc. At least that's my reactive explanation at the moment.
@b_l_r_p But it still creates something that appears problematic, which is that by physiological indicators, blacks should be more "conservative" and less "causey". This isn't necessarily a problem if IQ plays a big enough role to overpower blacks' latent conservatism.

• • •

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15 Sep
@LotusMachine2 I didn't say you were but things like "is X 'democracy'?" is lolbert language and thought patterns. Thinking "democracy" is a meaningful concept, unless you're referring to something formal that happens to be called "democracy", is part of that useless axiomatic thinking
@LotusMachine2 If you seriously ever ask if something is "democratic", you've now snapped the complexity of the world into something dubious, and then the symbol manipulation begins where the symbols take on a life of their own disconnected from the more ambiguous thing they roughly refer to
@LotusMachine2 And as you pile on more and more of these axioms and engage in more symbol manipulation, you seek consistency and "rationality" of these symbols when the world as it is has no obligation to be consistent or rational according to your evaluation. And this leads to lolbertism.
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9 Sep
@MbnCringeBox @b_l_r_p @settlerslament There is no "right-wing", there's just big causes and the kinds of people who get swept up in big causes. What is today called "right wing" are just people who either aren't being swept up in the current big cause, or are with some other minor cause.
@MbnCringeBox @b_l_r_p @settlerslament The kinds of people who get swept up into causes were christians, nazis, communists, and now whatever the fuck the current unnamed big cause is. "Justice progressive liberalism utopia of eternal bliss and everything that is good"ism.
@MbnCringeBox @b_l_r_p @settlerslament And predisposition for getting swept up into a cause is largely heritable, and "left-wing" people, a proxy for being a cause person, have had lower fertilies than "right-wing" people for as long as that has been measured, meaning people in the middle ages were more
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29 Jul
@James84Tony @wehrkatzer @EHBEA1 Nothing wrong with "whatabout". The world is a big complex thing. Whatabouts are a way of expanding perspective. And on a per annum basis, sure. But those people would have been slaves anyway, and wouldn't have the legal protections slaves in the americas had.
@James84Tony @wehrkatzer @EHBEA1 The inelasticity of supply shows that quite well; the supply of slaves did not grow to meet demand. More were simply exported. This probably helped non-slaves in Africa who now had more land due to depopulation, and the slaves got to go to the US or Brazil instead of the mideast
@James84Tony @wehrkatzer @EHBEA1 ... or most likely staying in Africa which is where most black slaves ended up even during the atlantic slave trade.
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29 Jul
@James84Tony @wehrkatzer @EHBEA1 Well first off that wouldn't invalidate the IQ data. But more colonized african coutnries - by time or % european settlers - positively correlates with life expectancy, education stats and per capita GDP of the black population.
@James84Tony @wehrkatzer @EHBEA1 I don't know what you mean by "pillaging". Europeans ended global slavery and paid for everything they got from Africa. And what is there to "pillage" in Africa in 1880? Europeans gave up those empires 60-80 years later because they cost more to maintain than they got.
@James84Tony @wehrkatzer @EHBEA1 The absolute wealthiest country in Europe during this colonial period before ww2 was Germany, which had very few colonies, and none after 1918. Scandanavia had no colonies, and they were wealthier than UK or France per capita by the 1980s. Where's this "pillaged" wealth?
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27 Jul
@kph3k @ent3c Well this is basically it. You reject divergent evolution in the human brain (just the brain and just for humans), and only between identified races. Individuals can differ, so can arbitrary groups, but groups tagged "races" must be identical.
@kph3k @ent3c And this is because recognizing this would turn all of your solid oppression beliefs into mush. The problem is your oppression beliefs are used to attack whites and men. If you want to sacrifice yourself for being white, that's fine, the problem is you're forcing it on those...
@kph3k @ent3c ...who are smarter than you and wish to flourish. You're accusing someone of a crime, then saying it's wrong to find evidence against the crime because doing so justifies the crime.
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17 Jul
@CallMeBigChonky @peakoptics @Papergami45 @Ando2448 @DNotyour @powerm1985 @MikePsJuice To the extent "the holocaust" happened - certain people were put it because the Nazi regime thought they were shitty. Jews, Gypsies, communists, homosexuals. It had nothing to do with "genetic purity". The SS had African and muslim units.
@CallMeBigChonky @peakoptics @Papergami45 @Ando2448 @DNotyour @powerm1985 @MikePsJuice And the Nazis were fixated on the "Aryan" strain. It was this strain that led to greatness accr. to them. That's why Japanese had a high "aryan" admixture believed to cluster on their islands. Blonde / blue eyes were believed to correlate with Aryan %, because of the nordic...
@CallMeBigChonky @peakoptics @Papergami45 @Ando2448 @DNotyour @powerm1985 @MikePsJuice ...clustering of aryan admixture (they believed), but it wasn't determinate. Hitler being black hair / brown eyes was irrelevant b/c those traits were merely predictors of "aryan" admixture. The Nazis were Aryanists, and the only "purity" that mattered was the % Aryan.
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