Javed Hashmi addressing the jalsa (can only be seen online):
Now @kdastgirkhan addressing the crowd. #PDMJalsa
The PPP's Sardar Latif Khosa on the stage. #PDMJalsa
Rana Sanaullah on stage. Says the PDM will only end once this regime is over. Says Shibli Faraz said that the govt gave the opposition permisision to use the stadium so the oppo would have to fill it. Says neither MNS nor BBZ nor Maulana are there yet and look at the crowds.
And @MaryamNSharif has reached the #PDMJalsa
The live stream showing @MaryamNSharif 's car and seems she's out and theyre making room for her
Shes on stage now
Kh Asif on stage chanting Go Niazi Go.
Kh Asif welcomes @BBhuttoZardari who has arrived at the #PDMJalsa
Dilla Teer Baja (hands down the best political anthem ever) playing as @BBhuttoZardari comes to the stage.
Now @NawazSharifMNS addressing the jalsa. Says some ppl would have liked his narrative not reaching the people. Says he has a unique tie with the people of Gujranwala
Says he sees the people of the country and sees their misery. Says he would like to come and be with the people. "kuch meri suno, kuch apni sunao"
NS appealing to the people's obvious resentment re inflation. Says are ppl getting basic amenities.
[On a separate note, @pmln_org needs to up the sound system]
NS talks about rising prices of drugs, sugar, atta, gold, rent....
NS asks who do we blame for the state of the country today; Imran Khan or those who brought him? Says think about it: Who is the real culprit? Who is the one who stole your votes?
Says who is the one who blocked the RTS? Says who is the one who made a defeated PTI win? Says the people deserve to know. Says the people (opposition) want to know who stole the election and made IK PM?
NS says don't be afraid. "Jo darr gaya voh marr gaya". Says the people are not sheep that they'll follow blindly. Says today is the day to stand up against those who have done this to the country.
NS says we will not tolerate double standards anymore. [Poor NS really being betrayed by the shitty sound system these guys have]
Brings in Dawn Leaks and 'rejected' (ahem). Says instead of 'them' wasting time on all this, 'they' should have looked at the country's defence.
[How could it be a Sharif address without mention of a Motorway]
NS: those who steal the people's mandate couldnt deal with the progress in the country and so they manipulated elections. "Vote ko izzat do"
NS says we are declared traitors. Says this has been happening since the beginning: dictators calling leaders traitors. Mentions Fatima Jinnah, Bacha Khan, Marri, mengal, Sheikh Mujibur Rehman
[WHOA @ NS' speech right now. Mentions The Surrender, Gen Niazi, says all politicians are branded traitors while those who have betrayed the constitution are called patriots]
Says he has never seen such a corrupt govt. Says their MO is to lie so much that people forget the truth.
Asks IK to give "raseedein" for Zaman Park and Banigala property. Talks about the 'NRO' given by Saqib Nisar.
Asks why Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa is still heading the CPEC Authority. Says his salary is 35 lakh rps
Says NAB is a black law. Says cases are made up, Mentions SS, Hamza Shahbaz and Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman
. @NawazSharifMNS says censoring and suppressing and harassing the media is also betrayal of the constitution.
Asks who are those people who have created a state above the state and a parallel state structure. Says who is responsible for injustice against Justice Isa, or gagging the media, or pre-election horse-trading, or kidnapping of journalists.
Addresses Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa: says you got rid of our govt; re-introduced horse-trading; compelled judges to give verdicts....
Says Gen B is the one who will have to answer for all this.
Says Nawaz Sharif: "Bajwa Sb: jawaab aap ko dena ho ga. Gen Faiz: yeh sabb aap ke haathon se hua hai. Jawaab aap ko dena ho ga. "
So NS is done with his speech. And quite a speech it was.
NOw @MaryamNSharif talking to the people. Switches to Punjabi: asks the people if IK should be given an NRO.
Says she is there to demand justice for the people not the PML-N. For those who cant afford food. For the traders whose businesses have shut down.
Says she's here for justice for judges like Justice Isa. For the media that has been gagged or put behind bars by NAB or for journalists kicked out of the orgs they worked for. Says she's here for the lady health workers, pensioners in the red zone right now.
Maryam Nawaz asks the crowd: do you Papa John's pizza? Says there is no one to question Asim Bajwa.
Says no one has the right to refute the people's mandate. Says IK said that Gen Zaheerul Islam asked for Nawaz's resignation bec he (zaheer) knew abt NS' 'corruption. Asks if Gen Zaheer has the right to do that.
Maryam Nawaz Says today the media is in chains which is why IK's corruption cant be seen. Says: IK claims they're on 'one page', Says it doesnt take much to turn the page.
Time for @BBhuttoZardari Says its his first jalsa in Gujranwala. Says he wants to share the names of those people of Gujranwala who after Bhutto's murder burnt themselves.
Says its been two years since this govt. Asks if the people liked the 'tabdeeli'. Says today's kissan who grows wheat cant eat, the worker who constructs homes doesnt have a roof over his/her head.
Says when Pakistan broke in two even then the country hadnt seen such a bad state. Says when in 2009 there was a financial crisis even then it wasnt this bad.
Says this is Imran and his selectors' tabdeeli: that there is inflation there is unemployment there is no industry. Calls Musharraf a traitor and a murderer. Says didnt he leave behind an economic crisis. Says the PPP govt made things better in a year.
Says the Tiger Force is the answer to everything for IK: price hikes or locusts or Covid.
Says all records of corruption have been broken by this govt. Says their own Akbar S Babar has proof that PTI funding has connections with India and Israel.
Says some people get rich from Papa John's pizza. Says corruption everywhere; even in trees!
Says what justice is this that if there is an allegation against Zardari or Nawaz or Faryal Talpur or Maryam they go to jail but if there is an allegation against Imran or Alima 'Baji' or Asim Bajwa no one can question them.
Says @BBhuttoZardari : the PTI uses corruption for vendetta. Says we (opposition) want across the board accountability. Says if there is allegation of corruption against a general or a judge they must also face justice
Makes a dig at Wasim Akram Plus and his lack of governance. Says who appointed the CM Punjab. Says was it a sorceress or aliens?
Says one can have many differences with SS but wht has the PTI govt done in Punjab? Says when Punjab singer Shaukat Ali falls ill he has to get treated in a hospital in Sindh. Says u can have any differences with the PPP but cant deny that it has given free healthcare services
BBZ says this govt has ruined Pakistan's foreign policy. Brings in Saudi Arabia, CPEC.... Says becoming a prince's driver doesn't make foreign policy.
Asks what freedom is this? Where interviews of leaders cant be shown but APS killer's interviews can. Says the media which is the voice of the people is now gagged. Says the judiciary is under pressure.
Says the selectors need to trust the awaam. Need to respect the people's choice. Need to accept the people's power.
Says 70 years have gone by like this. Says; BASS BASS BASS
Says the selected and the selectors have to come on our page. If not, they have to go.
Maulana on the stage. Says if this govt is selected then there must be some selector. Says the selector says dont take my name. Asks why not.
Asks if the selected are ashamed at the performance of the selected.

• • •

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