Blockbuster new study from @TakeBacktheCt: Republican-appointed judges voted to make it harder to vote ***80 percent of the time***…
This is not an accident: Republicans have illegitimately seized control of the judiciary specifically so they can use the judiciary to destroy democracy, because they know they are a minority party.

Republican-appointed judges have voted to weaken democracy an astounding 80 percent of the time, according to this new study.

Incredibly, Trump-appointed judges are even more anti-democracy: 85 percent of the time.

Certainly not when that party has illegitimately packed the courts with anti-voting judges!
Yep. Some of this rigging happened long ago (small state bias of the Senate, for e.g.) but much of it has been intentional, decades-long effort by America’s minority party to establish minority rule.

By the way, can we just pause to appreciate the fact that this right-winger’s defense of GOP judges making it harder for people to vote is that courts SHOULD make sure it’s hard to vote during a pandemic?
That's a great question, @AdamGreen! #AlwaysBeClosing

If you want to help @TakeBackTheCt fight back against the efforts to destroy democracy, here's a handy donation link:…

Relatedly, here’s a great @ZoeTillman piece about a federal judge calling out other judges for participating in “a systematic effort to suppress voter turnout and undermine the right to vote.”…

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16 Oct
Did NBC explain the audience screen for this event? The woman over Trump’s left shoulder nodding along to everything he says, wearing the red face mask … that seems kinda suspicious, for the record.
“I have to say, you have a great smile … you’re so handsome when you smile,” a supposedly Biden-leaning woman wearing a red shirt, red mask, red glasses, says to Trump.
anyway, I found that all very suspicious
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15 Oct
Nobody asked Garrison Keillor a damn thing.
He’s wrong about the basic-human-rights part, and he’s wrong about the we-can-all-agree-about-education-and-taxes part. He’s a fool with neither moral compass nor the most basic understanding of topic he’s discussing and he can fuck right off.
Keillor’s position is basically that if the womenfolk and the gays would just accept their subjugation, the men could get the economy on track. Like I said: nobody’s looking to this clown for guidance, and that’s a good thing, because he’s wrong and bad on every dimension.
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15 Oct
Is Lindsey Graham raising money in a Senate office building?

Who’s gonna dig up the old Lindsey Graham quote about Al Gore making a fundraising phone call from the wrong building?

I don't think you're supposed to rush through a Supreme Court justice in the middle of a pandemic, 20 days before Election Day, just so you can use the hearing to raise money from a Senate Office building, but what do I know?
Oh look there’s a law and everything. Who knew? (Everyone knew, Lindsey knew, he doesn’t give a damn.)
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13 Oct
Okay but hear me out: Who gives a shit?
AMY CONEY BARRET: *pretends not to know if voter intimidation is illegal*

FECKLESS REPORTERS: Oh my god she isn’t using notes. She is our most impressive thinker since Aristotle!
If a liberal black woman showed up at her SCOTUS confirmation hearings and said she didn’t know something as basic as whether voter intimidation is illegal you can be damn sure the media wouldn’t hyperventilate about how her lack of notes means she’s brilliant.
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11 Oct
This article contains no actual data. If you click through to the Gallup poll it links, you find a negligible gender gap, and *89 percent of men wearing masks.*

Women are doing better than men, but this article badly exaggerates the gap & normalizes Trump as typical of men.
Stop linking to bullshit articles that make broad claims without offering any data to back them up and in the process make the deadly behavior of our asshole president seem like an inevitable and natural result of genetics. Thank you!
Screenshots 1-3: The New York Times pretending that men reject mass wearing in large numbers, while presenting no data.

Screenshot 4: Gallup poll finding *89 percent of men wear masks,* which NYT links to as though it supports NYT’s point.

Extremely dishonest!
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9 Oct
The Commission on Presidential Debates has had a Republican who worked for Ronald Reagan as its executive director for every day of its existence.

But thank you for the reminder that the aspiring fascist in the White House is losing Republican support.

Incidentally, Bob Dole not only voted against creating Medicare, he *bragged about it* while running for president in 1996, a campaign in which he also compared smoking to drinking milk.

Bob Dole is very bad, and has always been very bad.

Oh okay one more Bob Dole tweet. Here’s my all-time favorite campaign ad:
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