If Biden were a Republican, every demeaning comment he’s made about black people would be a major story. The disparate impact of his crime bill would be the subject of 1,000 op-eds. The name “Tara Reade” would be uttered in every news segment.
His touchiness toward girls would be the cause of feminist protests. His inability to finish a thought would be disqualifying. His eulogy for a former KKK member would be playing on loop. His proven lies & plagiarism over his 47 year political career would be detailed in full.
We wouldn’t be talking about anything but Hunter Biden, and whether or not Joe’s foreign policy with nations like China can be bought. He’d be asked why he & the Obama admin put “kids in cages” at the border & deported an unprecedented number of illegal immigrants.
Instead, very few journalists are talking about these things, & Twitter is actively shutting down conversation about some of them. None of these these issues—all significant—are even known by many voting for Joe, & that’s exactly how they want it.
I have no problem with journalists scrutinizing Trump. I just wish we could see even half of the energy put into scrutinizing Joe Biden’s words, actions & record. But we won’t. Most “journalists” are left-wing ideologues & mere extensions of Democratic campaigns.
And, if we had a press that was even 20% non-partisan, we’d hear about the other concerns at least half the country have: Does Joe Biden support late term abortion? Why does Joe support repealing the Hyde Amendment? What cases will be overturned if Dems pack the court?
Does Joe support the Equality Act, which exists as a deliberate infringement upon religious liberty? Why didn’t Joe fight “systemic racism” during his 47 year political career + time as VP?
Does Joe support critical race theory training subsidized by the taxpayer? Does he see China as the threat they are? Does he support protection of the 1st & 2nd amendments? How will he pay for his education + climate plans w/o raising taxes on those making less than $400K?
Does Kamala still believe Joe is a racist who flirted with segregationists? Does she defend her support of the CA bill that would force pro-life centers to advertise abortions? What about her recent legislation to ease abortion restrictions in the last 3 months of pregnancy?
Instead, we mostly get “Joe & Kamala are going to bring us together.” How? Like Obama did?

We don’t have anything close to a fair press, which means most people vote on emotions, not information.
Why are they fighting against school choice and charter schools if they say they care about black, brown, immigrant and poor communities?

• • •

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3 Oct
If you are aiming for “racial reconciliation,” Christians, intersectionality, Critical Race Theory and Liberation Theology will not get you there. Their purpose is to deconstruct & divide, but they can never build up & bring together.
How do you know your church is preaching these things? If the teaching assigns guilt & innocence, responsibility & victimhood, collectively based on skin color. If repentance is only demanded based on race. If “justice” is defined as the world defines it rather than how God does.
If Jesus is characterized as a social revolutionary rather than a savior with a revolutionary gospel that frees both the societal oppressor & the societally oppressed from sin. If your pastor simply repeats mainstream narratives about systemic racism rather than the facts.
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29 Aug
For every Dem who believes Trump supporters are dangerous, I promise I believe just as strongly (if not more) that the policies you support are dangerous. But, unlike so many Dems I’ve seen talking abut Trump voters, I don’t “lose all respect” for you for voting for Biden...
I would still welcome you into my home and share a meal with you. I don’t assume you’re a bad parent or that you hate people. I don’t think you should be shunned from society, harassed, or shamed. I think you are wrong, and that your policy positions are seriously harmful...
But I don’t hate you. I don’t think you’re stupid. I just think you’re wrong. And I am wrong a lot too. And, as a Christian, I am in no position to “shun” you, because God in Christ chose not to shun me, even though He had every right to.
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24 Aug
Marxism IS unbiblical— Marx himself knew as much. Capitalism isn’t an ideology. It describes what naturally happens when people are free to provide for themselves. The Bible protects property rights (thou shall not steal, thou shall not covet); Marxism does not.
“Let the thief no longer steal, but rather let him labor, doing honest work with his own hands, so that he may have something to share with anyone in need.” Ephesians 4:28 You work, you make a profit, you voluntarily share it.
“If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat. For we hear that some among you walk in idleness, not busy at work, but busybodies. Now such persons we command and encourage in the Lord Jesus Christ to do their work quietly and to earn their own living.” 2 Thess
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23 Aug
I can already see that the RNC is making a mistake that the DNC didn’t. The DNC was wise not to make the convention about Joe. They made it about hopes & goals shared by a broad coalition. My belief that the DNC is a facade for leftist extremism is irrelevant to this fact. 1/
Very few are voting for Trump because they like Trump. Most who are voting for him are voting because a) they believe his admin will do better to protect faith, freedom and family and b) they’re scared of radical leftism. 2/
But there are many conservatives who are considering not voting for Trump because they don’t like Trump. The RNC would be wise to push Trump and his family, as nice of people as I’m sure they are, to the background and let liberty, stability, and hope star the show.
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6 Aug
This is a tactic I’ve seen over & over again: pre-empting criticism & dismissing it rather then addressing it, and conflating the sincere critiques of faithful Christians with empty ad hominem attacks. It is a manipulative cop-out. 1/
There are Christians of all ethnicities who care about justice who are trying to warn the church about the dangers of prescribing Marxist solutions rather than biblical ones. They have not failed to clearly articulate what they mean by this. These aren’t lazy attacks.
No Christian is calling someone who cares about prejudice and injustice a Marxist. Christians are calling Marxism Marxism. We’re calling Critical Theory Critical Theory. And we’re saying here’s why these world views are opposed to the Bible & the gospel. There’s a better way.
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2 Aug
People who deny objective morality and insist it’s either personally or culturally relative are forced to brush off this and all kinds of abject evil. Moral relativism doesn’t allow for moral judgments. This is why worldview matters.
Once you acknowledge something like this is evil—no matter where it happens or why—you’ve accepted at least one objective, universal standard of right and wrong. Your next question to explore is, “Who gets to determine what that universal standard is & why?”
Can’t have a standard without a standard bearer. Can’t have a universal moral law without a universal moral law giver. Answering “why are some things universally wrong?” with “just because” doesn’t cut it. WHY are some things always wrong and who says?
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