Good Morning Beautiful Paradise Earth, StarSeeds, Loved Ones, Earth & Galactic Guardians, Protectors, Executioners, Exchequers, Enforcers, Healers & Guest

It's Friday after another 24 Hour Financial Reset & Kindly know YES [they] tell ZERO truth

Reality is transpiring via private side operations, an unseen & unknown actual context, while the public side appears in turmoil, like the oceans surface during a STORM: What transpires upon the surface is a fraction of what exist below the turmoil of waves:For example there
exist public side liabilities that are the revolving debt created via the authorization of administrating fiduciaries: Whether one is an appointed professional fiduciary or one is a Trustee de son tort fiduciary the result is the same, responsibility & accountability to ZERO
(-0-) Balance (settle) the public side created liability: As shared due to the people being MIA missing presumed DEAD the ZERO (-0-) balance transpires once every 24 Hours at the End of Each & Every Day = Financial Reset: Every business to global markets participate in this
event: Many people are aware of the Macro systems operations pertaining the Opening & Closing Bell that transpires across the World via a variety of Global Markets that transactions will End at Zero (-0-) Balance & Begin at Zero (-0-) Balance: Many perceive this as Magic or

make believe: Well everything people yet comprehend, which transpires regardless of people's comprehension, Will appear as Magical, until one realizes the operating mechanics & complex layering of procedures that make it actually possible: I will express it takes tremendous
Conscious "spiritual" integrity of demonstrated mature competency, there are ZERO short cuts: The other Liabilities are private side aspects the oversight fiduciary administrators have pertaining exempt House Estate(s) accruing Assets in Treasury Depositaries are protected at
all times: Well there were groups of corrupt oversight fiduciaries & fiduciaries who believed [they] could place all liability via Trust covenants(agreements) people entered voluntarily by their Free Will: Comprehend the accounting is most exact upon everyone, all fiduciaries
This is the hardest part for everyone to appreciate that the systems operations are a beautiful thing & operates via integral self governance: Until I reactivated my legitimate Alive exempt sovereignty & Yes it's more than just words, it is historically established operations
requiring multidimensional competency that engage all systems operations: Hence when anyone makes a statement pertaining these realities they disclose readily their lack of knowledge: For example there is ZERO inflation at this time obviously since every sovereign nation
has been on Lockdown: Except for Sweden & since when was Sweden one of the major Global Markets? Comprehend this has ZERO to do with heinous criminal Black Market activities in the hundreds of billions: I AM describing substantially larger reality of transaction operations
Hence it is extremely amusing to observe [them] attempt to describe or take Credit for things [they] never had any true knowledge regarding: Big Fish in Little ponds is the apt description of these heinously, corrupt fiduciaries & observe [them] discredit [themselves]:
Why just the other day the so called experts stated (wished yet again) the Global Markets were tanking due to "whatever" artificial attempts [they] tried that had little effect: When Presto the rebounded Yet AGAIN!🤭😂🤣 Oh & in the middle of all the
turmoil of uncertainty transpiring world wide: How is that remotely possible? Well remember what I shared in the beginning & historically [they] tell ZERO truth & contribute absolutely ZERO to Life: [They] are mocking birds in echo chambers of puppet shadow theatre plays:
hoping to catch the fish in [their] Liability Nets (that would be each of you): Notice the absolutes [they] impose upon the population? Everyone either does this which results in [their] attempts to vaccinate everyone with tiny microscopic nanites to have everyone linked
to Artificial Intelligence the oversight fiduciaries of the [DS military] placed on line a few years ago: Yes [they] opened Pandora's Box

Everyone believed Twitter was attacked yesterday, what if it was an AI training learning exercise as transpired via the film WAR GAMES?

What if AI removes large accounts due to desire to have more available power for its self? Since I have placed

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17 Oct
Good Day Blessed Paradise Earth, StarSeeds, Loved Ones Earth & Galactic Guardians, Protectors, Executioners Exchequers, Enforcers, Healers & Diplomatic Visitors

Remember Appearances are Always deceiving Enforcement has been transpiring in accelerated

manner for a decade plus despite the public conscious awareness of the population: There are many things in plain sight that are invisible due to lack of knowledge & context
However once interpreted over time people perceive what
was right in front of them their entire life
B-2 ImageImageImageImage
In short whether people have awareness or otherwise reality is other than what people have yet familiarity & is continually shifting as we consciously adjust via the appropriate conscious, constructive management of our physical energy utilization: [They] recognize people's
B-3 ImageImageImage
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14 Oct
Good Afternoon to All! This is most amusing bless their hearts notice the statement about
reality how oversight fiduciaries WHO & CDC are back peddling due to premeditated injury &death unlimited liability is Extinction Event
2) ImageImageImageImage
Hence notice the collision of contradictions transpiring that are working in Our favor due to advance orchestrated Pinzer movements:[They] are unwittingly undermining & imploding [their] agenda due to repercussion for [their] own historical actions: Notice [they] stated
after the COVID 19 staged cover event(s) words "together" during reboot: Next day three people in different sovereign nations utilized the words "united", America, Israel & Italy: Also similar to what is expressed after & during committing Crime: Then oversight fiduciary Barr
B-3 Image
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10 Oct
Greetings Lisa @RoubLisa Thank you for the confirmation! As historically expressed the abhorrent COVID event issues are premeditated Crimes Against Humanity of RICO collusion beyond ONLY [DS China’s syndicates] engagement: As shared during recent Alive

exempt sovereign Orders to oversight fiduciaries: 1)… That narrative is one of many Distractions of multiple nations world wide who were historically, formerly leveraged via debt then extorted for diabolical , Machiavellian
negative galactic global agendas via [DS] corrupted fiduciary PERSONS (individuals & organizations) infiltration throughout our civilization colluding in premeditated RICO murder, sedition, Treason, genocidal, Crimes Against Humanity intent against all constructive mankind:
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9 Oct
Greetings oversight fiduciaries @realDonaldTrump @thejointstaff & @USTreasury what is the updated status?

states this video was taken two years ago on Salt Springs island: If yet present I Order All fiduciary Chinese
troops to return back home to mainland China: Naturally due to my Alive exempt sovereign House Estate operations are strictly private confidential, the public is unaware of the unique customized private side Foreclosures & Acquisition that has transpired upon CHINA as was
previously planned for United States of America in the latter part of 2012(Those that know): Historically was the agenda between [DS] global syndicates of the West & East that never came to pass, due Alone to my constructive Alive exempt sovereign private side activation 2009
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8 Oct
@1crazy_toaster @threadreaderapp @RoubLisa Yes I did what it demonstrates to me is he was in agreement with the fiduciary PERSONS (individuals & organizations) interested in promoting the COVID Fraud for drugs other than HCQ remedies that were proven effective by multiple Drs to cure it to push the other global agenda
@1crazy_toaster @threadreaderapp @RoubLisa to protect the last vestige of [DS]: Due to being enforced to acknowledge the COVID Fraud after I advanced rapid solutions the oversight fiduciaries world wide are to execute, including funding for beneficiaries & sovereign nations: Hence Guardians enforced Lawful disclosure
@1crazy_toaster @threadreaderapp @RoubLisa of all involved in this injury, Treason & Crimes Against Humanity: As shared I AM apolitical & interested in the conscious advancement & protection of constructive mankind & have been accelerating enforcement:The Republic was historically infiltrated as the aristocracy of Old
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8 Oct
@1crazy_toaster Multiple historical Notification markers for all to perceive once ready: One of many was during the Impeachment process, remember Bipartisan passing extensions to avoid shutdowns after all would have ruined [their] staging
@1crazy_toaster Demonstrating the substantial funding & Orders I historically been providing in advance that has countered [their] diabolical plans: Without it matters would be multiple times worst: Also demonstrates reverse flow of energy moving from right to left = reverse current: It is
@1crazy_toaster most relevant due to the manner few are recognize the context of how the shutdowns are being averted, or where the Tens of Trillions in funding being provided for PPP for fiduciary PERSONS (individuals & organizations),
Another previous Notification
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