Dutroux case,
update, Oct 2020

Dutroux acknowledges that child abductions were orders.
The suspicions of those who were denigrated 20 years ago as "believers" are confirmed by Dutroux himself, and no one wants to hear him. Note that no mainstream media has published this information so far.
Marc Dutroux was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder, rape, sequestration, criminal association and drug trafficking, in 2004
In June 1995, Julie Lejeune and Mélissa Russo, aged 8, were kidnapped near Liège. Dutroux sequestered them and left them to starve with the help of his wife.
On August 22, 1995, An Marchal and Eefje Lambrecks, aged 17 and 19, disappeared after attending a show at the casino in Blankenberge. Marc Dutroux buried them, probably alive, in September 1995.
On May 28, 1996, Sabine Dardenne, aged 12, was kidnapped, as was Laetitia Delhez, aged 14, on August 9, 1996. On August 15, 1996. the two girls were released by the police from the Dutroux cellar where they were sequestered.
In Belgium, a life sentence does not mean that the convicted person ends his days in prison, because he could be released after 15 years. On the other hand, parole is not easy to obtain.
If the detainee does not succeed in convincing the sentencing court, he may remain behind bars until the end of his life. Several conditions must be met to obtain release, including a concrete reintegration plan.
Dutroux's wife, Michèle Martin, sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2004 was released on parole in 2012. She was first accommodated in a convent for nuns before being welcomed by a former LGBT far-left judge.
Dutroux's last lawyer (who had half a dozen), Bruno Dayez, launched a communication campaign two years ago to have his client released. He published a book on this subject: “Why liberate Dutroux? For a penal humanism. "
Roughly speaking, his thesis is that a society honors itself by giving its worst offenders a second chance. Belgian civil society responded with silence or outrage, as Dutroux did not give the murdered children a second chance.
Is Dayez a great humanist or a great naive? Rather, he is a cold man who prides himself on fighting popular and populist ideas.
Even before the trial of Marc Dutroux, he minimized pedophilia: "By focusing on a certain type of delinquency, of daily publishing facts of moral offenses, we are pushing the population to give this delinquency a dimension that it does not have "
Long sentences and reintegration problems may be a social problem, but Dutroux is the worst case for opening this debate.
He was indeed treated lightly during his first trial in 1989, following the kidnapping and rape of four minors. He had been sentenced to 13 years, and his accomplice Michelle Martin to 5 years in prison; however, she was released in 1991 and he was released in 1992.
During his parole, Dutroux was even accused of sexual assault on young girls at the ice rink in Charleroi in November 1992. Questioned by the municipal police, he was released without being worried.
Arguably, he abused his second chance to a large extent: his parole tooks the lives of Julie, Melissa, Ann and Efje and almost cost Sabine and Laetitia their lives.
Turning Marc Dutroux's imprisonment into a major social problem is cynicism. By denouncing the fact that it has been "left to rot under appalling, apocalyptic conditions" (which is not true), Dayez only inspires disgust and embarrassment among true humanists.
The ironic thing is that Dutroux himself does not ask to be released.
Recently examined by three psychiatric experts, he declared that he "does not want any form of release, but demands the reopening of his trial which, in his opinion, will inevitably lead to him being exonerated and brought out through the front door.
In any case, his release is hardly conceivable, because he presents no reintegration plan. Psychiatrists also conclude that there is a "psychopathic profile" with "severe sexual sadism" and high risk of recurrence.
The new element that could reopen the Dutroux file says "BIS"

Nothing new compared to previous expertises. On the other hand, Dutroux's anamnesis highlights an essential point in the judicial record.
It should be remembered that Dutroux was suspected of having kidnapped Laetitia Delhez in August 1996 with the complicity of Michel Nihoul, a corrupt Brussels businessman.
At the start of the investigation Michèle Martin and Michel Lelièvre, Dutroux's henchman, had also testified to Nihoul's complicity in the kidnapping of Laetitia, but during the trial all the accused were silent on this subject
The King's prosecutor Michel Bourlet pleaded the responsibility of Nihoul in this kidnapping, and convinced the jury, which answered yes on this point to 7 votes against 5.
In a dramatic turn, the professional magistrates tipped the scales in the direction of Nihoul's acquittal for this fact.
Not everyone was surprised by Nihoul's “rescue”.
It should be noted that the latter was involved in the "X1 case", based on the testimony of a victim evoking the rapes and murders of minors, involving high-ranking Belgian personalities, including a banker, politicians and former ministers.
A case closed by the judiciary abnormally, as emphasized at the time by the chairman of the Dutroux Parliamentary Inquiry Committee and former Minister of Justice, Marc Verwilghen, as well as investigators and journalists.
By saving Nihoul, the magistrates also saved Belgium from the infamous idea that there were child criminal networks in that country.
Worried that so-called “peripheral” tracks will never be analyzed, that investigations will not be carried out, the prosecutor Bourlet had instructed with Judge Langlois a “[Dutroux] Bis file”.
This file largely evokes Nihoul, 28 tracks never "scratched" as well as the DNA analysis of the hair found in Dutroux's cache. It should be noted that this Bis case could be reopened if a new item appears.
However, reconsidering his silence during the trial, Dutroux has just declared to psychiatrists that the kidnapping of Sabine and Laetitia was "executed on the orders of Nihoul and of sponsors whom he cannot denounce"
The recent death of Michel Nihoul in 2019 seems to have refreshed the memory of Dutroux, who however has little to gain on this point, since it is established that he was the one who kidnapped Sabine and Laetitia.
The late designation of Nihoul constitutes, in our opinion, a fundamental point for understanding the links between the Dutroux affair and the X Files,
as well as a new element which could push the Belgian justice to reopen a case closed without further action under nebulous conditions.
It is time for the truth to come to light on the events which upset the Belgian judicial world at the end of the last century.
End of the thread..

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