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16 Oct, 17 tweets, 12 min read
Ok so this interests me. We've seen the obvious ties to #BidenCrimeFamily (Ukraine). If you keep tabs on Rudy, then you know he is sifting through the CHY-NAH connection for cash atm. The ball is rolling so, I take the viewpoint, there's no stopping it.
So I notice this in yesterdays drop, I just took note of the [2][1]'s think they might be a string key. Look at the [Clas 1-99]. Now we've seen this a bunch, however running a search, this one DID NOT pop up. Manually saw it scrolling. Take a look at Drop 1410.
You can type "Clas_1" into a search and yield no results. Not meant to be easily found is my guess. Anywho, what do we have here. Pallets at an airport? Wonder what's in em? Bet it is cash. Last image "Clas_2.png"
Note 1410 (10/14/xxxx)?
I'm no expert, is that CHY-NAH, definitely dealing with some Asian Airport by the looks of it. Hence, the writing on the plane, the writing up high, also an upside down cross? Plus the crew of Asian men behind the packages. just sayin'. Insight is always welcome.
Ok back to my more obvious numbers. Backtracking to the initial. [12][21] (Drop 4872). Why is this important. For starters, this is of note. EO on 12/21 is in the snips. Now what else? Lets remove the 12 and 21 to look at the drops for a sec.
Drops 2219, 1229
I found this interesting, sexual misconduct? Seems to be trending in regards to CrackHead Hunter(2219). Now 1229, we have a few things that maybe indicated. Noting in the Drop stamp, attachments times(tweets)? Yeah, 21/12 are included. Well go look at 1152, 1120 next.
Ok so 1120 pops up this. A reference to CHY-NAHHHH. Speculating this off 1410 rem( 10/14/xxxx?) No other obvious ties to 12/21. Now 1152. (S) is Secretary Clinton? LL is Loretta Lynch? Tarmac deals? No obvious extensions. foxnews.com/media/loretta-…
Back to our beginning, since I've hit a dead end. 12/21 seems important. I noticed this. We began at drop 4872, on the glance this is 4860 (minus 12 from our beginning) I see that 12/21 included in the stamp, this implored me to do the same process. Remove 12/21's.
Removing [12] from above leaves 321
Removing [21] from above leaves 312
Interesting how that works.
312 Path will be first. Remove the 12.
430 Looks like this.
Couple of ways to remove [2][1] from drop 430. I'll do 265 first because there's no obvious 21 reference attached.
625 (via TS on Drop 430 is next), Sec_TEST? Notice 121? No matter which way we remove [12]/[21] we are left with the same guidance for the next drop (1353).
I couldn't help but notice. 5 pictures are featured here. I believe their was 5 pictures included in drop 1410 (10/14/xxxx) We still have a [21][12] we can drop from this. Would bring us to Drop 428.
Wait, I've just seen this? 428 is on overlap with our key? We got to Drop 625 using Drop 430, that's why it looks so fresh. No obvious paths follow. Remember though, we only took path 312. Haven't even looked at Drop 321
Drop 321 is this...
Two ways to float using our "key" [21][12].
Well start at 553. I think the TRUST in judges question is funny with ACB [132]
Remove the 21/12 for 438. We were at 428 not long ago.
438 has [21] remove for 133? Like I said [ACB][132] is in this one? I dunno.
133 also has another [21][12](TimeStamp). Remove to get 1935. No obvious numerical ties on 1935. We have neglected a path to take this one, we will back track. Remember drop 321? We took path 553, another drop is indicated. (134?)
OK it makes sense in a weird way. We have Drop 438 That makes me think ACB 132, We've seen drop 133. Now we move on to drop 134?
We have another [12][21] to nix yet again. This would lead us to 1958?
Sure. It's all just one BIG coincidence.
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15 Oct
The "Buckle Up" collection. Not to say it's all. They are easy to miss in attachments. From oldest to newest.
879, 974
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10 Oct
Ok I spied part of this yesterday so I'm putting it out there today. Not sure anyone has touched on these ties. Now John Solomon specified a link via article. We'll take a look, then see if we can take it back to the boards/drops.
John Solomon tweets is at 11:21am, also has a link and contents. I'll put em out. I noticed the requested release was from 11.8 just sayin'. justthenews.com/accountability…
Furthermore, this. Look at some of the language. Tick Tock, preplanned? Rex Tillerson is mentioned. Keep this in mind. Also at the bottom, SATCOMMS, I mean, Strat. Comms? Lets float over there next.
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9 Oct
On a whim, lookin' at SM back to Drops, lets see if any flares are dropped today. We'll start at DJT's first tweet of the day. National Guard (NG)? Let's see if this takes us places. I really just did this on the fly. Example; 8:00am
Drop 800 relevant?
Lets take a look at the original time that the LA NG posted their tweet. Because timestamps matter and stuff. Looks like the original post came from 12:35pm, mil time still the same. So that prompts us to check both drops 800, 1235.
Well lookey here. What did the tweet start with As #...?
Now what about Drop 800? ProtectWhatsYours? Protects Code went live? Code signals clean? This is just some face value stuff. What else can be done I wonder?
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8 Oct
I found this an odd tweet. This kinda made me work backwards. SM back to Drops. I'll show you the path I took.
Timestamp for 6:08am so, Drop 608 is stop number one.
Drop 608, I've underlined a few things it will be handy to keep in mind. UK, plus POTUS STATEMENT. Before I just haul off and check POTUS, lets see what the US ARMIES next tweet is.
Alright back to the basics. This timestamp is for 9:01am/Drop901. I'll do another tweet with the attachments. Notice anything right off? How about [U]huru [K]enyatta? I went to check his twit, no official one though [UK]. So what about [R]ex[T]illerson?
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7 Oct
Just leave this here. Jack Flynn RT's Rudy. Rudy timestamp for this morning. Was for 6:10am thats what he RT'd so lets look at that first. Drop 610 included. This is the link the drop contained. Remember? whitehouse.gov/presidential-a…
Now what about that 11:20 time (time RT Jack Flynn happened). If you look at my last thread, you'll get why I removed the 11, it's based on this tweet though. (DJT yesterday). Use our key, remove the 11. Remember last link? [1]2/2[1]? Drop 556 next.
The cure will spread WW! Like the sounds of that, interesting with POTUS currnet events as well. See those 1's on the end [1]2/2[1]. Nix em, push on to 2364
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7 Oct
I've been trying to thread up on this tweet. Missing the 0 on that "11,00". Does it matter? Probs. I'll explain the best I can. Timestamp of 7:04pm/19:04mil
Drop 1904 will be stop numbah 1. Image
We can see on that last stamp we have two "1"'s. What happens if we remove those and kick over to Drop 825. (Not to neglect the contents of this drop, symbolism galore.) ImageImageImage
Well, Sec_Test, huh? We got our two "1"s + another 1. Just saying. 4 and 3 are left over. I've heard there are at least 43 paths on these boards. Now, lets back track for a moment Image
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