NEW BLOG + THREAD: 'Reduce your carbon footprint' is a propaganda buzz phrase. Plain and simple. The idea of changing individual actions in hope of positively impacting the planet is part of a PR campaign by the fossil fuel industry. LINK: 1/
This @mashable article by @SkepticalRanger begins by describing a 1971 TV PSA some of you may remember. The ad shows a Native American man mourning Earth, which is now littered with trash and plastic pollution. It aims to touch on your emotions. 2/…
Who do you think sponsored that PSA? The beverage industry. The group responsible for the plastic pollution itself. The blame however, is thrown on the consumer. It’s been some time, so here's that PSA: 3/
This PSA was only the beginning of a PR stunt that’s still ongoing. The FF industry has misled the public to believe that as individuals WE are responsible for climate change meanwhile, they're going about business as usual. 4/
In the age of disinformation, a narrative can be created without any real facts. Why are plant-based meat alternatives being pushed so hard? And why the push for individuals to forgo animal-based meat? Can it really save the planet? (The answer is: No.) 5/
The argument made by anti-meat supporters is that livestock – particularly beef – is one of the main, if not THE main, causes of climate change. But the math for that argument just doesn’t add up. Take a look at the data below. 6/
According to @OurWorldInData, all of ag is responsible for 18% of global direct GHGs. Within the ag sector, livestock = only 6% of all GHGs. The energy sector – which includes electricity, heat and transportation – takes up nearly 75% of the pie. READ:… 7/
I want to be very clear, the 6% from global animal agriculture should NOT be ignored. And here in the U.S., farmers should be looked to as climate leaders. U.S. farmers have reduced their herd emissions through efficiency measures, feed additives and technology. 8/
In fact, the California dairy industry is on the path to climate neutrality. We released a report about this last month.… 9/
Take a look at this @EPA overview of GHG emissions sources in the U.S. Within the 10% slice representing all agriculture, livestock accounts for 4%. Check out who is responsible for the rest. READ:… 10/
Not to mention, methane from cattle – which converts into CO2 and is part of a cycle – doesn’t behave the same way as CO2 from fossil fuels, which stockpiles in the atmosphere. Here’s a thread with more on this: 11/
Both on a global and U.S. scale, livestock accounts for a relatively small fraction of the GHG emissions pie, while the FF industry takes the monster share. Meaning – fossil fuel has been gaslighting consumers for many years. 12/
The manipulation of consumers allowed the FF industry to open Pandora’s Box, bringing chaos on the climate while distracting the public through guilt and virtue signals. Many other agenda-based groups have hopped on board. But this can't go on much longer. 13/
I take climate change very seriously and have been vocal about who the main culprit behind this global crisis is. If we don’t address this issue with immediate and tremendous effort, we may soon be too late. Here’s my blog post again with more:… 14/14

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25 Sep
THREAD: This is what PR looks like. The @guardian cites a @Greenpeace analysis to support an outrageous (and simply incorrect) message. This piece is not based on accurate scientific facts instead, it has a clear-cut agenda with a message to spread. 1/
PR has no place in journalism but here we are – again. Greenpeace, by their own account, is a non-profit NGO rooted in activism. Activism has a necessary place in society, but when it comes to the issue of climate change, science and emissions expertise must prevail. 2/
The article claims EU livestock are producing more greenhouse gases than all cars and vans within the union. Not only is this an apples-to-oranges comparison, but it unfairly and deliberately omits key data to skew favor one way while vilifying the other. 3/
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11 Sep
This 2010 article by Raymond Pierrehumbert (@ClimateBook), the Halley Professorship of Physics at @UniofOxford is full of great info. In it he argues why we desperately need to focus on CO2 emissions. He sums it up nicely in the last paragraph:…

1/ Image
There isn’t a single metric that perfectly captures the climate impacts of all greenhouse gases. Though it would be nice, our attempts to do so are misleading us and driving us to focus climate efforts on gases that will have an overall minimal effect on global temperatures.

If there is a desire for a single, hand-dandy way to measure GHGs, we should ensure that it describes actual warming (e.g., GWP*) and not just CO2 equivalence (i.e. GWP).

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2 Sep
THREAD: I have BIG news! It's now evident that California dairies are on the path to climate neutrality. This is no longer just a concept. Once we start #rethinkingmethane, U.S. animal agriculture WILL become a leader in sustainability & climate mitigation. Let's unravel. 1/
We can now say, the amount of methane produced by CA dairy farms is less than it was in 2008. This means more methane is being broken down in the atmosphere than is being emitted, leading to less methane in the atmosphere & less warming. 2/
Contrary to popular belief, cattle are doing their part in the fight against climate change. I'm eager for policymakers to use CA dairy as an example of why understanding the details in the differences of greenhouse gas behavior matters when discussing climate impacts. 3/
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18 Aug
Using a global average for emissions often mischaracterizes U.S. cattle. Regularly cited @OurWorldInData calculates GLOBAL beef emissions at an average of approx 132 lbs CO2e/2.2 lbs beef – and that’s including all GHGs. But this number doesn't accurately portray the U.S. 1/ Image
Important note: Our World in Data specifically looks at data around global issues such as climate change – hence the name. The publication’s data around emissions is not flawed rather, the way some interpret the data is incorrect. I’ll clarify what this data means for the U.S. 2/
Here, the carbon footprint of 2.2 lbs of beef is 48.5 lbs CO2e with methane. W/o methane, it’s 21 lbs CO2e. The global figure is 5-10x the U.S number! A major difference. Global emissions don't accurately reflect individual countries. #rethinkingmethane 3/…
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14 Aug
THREAD: Does methane from cattle have the same warming impact as methane from fossil fuels? The answer is NO, but that’s the popular belief. Through science we will #rethinkmethane AND help curb the climate crisis. 1/ Image
Biogenic & fossil methane originate from different sources. Biogenic methane starts as atmospheric CO2 before it’s been emitted by sources such as livestock. Fossil methane is geological carbon pulled from deep in the earth, where it’s been stored for millions of yrs. 2/
The @mfe_news provides a concise, accurate description of how biogenic methane & fossil methane behave differently. This distinction is key when discussing solutions to climate change. 3/
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14 Aug
Hope you will be part of the #rethinkingmethane movement! Today, three short videos on the topic. This one on the “methane mistake” from New Zealand:
Here a very well done methane mitigation video by @AgusBC3 and @PabloPastos #rethinkingmethane
And finally, our @UCDavisCLEAR video on #rethinkingmethane, which has become so much more popular than we had ever hoped for. Please like and RT.
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