Abraham Lincoln, a former one-term Congressman and lawyer, condemned slavery - this day in 1854 - during a speech criticizing the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which Congress had passed five months earlier. The future president bitterly criticized it. saying slavery was “immoral.” (more)
The Kansas-Nebraska Act allowed two new territories—Kansas and Nebraska—to join the United States, with the citizens of each given the power to determine whether slavery would be allowed or disallowed
Abolitionists like Lincoln hoped to convince lawmakers in the new territories to ban slavery. He believed the law went against the founding American principle that “all men are created equal.” He was determined to outlaw the spread of slavery but worried it could lead to war
Lincoln’s eloquent opposition to slavery raised his political profile across the nation; although he lost an Illinois senate race to Stephen Douglas in 1858, he would win the presidency in 1860 - with 40% of the popular vote
Theodore Roosevelt shocked the nation by dining with a black man—Booker T. Washington—in the White House, this day in 1901. The president caused a national sensation by having dinner with Washington, the African-American educator who had become a close friend (more)
Other presidents had invited African-Americans to meetings at the White House, but never for a meal. And segregation was law in 1901. The president was later praised by some but fiercely criticized by others; Washington received death threats
William Howard Taft became the first sitting president to visit Mexico - this day in 1909. Shown here with Mexico's Porfirio Díaz, both escaped a possible assassination attempt when a man holding a gun got within three feet of them
Easily the most dangerous chapter of the Cold War began - this day 1962 - when John F. Kennedy was informed that the Soviet Union was placing nuclear missiles in Cuba, that were capable of destroying most of the United States. Here: JFK's schedule that day (more)
It was the beginning of the Cuban Missile Crisis—a 13-day standoff—that nearly led to nuclear war between the U.S. and Soviet Union. Historians estimate that had the nuclear war occurred, half of all Americans - 100 million - along with 100 million Soviets - could have died
Donald Trump and his father were accused of conspiring to keep blacks out of their New York City housing units. The Trumps denied the charges. This day, 1973
President Trump celebrated a legal win against his former porn star mistress Stormy Daniels, by attacking her on Twitter. That same day, Melania Trump launched a campaign for Americans to set a good example by acting decently on social media. This day 2018

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15 Oct
Not sure why folks are surprised that Trump could peddle his disgusting and sick - and those are the words - theory about SEAL Team 6 and the 2011 Bin Laden raid. Trump is a manufacturer par excellence of fake news and assorted garbage:
Trump's sick theories cont.
-Puerto Rico death toll fake
-Mail balloting is fraudulent
-Cruz's Dad in on JFK murder
-Obama born Kenya
-Obama linked to Orlando nightclub massacre
-Vaccines = autism
-Climate change a Chinese hoax
Trump's sick theories cont.
-Vaccines = autism
-Climate change a Chinese hoax
-400-lb guy might have meddled - not Putin
-Millions of illegals voted in 2016
-he saw 1000s of Muslims in NJ celebrating 9/11
-Clintons in on deaths of Vince Foster & Jeffrey Epstein
...Ad nauseam
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15 Oct
One of our greatest presidents: Dwight D. (“Ike”) Eisenhower - born this day in 1890. The 34th president, he served 1953-61. The last of 12 generals to become president (more) Image
A 2017 @cspan survey of historians ranked Eisenhower the 5th greatest president. His greatest quality: "Moral Authority" (4th); worst: "Vision/Setting an Agenda" (16th - still very good) Image
President Eisenhower’s grave in his hometown of Abilene, Kansas (and First Lady Mamie). His presidential library/museum are worth a visit. Great privilege for WWR's Paul Brandus to have lectured there (Photo/WWR) Image
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4 Oct
Trump's doctor (Conley) acknowledges withholding important info about the president's condition yesterday - because he wanted to maintain an "upbeat attitude." He admits his answers "came off that we were trying to hide something"
It's not like the info Conley deliberately omitted Saturday was insignificant: It concerned alarming drops in the President's oxygen levels. Says it happened twice; he won't say how low Trump's oxygen levels dropped. Also wouldn't comment on possible lung damage
While Trump's doctor wouldn't say how low the president's oxygen levels fell, chief of staff Meadows. on Fox, said those levels "dropped rapidly." He claims Trump has made "unbelievable improvements" from Saturday
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3 Oct
It's a privilege (and thrill!) for WWR's Paul Brandus to have followers in 172 countries - thank you so much. Where in the world are you, and what are you doing? Will give you a shoutout on this Saturday (or Sunday, depending on where you are)
@Ricketts382 (Michigan)
@ParanoidBanoid (Albania)·
@Opheliaisntdead (Italy)
@justicedesserts (Windsor, Ontario)
@bgbowen45 (“in Canada”)
@Adam__Ferguson (Northern Ireland)
@BLKGirlFound (Paris)
@Whenadooropens (“right smack in the middle of the USA)
Hello! And thank you -Paul
@FightRooskies (DC)
@cbergantino20 (Fla. Gulf Coast)
@JesseBeatty ("Home state of 38")
@blustabensuppe (Germany)
@OddSocksAlex (England, knitting socks)
@lechatsavant (Ohio)
@kodix (Madrid)
@snowkidind (“Southeast Asia”)
Hello! And thank you -Paul
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3 Oct
This Day, 1789: The first presidential proclamation. George Washington, at the request of Congress, designated November 26 as a day of national Thanksgiving. Here's how it appeared in newspapers:
President Lincoln with his on-again, off-again commander of the Army of the Potomac: Gen. George McClellan. Antietam, this day, 1862
Some presidents are thin-skinned and lack a sense of humor. One president who was NOT like this was Harry Truman. Cartoonists made fun of him all the time; the man from Independence knew that just went with the job. Here he jokes with them - this day in 1949
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3 Oct
A delicate matter:
What were to happen if the president - for whatever reason - could no longer fulfill his duties? It's frankly a mess - a situation that we have never been in before. Here is a mini-thread:
1) the candidate's party, in this case the Republican Party, would have to quickly name a replacement to run for president. Presumably that would be VP Pence.
2) but many people have already voted, many ballots have already gone out - and they show Pence to be the VP candidate
3/ Legally there would presumably be quite a ruckus over what to do about ballots that say "Mike Pence for VP." Maybe some states would allow such ballots to be counted, others, perhaps not. It is an extraordinary situation
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