1. Georgia Senator David Perdue levied a racist attack against Kamala Harris, intentionally mispronouncing and mocking her name.

This thread will have a list of recent corporate donors to Perdue's campaign.

Follow along if interested.

2. On September 30, 2020, @Facebook donated $2500 to Perdue's campaign. The company has donated a total of $7500 to Perdue this cycle.
3. On August 25, 2020, @Deloitte donated $2500 to Perdue's campaign. The company has donated a total of $10000 to Perdue this cycle.
4. On August 25, 2020, @McDonalds donated $2500 to Perdue's campaign. The company has donated a total of $5000 to Perdue this cycle.
5. On September 30, 2020, @Walmart donated $2500 to Perdue's campaign. The company has donated a total of $14000 to Perdue this cycle.
6. On September 30, 2020, @StateFarm donated $1000 to Perdue's campaign. The company has donated a total of $10000 to Perdue this cycle.
7. On September 30, 2020, @Target donated $1000 to Perdue's campaign. The company has donated a total of $11000 to Perdue this cycle.
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9. The kicker is that Purdue has not apologized. Instead his campaign spokesman issued a statement saying Purdue's mispronounciation was an accident and he "meant nothing by it."

How dumb does he think people are? It's on video.

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15 Oct
1. Yesterday, I detailed some of the many problems with the NY Post story about Hunter Biden's laptop. It's completely implausible tale.

But it is also just smoke and mirrors to obscure a larger truth about what's going on.

Let's get back to basics.
2. Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, gave a right-wing tabloid a cache of emails allegedly stolen from Joe Biden's son.

Full stop.

Forget about the wacky story of how Giuliani obtained the emails

This is Trump leveraging stolen materials for his benefit

3. Guiliani is the one engineered this implausible story about the computer repair shop.

We know he was looking for dirt on Hunter.

And we know he regularly interacted with a Ukrainian lawmaker sanctioned by the U.S. for being an active Russian agent
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15 Oct
1. The media routinely ignores conduct from Trump that would be debilitating for any other presidential candidate.

In recent days Trump has promoted an unhinged theory that Biden ordered the murder of Navy SEALs

I looked into how the media covered it

Follow along if interested
2. Biden, according to this theory, gave the order to shoot down a Navy SEAL helicopter as part of a scheme to cover-up that the killing Osama bin Laden in 2011 was faked.

Trump has twice promoted this theory to tens of millions of followers on Twitter

3. Accusing your opponent of orchestrating the murder of US troops seems pretty newsworthy. But it's been ignored by major outlets.

Associated Press: No coverage.

USA Today: No coverage.

WSJ: No coverage.

ABC News: No coverage.

CBS News: No coverage.

NBC News: No coverage.
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14 Oct
1. I'm going to go through a few issues with the NY Post article on Biden, which I won't link to, but you will probably see on Twitter today.

Follow along if interested.
2. First the information comes from a laptop that was allegedly "dropped off at a repair shop in Biden’s home state of Delaware" and never picked up.

The "shop owner," who is not identified, "couldn’t positively identify the customer as Hunter Biden"
3. The "shop owner" thinks it was Hunter Biden because of a Beau Biden sticker on the laptop.

This makes no sense. You drop off an expensive Mac laptop at a repair shop and don't leave your name or contact information?
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14 Oct
1. Clarence Thomas wrote an unusual opinion released Tuesday that's worth your attention

Thomas argues that courts are giving tech platforms like Facebook overly broad legal immunity

He says the Supreme Court should take a case to rein it in

2. Thomas says Section 230 protects platforms from liability from unknowingly failing to remove illegal content, once the platform becomes aware of the content, it can be held liable

This change could make platforms more responsive to user reports

3. Thomas also says section 230 protects platforms that decide to remove content, but only when it's done in good faith. Now tech companies are protected whenever they remove content, even if the plaintiff alleges the purpose is racially discriminatory

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13 Oct
1. As the election heads into its final stretch, Sinclair, the largest operator of television stations in the US, is amplifying Trump's misinformation about mail-in voting.

Many of Sinclair's affiliates are located in key states, including OH, FL, and TX

2. This week, dozens of Sinclair affiliates uncritically amplified Trump's claim that a clerical error in one Ohio county proved the entire election was "rigged."

3. Here's how the exact same story was covered by a local station that is NOT owned by Sinclair: "Why Trump’s claim of a rigged Franklin County, Ohio election doesn’t add up."

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12 Oct
1. There is a tradition in the media to "balance" the coverage between candidates. That's why journalists, with the encouragement of GOP operatives, have turned Biden's reluctance to take a definitive position on expanding the court into a "scandal"

2. It would be great to know what Biden plans to do, if elected, with the court but did you know Trump has released NO POLICIES WHATSOEVER FOR HIS 2ND TERM?

Trump's website doesn't have a policy section!

The GOP didn't bother making a platform

3. The same Republicans who are saying Biden is contemplating an unprecedented radical act by expanding the court explicitly argued we should shrink the court to 8 or less if Hillary Clinton won in 2016

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