Day 1 - Shailputri Mata

Shaiputri maa is worshiped just after the Ghatasthapana process.

Shailaputri is a Sanskrit name which means the daughter of the mountain Shaila means Mountain, Putri means Daughter

Maa Durga had taken birth in the home of the Parvat Raj Himalaya (Raja
of the Himalayas) Hence, this incarnation of hers got the name Shailputri.

The name of the King of the Himalayas was Hemavana. Hence, she also got the name Hemavati.
In her previous birth, she was the wife of Shivji & putri of Raja Daksha. So, she also has names like sati. Once,Raja Daksha organized a big Yajna event. He didn’t invite Shivji. But, Sati couldn’t resist it and she arrived there. During the Yajna, Daksha insulted Shivji. She
could not take it and jumped into the fire of Yajna. Later, she took birth in the home of Mountain deity as Parvati & married Shivji again.
Shailputri  Mata governs the planet Moon in astrology. Worshiping her can eliminate all the bad effects of Moon.


ॐ देवी शैलपुत्र्यै नमः॥

वन्दे वाञ्छितलाभाय चन्द्रार्धकृतशेखराम्।
वृषारुढां शूलधरां शैलपुत्रीं यशस्विनीम्॥
स्तुति : 

या देवी सर्वभू‍तेषु माँ शैलपुत्री रूपेण संस्थिता। नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नम:॥

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Source - panchang. astrosage

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18 Oct
Day 2 - Brahmacharini Maa

In this avatar, Durga Maa embodies tapa.The name Brahmacharini is derived from two words “Brahma” refers to "Tapa" so Brahmacharini means Tapacharini so “Charini” means one who performs the tapa

Durga Maa took birth as the daughter of the King Himavan ImageImage
She was name as Parvati.

Under the guidance of Devrishi Narada Muni, she practiced hard penances to be a soul mate of Shivji.For more than thousands yrs she only had fruits and dry leaves therefore eating only this she slept on the floor of the forest under an open sky Image
for years in order to successfully complete her tapa. Thus, she earned name Tapascharini or Brahmacharini which means one who follows the path of Tapa.

Finally she gave up eating fallen leaves as well & continued her tapa without food and water due to thousands of years of tapa Image
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18 Sep
अंग्रेजी का रिलीजन शब्द सनातन धर्म से थोड़ा भिन्न है रिलीजन से विश्वास का भाव सूचित होता है और विश्वास परिवर्तित हो सकता है l किसी को एक विशेष विधि में विश्वास हो सकता है और वह इस विश्वास को बदल कर दूसरा ग्रहण कर सकता है लेकिन सनातन धर्म उस कर्म का सूचक है जो बदला नहीं जा सकता l
उदाहरणार्थ ना तो जल से उसकी तरलता विलग की जा सकती है ना अग्नि से ऊष्मा विलक की जा सकती है ठीक इसी प्रकार जीप से उसके नित्यकर्म को विलग नहीं किया जा सकता, सनातन धर्म जीव का शाश्वत अंग है एवं जब हम सनातन धर्म के विषय में बात करते हैं तो हमें श्रीपाद रामानुजाचार्य के प्रमाण को मानना
चाहिए कि उसका ना तो आती है ना अंत जिसका आदि और अंत ना हो वह सांप्रदायिक नहीं हो सकता क्योंकि उसे किसी सीमा से नहीं बांधा जा सकता जिसका संबंध किसी संप्रदाय से होता है, सनातन धर्म को भी सांप्रदायिक मानने की भूल करेंगे किंतु यदि हम इस विषय पर गंभीरता से विचार करें और आधुनिक विज्ञान
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22 Jul
Did you know this Great personality?

I m sharing this because it an Inspirational story & we all know our media will never show this

A journey from a Dishwasher to Padma Shri Award..!

Meet Haldar Nag of Orissa he is 67 years old who is a famous poet of Koshi Bhasa.The special
thing is that all the poems and 20 epics that he has written so far, he remembers
Now, a compilation of his writings in Sambalpur University, Haladhar Granthwali 2 will be made part of the syllabus He lives a very simple life he wears white Dhoti gamcha and he never wears any
footwears too.

He received the Padma Shri award from the president last year. Twenty years ago, he would not have been able to write a poem but now his verses are going to be pa the syllabus for students at Odisha's Sambalpur University. Ironically, he never completed schooling
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22 Jul
▪Saraswati Mata represents Intelligence, Consciousness, Cosmic knowledge, Creativity, Education, Enlightenment, Power, and "Divine knowledge."

The four arms represent sides to human personality in learning: mind, intellect, alertness, and ego, by one interpretation.

1} Divine
knowledge is represented by the book in one hand;

2) The power of meditation and spirituality by the garland of crystal;

3) Perfection of all arts and sciences, also music, by the veena.

4) The pot of sacred water represents purity and the power to purify human thought, and
also creative powers.

A 'white swan', hamsa - or a peacock - is placed next to her feet. In India, the swan traditionally represents judicious discernment, or discrimination, and also discerning between the abiding and the fleeting. It culminates in divine discernment through a
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18 May
▪Rani Durgavati was a Chandel Rajput. She was born at the Kalinjar fort, Banda, Uttar Pradesh. Chandel Rajputs were the builders of the beautiful city of Khajurao,which had 85 magnificent temples, of which 22 still survive.

She inherited the Gond Kingdom after her husband,
Dalpat Shah died in 1550 A.D. As Vir Narayan, her son was too young at that time, Durgavati took the reins of the Gond kingdom in her hands.. Baj Bhadur after ascending the throne of Malwa in 1556 A.D., attacked the Gond kingdom but his army was routed. His defeat was so decisive
that he never dared attack Rani Durgavati’s kingdom ever again.

Thereafter, in 1564 A.D., the Mughal Emperor, Akbar decided to invade Rani’s kingdom and sent a cavalry of 50,000 with heavy artillery, under the command of Abdul Mazid Khan.
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9 May
● Maharana Pratap -The Great Patriot

History is full with stories of courage and honour about leaders those who were rich of material resources,but it’s rare to find a leader like Maharana Pratap and his loyal followers who had only hardships to offer.The name “Maharana Pratap”
has always been held in great honour and respect. Maharana Pratap has always been projected as the premier of patriotism, freedom and independence.

Rana Pratap was born to father Maharana Udai Singh II and mother Maharani Javantha Bai Songara on 9th May 1540, (Jyestha Sudi),
third day of Vikram Era 1597 in Ardh Naksatra. Though born at Kumbhalgarh fort, some historians believe it to be “Juni Kacheri” near Pali District. His birth was considered auspicious and predictions were made about the Glory he will bring to the clan. His education was worthy of
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