Ever since David Chalmers formulated the "hard problem" in consciousness studies, this debate gained importance in scientific inquiry. Both sides (physicalist view & primacy of consciousness) have prominent voices. Premature for @AbhijitChavda to dismiss either side flippantly.
This is a key area of Western digestion of Indian thought:
- Leibniz being considered origin of theory
- Panentheism being credited to Hartshorne though he got it from studying Jiva Goswami
- Panpsychism credited to numerous Westerners is a digested form of Saguna Brahman.
My 2nd new book coming in January (not related to SNT book) discusses where this debate is headed - not where I want.
A subsequent series of books planned for later 2021 discusses the digestion of seminal Indian ideas in this field, i.e. colonization of the discourse.

• • •

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30 Sep
I don’t dismiss any method taught by gurus. But I comment only on ones I practiced. TM mantra is designed to self-dissolve & leave hyper-alert state WITHOUT content. Tremendous creative insights flow spontaneously from para-level, but don’t ruin it with conceptual intervention.
Prana-based techniques also good. But are less deep as they are at energy level, but they can LEAD one to deeper pasyanti-level and eventually even beyond.
Japa and all Vaikhari-level/loud sound like Bhajans are good starting point especially when emotionally disturbed. Help calm the cognitive machinery to be able to start other practices.
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18 Sep
How many times will you need to be told: I DONT CARE 2 HOOTS TO SCALE NEW HEIGHTS like you crave to do.
I ALREADY scaled heights before my mid-1990s shift to this cause, more than you or any of these ppl here ever will. I LEFT the world you call “heights” long back.
Nor is there ANY INTEREST TO ACCEPT ANY POSITION IN ANY ORGANIZATION. So who do you think I ought to impress?Do you get it or still not?🙏
My purpose is quest for complex higher truths that I am being guided toward, and then articulate them forcefully. If truth pisses off all of you it’s still the truth & that means bigger success than sucking up to the mediocrity.🙏
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18 Sep
.The problem w our society @Tarunvijay ji is leaders pampering grown up hale & hearty youth as if they are kids being coddled, instead of strictness & demanding high standards of tapasya. I find this w gurus, political netas, & across civic society. Breeding mediocrity.
. I have 50yrs direct lived experience inside many countries. The competitive ones in modern kurukshetra have tough, resilient, rugged ppl. The losers are emotionally weak, seeking shelter from reality by going into denial. Why did India end up here?
.It was Subhash Bose vs Gandhi clash to define the nation’s DNA. Had Bose prevailed we would have tough character like Chinese after Mao. Unlike the “my beta” approach of privilege. Leadership has failed the youth in delivering them a future; now covering up with hugs.
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26 Aug
SHOCKING! San Francisco passes resolution against India’s Citizenship Amendment Act. Are @MEAIndia & Sangh Parivar’s US affiliates sleeping?
via @YouTube
Wise folks see this & dig deeper to discover that BI Forces behind it are are ones supporting @KamalaHarris. This is RELEVANT. Fools say things like who cares? Don’t bother. Go back to sleep. See the comments & know how many r sleeping & only interested in feel-good dose.
.i know many high level donors investing in @KamalaHarris who do not want to lobby against BI Forces and Hinduphobia. They want to use influence to get some appointment for their children in the Biden-Harris govt. Some of these r celebrated in Delhi power structure.
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13 Aug
GAME CHANGER! China hiring large numbers of Gurkhas from Nepal to create several mountain divisions for Chinese army. Gurkhas are great for mountain warfare where Chinese are weak. Will be deployed across the Himalayas & Central Asia by 2024.
India’s response is???
India’s biggest Himalayan blunder in recent years is to lose Nepal. With US out of Afghan the Taliban takeover is a matter of time. China-Pak Axis has Afghan, Iran, Nepal, Tajik. NORTHWEST NIGHTMARE!
China-Nepal defense treaty is likely, similar to India-Bhutan treaty. Will put Chinese army in Nepal.
Also investments to harness water from the melting snow - hydroelectric power for Nepal & water pumped north to China. India will lose nepal water flowing to UP etc.
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12 Aug
In USA, identity is a mixture of: race, ethnicity/language, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, etc.
Each person can choose own identity, even switch, and its up to the given community to accept the person or not.
Blackness and Whiteness identities are negotiable
.There is identity that the person wants/claims for himself. Then there is identity as others see him. These might be different.
.Indians have something similar. -Tamilians migrated to Mumbai & settled in a large colony I have visited & spoken at their college. They claim Maharashtrian or dual identity, know Marathi.
-Saraswat Brahmins left Kashmir settled in Blore & speak Kannada.
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