When Keigo joins the League, of course they have to haze him. Make him prove his loyalty. Show how dedicated he is to serving each and every one of them.

They choose his body, of course. He lies back on a table and someone ties his ankles to the table’s legs, forcing
his thighs apart while a thick curtain drapes over his belly, leaving just his sex exposed.

Then they take turns breeding him. He doesn’t get to see who’s fucking him, only to feel as one big cock slides into him after another, each thrusting into his warm, welcoming cunt
and occasionally thumbing at his dick, which is harder than it has any right to be. He doesn’t want to be enjoying this—it should be just a job, just another thing he’s doing, but there are so many hands toying with him and voices keep promising him that they’ll give him
what he’s craving. Use him /properly/, for once, so he never has to doubt that he’s desired. God, who’s inside him now? Someone’s fucking him, stretching him, and even when he squirms he’s only held down and shushed. It could be Twice, he seems like the most gentle—
but the thrusts are dominating, hard, slamming against his ass and thighs until they tingle with redness. Or is it Shigaraki, the king taking what belongs to him? Masked Mr. Compress, rubbing the fat head of his dick through the folds? Keigo wonders absently if it could be
Toga the shapeshifter, using one of her comrade’s blood to exact her authority over him—something sharp presses against his thigh almost the instant he thinks it, and his hips arch in sudden need. When did he start enjoying this? Getting fucked like a whore, unable to see who’s
using him as a cumdump, doing nothing but taking out their pleasure inside his pussy and leaving it creamed and ready for the next one. He cums almost on accident and there’s laughter from all around, before another dick slams home and he screams, back arching hard.
So good...he never knew it could feel so good to be used and abused like this. Again and again, each of them as relentless as the last. The burning-hot hands that sear his thighs must belong to the scarred arsonist, Dabi, but what about the cool touch that soothes them away?
Who spanks his swollen cock when he feels cum dripping out of him? Whose nails scratch red lines onto his thighs, and whose thumbs dig into his hipbones when another orgasm rips out of him, unloading deep inside his cunt with a groan? He doesn’t know, can’t tell,
and by the end, he sobs and begs and pleads for all of them in turn.

At least when he’s finally untied and lifted, limp and exhausted, someone whispers in his ear that he made it in.

• • •

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More from @rowanafterdark

17 Oct
It doesn’t take Keigo very long to notice it, but it does take him a while to do something about it. Dabi...doesn’t care much about his own pleasure, not in the actual fact of it. He acts as though he does, certainly. Wears a facade of selfishness like armor, even when they’re
chest-to-chest, breath-to-breath. But he never allows Keigo’s touch to linger on his skin, and even when he puts the hero on his knees, it’s more about making him submit and crack in all the right ways than it is about Dabi reveling in his own pleasure.

Which Keigo would like.
Dabi getting off on getting him off is one thing; it’s not precisely service topping, but he gets it. It’s another thing completely for him to avoid the topic of his body, his wants, his needs beyond the simple end of orgasm.

(Dabi cumming is great, don’t get him wrong.
Read 28 tweets
21 Aug
Dabi has largely lived his life apart from sex. Not hard, when about half your face is burned off, and your body is 'unresponsive' at the best of times, and actively painful at the worst. There was no one he trusted, no one he was interested in, and the topic just
never really came up in his life. He knew the absolute basics--penis, vagina, baby--but outside of that, the whole thing was a mystery to him and one he was content to leave that way.

Until he began dating Kai. For a while, Kai made no real moves either, unaware of Dabi's
inexperience and waiting in a gentlemanly fashion for him to be ready. Better to let him take the lead, or so Kai thought, so he didn't push too many of the younger man's boundaries too soon.

Yet Dabi began to feel...oddly around him, sometimes. Like the day Kai spilled coffee
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