Wish you all a very happy Navratri!
Day 1: Shailaputri / Parvati (Daughter of the Mountain): She is the consort of Shiva who was born as Sati in her previous life where she immolated herself when Shiva was humiliated by her father Daksh Prajapati. So, Parvati symbolizes love and dedication.
Day 2: Brahmacharnini (The Tapasvi): She is depicted as a monastic goddess in Hindu scriptures. Her meditative form represents the severe Tapasya undertaken by Sati and then Parvati.
Day 3: Chandraghanta: She is depicted as a fierce 10-armed Goddess, roaring in anger. During a great battle between gods and the demons, the sound vibrations produced by her bell took the lives of the enemies. She is worshipped as the Goddess of War and fierceness.
Day 4: Kushmanda: Kushmanda is made of three other words ‘Ku' (little), ‘Ushma' (warmth or energy) and ‘Amnda' (egg) which means the one who created the universe as the “Little Cosmic Egg” with energy and warmth. She represents the creative power of the feminine.
Day 5: Skandmata: Skandamata is seen carrying little Kartikay on her lap. Kartikay is also known as Skanda, hence giving the goddess the name of Skandamata. This avatar captures the dimension of feminine motherhood.
Day 6: Katyayini: Katyayini is the avatar of Durga who is said to have defeated Mahishasura. According to ancient legends, she was born to Sage Katyayana in the Katya lineage and was hence named Katyayani. She represents the power that destroys evil.
Day 7: Kaalratri: She is etched as a four-armed deity who rides a donkey. She breathes fierce flames of fire, and lustrous rays emanate from her. Fierce on the outside, she symbolizes the shadow of the feminine power that can destroy and annihilate to make space for a new birth.
Day 8: Mahagauri is worshiped as the four-armed deity who rides on a bull. Lord Shiva, impressed by Parvati's deep penance, showered the holy water of the Ganga over her. The water washed off all the dirt and she regained her natural beauty and came to be known as Mahagauri.
Day 9: Siddhidatri is projected as a four-armed deity sitting calmly on a lotus. She also holds a lotus, mace, discus and a book. She signifies the ushering of knowledge and wisdom over ignorance. Siddhi in Sanskrit translates to accomplishment.
All of the graphics used in the post are by the artists Suttipong Koonkhuntod of Thailand and Zacky Ram from Indonesia

Here are their profiles on Devian Art
1. Suttipong (deviantart.com/suttipong729)
2. Zacky (deviantart.com/zackyram12)

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