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17 Oct, 5 tweets, 1 min read
so when does the NBA season start. lookin forward to me watchin some HOOP
I like it when the really tall man SLAMS DUNK the basketball into the hoop. now thats a sport

whom do you think will win the coveted NBAS CHAMPIONSHIP my pick goe’s to the team that’s got Kareem
waht channel is it going to be on. I don’t wanna to miss a single exiting moment of the 2020 NBA season. it’s fan-tastic
I especially like watching how one guy feeds another guy ‘the rock’*. beautiful

*no its not literally a rock it’s a ball. calling it a rock shows the deep familiarity that I as a 5’6” accountant have with the hip inner city jargon of this sport
sorry I dunno why I’m hatin either

• • •

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17 Oct
A lot of localities evidently hide behind ‘CDC guidelines’ that they published as to when it’s ‘safe’ to do this or that. Those guidelines include a metric for daily positivity (testing) rate. Does that metric account for the false-positive rate inherent to the test?
If not, we will have set up a system where we have decided we ‘can’t’ open this and that until a number with an inherent noise-rate averaging X goes below X/2. A ‘benchmark’ that can, and will, never be reached.
If that’s the case (and I sincerely don’t know) then I can only say I am Opposed To More Testing. In fact, I would want as little testing as possible. Not because I don’t see the value of testing for pandemic control, but because (in that case) people have setup retarded metrics.
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16 Oct
Bloomberg promotes this opinion piece (which I can't read, paywall, and don't wanna bother using real Bloomberg to find it) with phrases like 'Ending Covid-19 by Letting Everybody Catch It Is a Terrible Idea'.

This is the kind of straw man idiocy that characterizes Team Lockdown
This whole 'debate' is like two sides shouting at cartoons instead of, at least, shouting at each other

How exactly is the Barrington approach about 'letting everybody catch it'?

How exactly does Lockdown (or whatever Team Fight The Virus wants) 'not letting' people catch it?
Under the approach of 'Not Letting' people catch it, millions of people have caught it.

Team Lockdown (I'm just gonna call them that) pretends their strategy has a perfection which it doesn't, then faults other strategies for falling short of that perfection.
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15 Oct
As usual, herd immunity and targeted measures that acknowledge tradeoffs are deemed to fall short of a utopian and perfect approach that exists only in peoples’ heads, failing to clear hurdles that for some reason Lockdown 4ever is never required to.
From the statement

“so-called herd immunity approach, which suggests allowing a large uncontrolled outbreak in the low-risk population”

This misleading framing implies that Lockdown ‘doesn’t allow’ outbreaks, but that’s false. It just pushes outbreaks mostly into working-class.
“Uncontrolled transmission in younger people risks significant morbidity(3) and mortality across the whole population.”

Younger cohorts suffer the least mortality. Effectively pushing infections elsewhere first can only raise overall mortality. This is just basic math.
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29 Sep
Bret Weinstein:

1. ‘I don’t understand the rebellion against masks’

2. ‘But some of the mask mandates (i.e. wearing them outside) are wrong’

so...exactly why don’t you understand the rebellion then Bret?
Why this constant motte-and-bailey switcheroo between some Platonic notion of ‘do masks help?’ pursued as an intellectual exercise purely for the love of knowledge, and the *actual experience* of Dumbass Mask Mandates, as they affect actual people
Hooray, yet another snide remark from a Smart Person who ‘doesn’t understand’ anti-mask POV, concedes in-passing (as if this is minor!) that some mask policies are Actually Dumb, as my elementary school age kid is forced to wear a ‘mask’ while running around a soccer field
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28 Sep
This is the kind of advice that Smart People like because it sounds Smart but is actually useless.

‘Get the virus under control’. Just do that. ‘Get’ it under control. That’s what The Government should just, like, do.

Is that possible? Doesn’t that matter? Not to Smart People.
Every Smart Person nods their head at ‘get the virus under control first’. Especially financebros. They’ve thought about it deeply and all of them know that everything else depends on ‘getting’ the virus under control. True! QED. So just decide to do that, and then do it.
Is ‘getting the virus under control’ an action, that you can say, with words?


Therefore, the government Can Do It.

How could there be an action relatable using words that The Government couldn’t simply decide to do and then do? That’s like saying the government isn’t God
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23 Sep
public schoolteachers really really do think they’re gonna keep their jobs but do them on zoom ‘until vaccine’

years and years possibly. possibly never

‘until vaccine’

parents are just gonna passively put their kids on zoom for years and years

‘until vaccine’
I’ve been told a zillion times that this ‘until vaccine’ thing is a total straw-man. ‘oh c’mon no ones saying until vaccine’

but then I see the Posts of teacher after teacher saying precisely that
‘but don’t make me go back to work when it’s Risky’

no one’s making you. don’t wanna? don’t go let someone else do it

‘but that forces me to choose b/t Risk and my job’

what happens to ur job when schools bleed funding because more and more parents get fed up and opt out
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