.@SenRonJohnson answers reporters’ questions ahead of Trump’s rally in Janesville.
Johnson, who recently came out of quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19, said he generally doesn't wear a mask when he is outdoors. He said the stiff wind would help prevent infections during Trump's rally.
"I don't think this is particularly dangerous at all," Johnson said.
Some at the rally are wearing masks, some aren't and some have them dangling from their chins.

“I refuse to wear a mask," one told me.

When asked why, he said, "Because I’m not a sheep and I’m not scared. It's their way to get control over us.”
The usual Trump soundtrack is in effect.

Johnson had to yell to be heard over the wind and "YMCA."

"Beat It," "My Way" and "Rocket Man" are all in rotation.
On stage, @RepBryanSteil asks the crowd how many have already voted, how many will vote early in person and how many will vote on Election Day.

Voting on Election Day by far gets the most cheers.
He urges the crowd to vote for area Republicans in the Legislature — Sen. Steve Nass and @RepAmy31.

“I want to make sure you vote up and down the ballot,” Steil says.
.@SenRonJohnson to the crowd:

“We’re often accused of being angry white males ... but where’s the anger? What I see is celebration.”
Johnson contends @JoeBiden supporters don’t love America.
Johnson says if Democrats win the Senate, they will end the filibuster.

“Everything that Bernie Sanders and AOC can dream up, they will pass,” he says.
Johnson contends Democrats will pack the Supreme Court, pass the Green New Deal, add DC and Puerto Rico as states and end the electoral college.
As he often does, Johnson urges Republicans to go out and each find 100 more votes for the GOP.
Trump just finished his rally in Muskegon, Mich.

Next stop: Janesville, Wis., where a crowd of thousands is waiting for him.
Here's more from @SenRonJohnson earlier today:

“We’re often accused of being angry white males or angry Republicans or angry conservatives. Where’s the anger? What I see, what I see is celebration, celebrating America, appreciating our flag, loving this country.”
.@SenRonJohnson (con't): "You know who doesn’t particularly like America? Joe Biden supporters. People who are taking to the streets. These are supposed to be peaceful protests that turn into riots and burn down buildings in places like Kenosha, Wisconsin.”
Trump is about to hit the ground in Janesville.

“Air Force One, you are clear to land.”
Trump, in MAGA hat, takes the stage.
Trump kicks off his rally discussing specialty milk and how it inspired him to get the USMCA.
Trump says he’s wearing the MAGA hat because of the stiff wind in Janesville.
He says he wishes Wisconsin had a Republican governor so the state would be more open.

Wisconsin is currently in the midst of a surge of COVID-19 cases.
Trump reminds the crowd that early voting begins Tuesday in Wisconsin.
“Oh how I have saved your suburbs.” — Trump
“It’s so unfair but we’re president and they’re not.” — Trump
Trump says @IlhanMN “hates our country.”

The crowd responds with “Lock her up! Lock her up!”
Trump is telling the Wisconsin crowd about successes in Michigan, where he spoke earlier today.

And: “We win Wisconsin, we win the whole ball game.”
“I wasn’t feeling so good. ... I wasn’t feeling like Superman.” — Trump, on having COVID.
He talks up the drugs he took for COVID and downplays the effects of the illness.

“Excuse me, I’m here,” he says.
Trump contends he saved Kenosha, says that he never thought the city would be an important part of his life but it is now.
“How the hell did I become president?” Trump jokes with the crowd.
Trump notes the recent unrest in Wauwatosa.

“Biden will appease the rioters and the anarchists ... and I’m having them arrested.”
“She was just terrible.” — Trump on @KamalaHarris’s debate performance
Trump claims he is going to make antibodies to fight COVID-19 available for free.
Trump is praising @nypost.
“What he’s doing on corruption is unbelievable,” Trump says of @SenRonJohnson, whose committee has been investigating @JoeBiden and his son.
Johnson takes the podium and praises Trump for criminal justice reform and helping him get his “right to try” bill passed.
“Don’t lose him!” Trump tells the crowd of Ron Johnson and notes he will be up for a third term in 2022.

Johnson once said he would not seek a third term but more recently has been weighing whether to run again, run for governor, or get out of politics.
Trump gives shout outs to @RepGrothman, @RepBryanSteil, @RepLaHood and @AndrewHittGOP.
“I’ll tell you what: Illinois could use a new governor.” — Trump
Trump says his son Barron had COVID-19 but got over it “in about 9 seconds.”
There is a substantial number of people at Trump’s rally who are not wearing masks, but virtually everyone behind the president and in the camera frame is wearing a mask.
On Foxconn, Trump says “they don’t want to invest with these people” in state government.

Wisconsin under @ScottWalker promised Foxconn up to $4 billion in taxpayer help. @GovEvers’ administration this week said Foxconn hadn’t created enough jobs to qualify for some subsidies.
More on Foxconn coming short of job targets, via @RicoReporting:

Trump touts Wisconsin dairy farmers. He asks how the industry is doing and (again) touts his response to tariffs on specialty milk.

The dairy industry has been in crisis in recent years because of low prices and trade wars.
Trump has wrapped up.
.@MollyBeck and I have a story here. Update coming soon:

In an interview with WTMJ-TV ahead of the rally, @realDonaldTrump said the event would be safe because it was outdoors.

“We give masks to everybody at the rally but the rallies again are outdoors,” Trump said.

Also in his interview with @CharlesBenson4, Trump said he would be willing to spend more than $2.2 trillion on the next stimulus.

Republicans who control the Senate have made clear they would never go for a measure that expensive. Trump claims he could persuade them.
In the WTMJ interview, Trump initially blamed the pandemic for Foxconn not coming through on its job pledges, even though the company failed to meet those promises even before the pandemic.

He said the company would come through on creating 13,000 jobs.
Trump on Foxonn:

“They will do -- when I tell them to do, they will do what’s supposed to be done because they did make promises.
Trump on Foxcon: “If they don’t meet the standards, you shouldn’t give them the tax credits...."
Trump on Foxconn, con't: "But they will end up being a great investment for your state. And they will put up a tremendous, a lot of money if, by the way, if I’m president. If Biden is president, nobody’s going to do anything. You’re going to end up in a depression.”
Foxconn, which promised to create up to 13,000 jobs, has created fewer than 300 that are eligible for subsidies, according to the state.

• • •

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15 Oct
In a @wispolitics forum, @SenatorRoth says Republicans may hold a lame-duck session to pass a prescription benefit management bill as well as other unspecified legislation.

He doesn't say whether they would vote down the mask requirement, as @Vanwanggaard says they will.
@wispolitics @SenatorRoth @Vanwanggaard Roth says he wants to meet because a March session day was canceled because of COVID-19.

"It would be nice to get those over the finish line," he says of legislation that would have been taken up that day.

He says a decision won't be made until after the Nov. 3 election.
Roth says he's upbeat on gaining seats this fall.

@SenBewley says there is no way Republicans will gain the three seats they would need to win a veto-proof majority.
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.@LWV_WI is pushing back against @repvos for calling the group liberal.

Two members of @LWV_WI are on @GovEvers's redistricting commission. More here: jsonline.com/story/news/pol…
The group lobbies the Legislature on numerous issues, including ones not related to voting, and has taken liberal stances on legislation related to tax cuts, school vouchers, abortion and environmental issues.
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8 Oct
Republicans are in court to end Wisconsin's mask mandate, but most won't talk about it bit.ly/2GFWudr -- via @MollyBeck, @ericlitke and me
State Sen. @Vanwanggaard says if the court case on ending @GovEvers' mask requirement doesn't go their way, Wisconsin Republicans will come into session soon after the Nov. 3 election to end the mandate.
Wanggaard said he would oppose a mask mandate under any circumstance, even if the COVID-19 outbreak grew 10 times worse.
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8 Oct
INBOX: Longtime conservative activist Bob Dohnal criticizes @AndrewHittGOP and GOP Waukesha Co Chair Terry Dittrich for their opposition to a post by GOP staffer Keith Best that they saw as demeaning to @KamalaHarris.

Dohnal: “GOP leaders develop some BALLS for once.”
He is responding to this story:

Dohnal is also critical of @journalsentinel and me for the story: “The Journal evidently doesn’t have Google on their computers to check it out.”
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7 Oct
Sen. Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) wants to end the public health emergency declared by @GovEvers because he views it as illegal.

The Legislature could vote down the emergency declaration. Nass blames @repvos, the Assembly's Republican speaker, for not doing so.
Nass said three people are responsible for a "constitutional crisis" in Wisconsin.

"They are Governor Tony Evers, DHS Secretary-Designee Andrea Palm and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos."
Nass: "Assembly Speaker Vos continues to enable the illegal conduct of this administration by blocking the Legislature from meeting to put an end to the improper emergency declaration and emergency orders issued under it."
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6 Oct
Partisan infighting handcuffs Wisconsin's ability to fight a surge of coronavirus cases jsonline.com/story/news/pol…
GOP lawmakers are urging a judge to strike down Wisconsin’s mask requirement, but have not come up with their own plan to fight coronavirus.

They’ll try to negotiate with @GovEvers on a new plan if the case goes their way, even though they have barely talked to him for months.
Asked what plan Republicans would put in place if a judge sides with them and strikes down onthe mask rule, @SenFitzgerald said:

“I’m not going to try to rattle a list off. To be quite honest I don’t know what those things would be because that’s what you would negotiate.”
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