@brexit_betrayed @GSV_RandomHouse @Matt77078292 @georgebernhard @WasOnceLoved @BojoNono @MDRounthwaite @JohnaverillJohn @ivorsawbottom @BBCkatyaadler Genuinely, thanks for answering the question, most don't bother. On your points, you're right about the CPA, while it is constantly reforming for the better, it's too slow. On your other points:
@brexit_betrayed @GSV_RandomHouse @Matt77078292 @georgebernhard @WasOnceLoved @BojoNono @MDRounthwaite @JohnaverillJohn @ivorsawbottom @BBCkatyaadler They all sound fine at surface level, but do you mind if I ask you to go a bit deeper? 1) What percentage of GDP is the fishing industry, and what is the expected net effect of making the changes you suggest, including tariffs on sales to EU, the biggest market?
@brexit_betrayed @GSV_RandomHouse @Matt77078292 @georgebernhard @WasOnceLoved @BojoNono @MDRounthwaite @JohnaverillJohn @ivorsawbottom @BBCkatyaadler 2) More accountability is always good. Can you give some specific examples of where the current system with the EU has led to unaccountability, and how that compares with the UK where, e.g. the government bypasses parliament and gives PPE contracts to its mates w/o competition?
@brexit_betrayed @GSV_RandomHouse @Matt77078292 @georgebernhard @WasOnceLoved @BojoNono @MDRounthwaite @JohnaverillJohn @ivorsawbottom @BBCkatyaadler 3) The EU has rules on State Aid precisely to protect free market principles (which are the opposite of state intervention). Can you give me an example of any UK government intervention to level up that has been thwarted by EU rules?
@brexit_betrayed @GSV_RandomHouse @Matt77078292 @georgebernhard @WasOnceLoved @BojoNono @MDRounthwaite @JohnaverillJohn @ivorsawbottom @BBCkatyaadler 4) Can you explain precisely what are the benefits of Freeports and the net effect on tax income? If everyone was allowed new Freeports, what prevents a race to the bottom by countries, resulting in less tax and fewer protections?
@brexit_betrayed @GSV_RandomHouse @Matt77078292 @georgebernhard @WasOnceLoved @BojoNono @MDRounthwaite @JohnaverillJohn @ivorsawbottom @BBCkatyaadler 5) "Taking back control of the £20B" (carefully worded since, net, it is less than £10B). Can you tell me how much £10B compares to the extra expected customs costs and also to all the services that we will now have to recreate such as medicine regulation?
@brexit_betrayed @GSV_RandomHouse @Matt77078292 @georgebernhard @WasOnceLoved @BojoNono @MDRounthwaite @JohnaverillJohn @ivorsawbottom @BBCkatyaadler 6) Can you explain what control we didn't have on borders? Any EU citizen who couldn't get a job could simply be removed from the UK. How will a points-based system help us to fill our low-paid positions, picking fruit or in care homes - major economic needs for us?
@brexit_betrayed @GSV_RandomHouse @Matt77078292 @georgebernhard @WasOnceLoved @BojoNono @MDRounthwaite @JohnaverillJohn @ivorsawbottom @BBCkatyaadler And do you think such controls make the UK more or less attractive to EU citizen doctors, for example, when considering where they want to live?
@brexit_betrayed @GSV_RandomHouse @Matt77078292 @georgebernhard @WasOnceLoved @BojoNono @MDRounthwaite @JohnaverillJohn @ivorsawbottom @BBCkatyaadler And finally on this one, what do you say to the youth of this country who no longer will have the opportunity to simply live, work and love in the EU?
@brexit_betrayed @GSV_RandomHouse @Matt77078292 @georgebernhard @WasOnceLoved @BojoNono @MDRounthwaite @JohnaverillJohn @ivorsawbottom @BBCkatyaadler 7) Which laws and regulations that the UK has wanted to bring in have been thwarted by the EU? What percentage of laws passed by the EU does the UK fundamentally disagree with?
@brexit_betrayed @GSV_RandomHouse @Matt77078292 @georgebernhard @WasOnceLoved @BojoNono @MDRounthwaite @JohnaverillJohn @ivorsawbottom @BBCkatyaadler 8) Can you give specific examples of how EU protectionism is preventing the UK from exploiting the 4th industrial revolution? And how does our capacity to do more compare with other countries such as US and China?
@brexit_betrayed @GSV_RandomHouse @Matt77078292 @georgebernhard @WasOnceLoved @BojoNono @MDRounthwaite @JohnaverillJohn @ivorsawbottom @BBCkatyaadler 9) Can you explain precisely how the FTA with Japan is better for the UK than the one we had with them through the EU? Or how we would get around the most favoured nation issue which makes it almost impossible to get better deals with countries with a FTA with the EU?
@brexit_betrayed @GSV_RandomHouse @Matt77078292 @georgebernhard @WasOnceLoved @BojoNono @MDRounthwaite @JohnaverillJohn @ivorsawbottom @BBCkatyaadler And for countries with no EU deal, can you tell me the expected increase in GDP in comparison with the GDP loss from losing the EU FTA?
@brexit_betrayed @GSV_RandomHouse @Matt77078292 @georgebernhard @WasOnceLoved @BojoNono @MDRounthwaite @JohnaverillJohn @ivorsawbottom @BBCkatyaadler 10) Can you explain precisely which EU human rights legislation is unreasonable and give any evidence that the UK government would replace it with something more progressive, rather than retrogressive?
@brexit_betrayed @GSV_RandomHouse @Matt77078292 @georgebernhard @WasOnceLoved @BojoNono @MDRounthwaite @JohnaverillJohn @ivorsawbottom @BBCkatyaadler To round this up, my concern is that on all but one of the points you mentioned (CAP) the situation is so complex that the seemingly attractive benefits you cite, on closer inspection, won't actually improve people's lives by much or even at all for some.
@brexit_betrayed @GSV_RandomHouse @Matt77078292 @georgebernhard @WasOnceLoved @BojoNono @MDRounthwaite @JohnaverillJohn @ivorsawbottom @BBCkatyaadler Sadly, whether they were genuinely mistaken or deliberately lying to manipulate people, the politicians responsible for Brexit have been proven wrong on just about every single thing they said, from 'easiest deal in history' to 'sunlit uplands'.
@brexit_betrayed @GSV_RandomHouse @Matt77078292 @georgebernhard @WasOnceLoved @BojoNono @MDRounthwaite @JohnaverillJohn @ivorsawbottom @BBCkatyaadler 'Project fear' was 'project cold hard reality' all along. And we will all suffer tremendously for it, whether we voted remain or leave. In July 2016, we all lost. It's just going to take an increasingly dwindling number of die hard leavers a little longer to realise it.

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