You every wonder why voter suppression is the holy grail of the GOP? Listen to Paul Weyrich explain it in 30 seconds in his own words - 40 years ago.
But wait there's more.

Weyrich is the co-founder of the Heritage Foundation, Moral Majority, Free Congress Foundation (now American Opportunity), and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC.)

Christianity is the vehicle used to promote and justify ideology and policy.
To be clear, the scope goes far beyond voter suppression. But without voting right, American citizens don't begin to have a chance to preserve and defend democracy, lives or livelihoods.

So let's be clear voting is not the first right, but it is the most important - bar none.
Listening to Weyrich, it's clear why the Christian right abhors voting rights, why the Heritage Foundation writes pseudo-intellectual material for justification, and why ALEC drafts unconscionable model legislation not just for voter suppression, but stand your ground... care, criminal sentencing and prison management, anti-immigration, anti-LGBTQI, anti-environment legislation for the states, and other policies.

Is there any wonder then why many private prison and immigration facilities are owned by so-called Christian conservatives?
Or, why while they claim to be doing prison reform, no substantive programmatic reforms ever occur, simply piecemeal things like a handful of exploited pardons? Or why republican run states fight so hard to resist restoring voting rights to individuals released from prison?
Those rightwing conservative organizations - and many others - are the animating force behind their ideology converted into action by policy and politics which have fractured Washington today. They have deep roots and are well funded.
But for as important as Washington is in our daily lives, much of the work - and much of the action of rightwing conservatism - occurs in the states. While Washington makes the most noise the majority of the policy and denial of rights is in the states.
This is why even though getting #BidenHarris2020 elected is critical, just as critical will be the state gubernatorial, legislative, attorney general and secretary of state elections, and congressional district races for at least the next 8-10 years.
The damage to our society today isn't just because there's a culture war promulgated by the conservative right. It's far more pervasive and ingrained into our society, including business and industry. It's their basic, fundamental mission. The culture war is part of the strategy.
In short it's the ability to rule by minority and control power and economics. It's just that simple...and complex.
It's hard to not sound conspiratorial, especially when discussing the rightwing of today, knowing that much or their practice as well as their strategy is the promulgation and proliferation of conspiracy to convolute the conversation.
But let's not be confused. All of the above is real. The above are functioning organizations with significant memberships and participation, and all or their policies and politics have been on full display before our eyes and effecting our lives.
And they are organized. There are branches and divisions with multiple organizations coordinated to develop and promote policies in every discrete are of conservative concern from the local level through the federal level, like branches on a tree including:
Electioneering and Voter suppression
Tax and Fiscal policy
Health Care
Judges and Justices

And so forth.
Therefore the left needs to understand that neither Trumpism nor conservatism are going away even with historic wins in 2020.

The question is, where is the comparable vision, strategy, organization, coordination on the left?
Furthermore, Even though Never Trumpers have their own mission to eliminate trump, many - if not most - still believe in the conservative tenets laid out above. So we on the left cannot be naïve, lazy, complacent, arrogant, or inattentive. Nothing can be taken for granted.
It will require years, even decades to repair the damage. Therefore, every election from now on has to be take as seriously as 2020. And we have to adopt a long range organized strategy for the future just like the republicans have had for decades.
If we don't, and we allow ourselves get caught up with the victories then revert to factional fighting and looking out for the interest of just our piece of the coalition, conservativism will rear it's ugly head again just like it did in 2010 that we're still suffering from now.
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20 Oct

We can't just let this go by.

The republicans who voted against convicting Trump have all been caught. America really needs to stop and consider that, because the current criminal scandal is far bigger and more profound than just Rudi Giuliani and the Biden laptop.
During impeachment, they all pretended there was nothing to see, nothing that linked Rudy or Trump to any sort of Russian plot concerning the Bidens despite, all of the information presented, all of the testimony provided by people within the administration,...
...Trump's own words, and the fact that Rudy was sent to Kiev for precisely for that propose. Now that Rudy has been caught in the middle of the laptop freak show, the republicans have been proven dead wrong.
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19 Oct
Just in case they for got, this is a reminder of how the GOP got Trump. Like Grover Norquist said in 2012, they didn't need a president to give them direction. They just wanted one to be essentially a rubber stamp.
They though that's what they got in Trump. Why? Because the GOP assumes everyone is more stupid than them.…
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16 Oct
I saw a post earlier today that's been on my mind. I wish I remembered where I saw it so I could quote it properly and credit that individual properly, because it was critical and on point. But to paraphrase, it said that the long lines that we see for voting is not a victory.
While it's a testament to our commitment and determination to vote despite the obstacle, it is a clear indicator that the obstacles are there. It's a reminder that voter suppression is alive and strong. We can't just settle for the big numbers. We much fight for change.
There is nothing in the world I want more that for everyone in America eligible to vote to actually vote. But as @cornellbelcher just reminded, power concedes nothing.
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14 Oct
There's no need for these to exist. So, America needs to end them.

While the agents behind them claim constitutionality and constitutional rights, their reality tend to be anti-constitutional, anti-republicanism, and antidemocratic in letter, spirit and purpose.
All of them exist in some for as organizations and corporations under the guise that corporate entities having the same 14th amendment rights and protections as people. Yet they all are tax sheltered from the government - which is a right that individuals do not have.
So perhaps ending the concept of corporations being people and ending the tax protections that corporations and organizations receive should be item 0. on the list, and part of the predicate and basis for their elimination.
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12 Oct
For my fellow brethren and sisters:

This has happened a few times, so I need to address it.

This the most important election of or lifetimes. Black people in general know that, especially black women. But, black men know it, too.
It is a fact that we - black people - have been the single most loyal, reliable, and steady coalition of the democratic party bar none, and we have been for decades. I and we KNOW what it means to focus as individuals and as a group when it comes to political action.
I know of what I speak. Our very survival as black people has depended on it, and still does.
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12 Oct

I want to - need to - stop here and pay special attention to @LindseyGrahamSC for a moment. He seems to believe that somehow it's unfair that so much money is coming in from around the country against him. But he tries to pretend that he doesn't understand why.
Here's why:

He is the Senate Judiciary Committee Chair. That committee doesn't serve just South Carolina but the entire nation. It's a fact that he's in charge of a senate process to pick a SCOTUS justice that affects us all - the entire country - and will for decades to come.
He is perfectly willing to push though a nominee that the majority of the nation rejects all for political purposes that do not serve the public in any way. Meanwhile, he doesn't believe that he should be held to account for his reprehensible actions and abuse of his office.
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