OF COURSE the @nypost Hunter Biden story is potentially flawed and a bit partisan. But, is that the new standard for censorship, as re Trump's tax returns, the Steele Dossier, "Russiagate," etc? The issue is the deployment of fake morality to cover up glaring double standards.
(2) This is the basis for frequent critiques of the media from ~every right-leaning pundit or soci-sci. NO, I don't think the right is much more moral than the left. But, I'm amazed by the total memory-holing of stories like "Spygate" or the Reade/Broderick/etc. rape allegations.
(3) This isn't s/t we're making up. Absurd stories circulate freely and globally, if they make the right (or actual CLASS-focused left) look bad. Remember the pe tape? The pre-Mueller report allegations Big Orange was a literal Russki asset? Him screaming "nig*ger," per Omarosa?
(4) This goes beyond politics. 75% of police shooting victims are not Black (washingtonpost.com/graphics/inves…). They receive ~10% of coverage. Inter-racial crime is 80% B-on-W (bjs.gov/content/pub/pd…) it is presented as the exact opposite. And so forth. Don't go off-grid, but be awake.
(5) I'll add my usual caveat here: serious inter-racial crime is ALSO 5% of crime - 600K violent B/W incidents as versus 12-20M serious crimes annually in our huge country (see above). Don't be terrified of ANYTHING, country(hu)man - but especially not what you're supposed to be.

• • •

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15 Oct
Long wonk/debate-prep thread: a VERY short list of the cultural characteristics that affect group success outcomes like income would have to include: median AGE, "illegitimacy"/fatherlessness rate, study culture (hours per day), region of residence (urban/rural, North/South)...
(2) geographic isolation/mountains, diet and health, traditional religion (are WOMEN educated?), number of kids per family and age of birth (long an issue for Catholics), strength of in-group ties, immigration status, grades expected by parents, rate of true literacy, etc.
(3) Contemporary racism, the ~uni-variate focus of many sociologists and not a few political scientists, is obviously ALSO a factor that can predict success. But, age, region, education, etc. must be adjusted for before gaps are simply attributed to it. Often, the gaps vanish.
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13 Oct
Probably the core CRT claim is that arguing that two groups can have different outcomes within the same environment for cultural reasons is "racist." That's crazy. The NBA is 70% Black not because of bias against white jocks, but because brothers play basketball more.
(2) More seriously, very measurable cultural factors like a present father, hours of study as vs TV daily, grades demanded by parents, "words heard" young, etc. largely predict academic performance at the individual and group level (McWhorter 2000; Ogbu 2003; Chua 2014)
(3) The next argument tends to be that all these variables just REFLECT (present day) racism. This also fails. The most successful groups in the country are a diverse mostly dark-skinned mix - Nigerians, Indians, Jews, Japanese Americans, West Indians - that ALL do these things.
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8 Sep
The near-universal problem with critical theories is that "disparities don't equal discrimination." Simply pointing to a gap between Blacks and Asians or men and women in terms of incarceration rates doesn't prove that the entire CJ system is biased: what are the CRIME rates?
(2) Using modern methods, we can test what actually causes gaps in (say) income, controlling for median age, region of residence, and study time/test scores AS WELL AS local or perceived discrimination. Very often, the NON-raced variables explain performance gaps entirely.
(3) Prejudice is real. But, in a 39% POC society where affirmative action exists and 80-90% of people aren't bigots, it's silly to automatically attribute disparities to skillfully hidden racism. The NBA is not majority Black because of widespread, low-key hatred for white jocks.
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18 Aug
Good for Black docs, and all that- but results like this are ~always the result of dubiously honest "backwards margin reporting." For example, a 99.9% survival rate under Black doctors and 99.6% SR under white ones CAN technically be spun as a "300% difference in survival rates."
*400% difference, actually.
My assumption here was pretty much correct: "Under the care of White physicians, the White newborn mortality rate is 290 per 100,000 births. Black mortality is estimated at 894 per 100,000 births." Having a Black doc closes the gap from ~600 to ~200 per 100,000 babies.
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2 Jan
#Racial_Thread So, first, there obviously is some racial prejudice in the United States: I don't know any serious 'Black conservative' who denies this. Even today ~ 8% of Americans say they wouldn't vote for a qualified Black President of THEIR party. news.gallup.com/poll/183791/su…
But, it is ALSO true that multiple trillion-dollar policies have been implemented in the USA specifically to counter racial prejudice. We forcibly desegregated the South back in 1954, passed the Civil Rights Act in 1964, and made PRO-MINORITY affirmative action the law in '67.
These policies worked. So, TODAY, when we adjust for "variables" other than race, we find that most gaps between races - usually attributed to racism - disappear. Just adjusting for age, region (North/South) and education OR test scores almost wipes out the B: W gap in earnings.
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