THEORY: The CCP wanted their guy ( bought and paid for ) to run in 2016
2016 was Hillary's year- she had stepped aside in 2008 with a massive payout from the Muslim brotherhood and a promise of the WH in 2016
Biden knew this. He used Hunter's addiction and "family problems..
as his excuse to not run.
Hunter was angry at this. He knew CCP had a blackmail file on him.
Pops had painted a target on his back. Why does he always get blamed?
Hillary doesn't win. Disaster. She was supposed to go easy on CCP on his behalf.
They have fucked up BIG TIME.
They placate the CCP with a promise to get Trump out of office.
Xi plays nice to Trump's face while colluding with Biden and others they own.
Nothing works. Biden announces he's running four days after the Ukraine call with Trump and Zalensky.
Another fire to put out
The walls are closing in.
Shelter from prosecution by becoming a political rival while also assuring the CCP he is keeping his end of the deal and they will soon own the WH.
Use the call to impeach. GET HIM OUT. Throw the kitchen sink at it and release the bio weapon ..
at the same time
Impeachment Fails.
But they have the ace card. The bio weapon and weaponisation of the CCP and Dem controlled Fake news and Social Media. Weaponise the compromised WHO. Drag the entire world into the coup through blackmail and bribery.
They didn't expect the world to wake up while on lockdown. With more time to research people who had friends or family that were into Q started looking into it more and waking up. We were there to guide them. We had done the groundwork.
We reached critical mass to see through the CYHNA virus hoax. Numbers not adding up. Trump trying to wake us up, media slamming him everytime he does.
More confirmation he is on our side.
Trump gets infected- this will justify military action against the CCP in the future
He survives. They have one more arrow in their quaver.
Voter Fraud en mass. Fake polling to justify. Media talking point " he won't concede, no peaceful transition of power"
CCP owned celebrity assets deployed.
Everyone taking orders from masta ( CCP)
RBG death. Nooo. They had the supreme court majority with compromised Justice Roberts.
ACB - A miracle that will rule fairly on voter fraud.
Things are not going to plan
And then 💥 HOO LEE FUCK
The CCP did not realise that through their plotting and scheming someone else had plotted too.
Hunter had enough. He had enough of the abuse, blackmail, being his mob boss father's scape goat.
He decided to blow the whistle. He dropped the laptop in knowing he wouldn't be picking it up.
May have even been prearranged to introduce the evidence this way.
He decided once and for all to do the right thing. Suicide himself to take them down.
The hard drives "fall" into the hands of one of the most loyal patriots in the country, Rudy Giuliani. Was Rudy made Trump's personal lawyer so they could discuss it all in private?
Client confidentiality.
His real purpose was special prosecutor on the Biden RICO case.
And here we are less than 3 weeks from the election and Rudy and Trump, two life long patriots that love the United States of America are going to expose the greatest crime spree in the history of the world.
It's going to be biblical
Where's Hunter ???

• • •

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