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Start of the bad Darnold thread-
This thread isn’t to kill Darnold but is to show fans who completely absolve Darnold of any blame. Some of these are missed pre snap reads (can blame some of that on Gase), hesitancy, eyes locked on reads, bad footwork, leaving the pocket too early and just flat out missed throws
Will also have a good Darnold thread but this is to put everything I've been seeing out onto the twittersphere
Darnold drops back reading right the entire time. Crowder gets open on the comeback from the slot but Darnold puts it too far to the outside. Not much drive off of that lead foot, pocket it a little muddy but plenty good enough to make this throw.
Darnold drops back reading left, feet super uneasy as they aren't transitioning through reads with his eyes. Pocket is pretty clean, jump throws to Crowder with a bad base and misses him too far to the outside. Left hand touches the ball but he needs to put this on Crowder.
Play- action, Darnold gets his eyes around reading right then middle, sees Perriman open on the over route after he starts to move to his right. Again puts the ball too far outside, negating what could've been a big catch and run for Perriman.
This play isn't as bad as the last few but still a negative play. Nothing is open, Darnold feels pressure, rolls out right and sees Perriman working back to him. CB works from outside, Darnold puts the ball on Perriman instead of leading him inside and away from the CB. Near INT.
INT from Darnold here as he drops back with a clean pocket but nothing is initially open. Rolls out to his left as there is some interior pressure, Bell is open after he leaks out but Darnold doesn't look there (completely fine). Tries to float/FORCE it to Crowder for the INT.
Another pretty clean pocket but feels some interior pressure as Lewis gets bulled. Herndon is open on the jerk route underneath even before the pressure and Darnold doesn't throw it (he is looking there). Forces it over the middle to Crowder and puts the ball way too far inside.
This is a massive completion to Crowder if Darnold was at his rookie year level. Takes the shotgun snap but nothing is open, smartly rolls right. Crowder adjust and Darnold is too hesitant to throw as he SEES it wide open. Instead runs out of bounds taking the sack.
Another example of not reading/seeing the field as this should've been a TD. Play action, roll out to the right as he reads the flat-7 con. Hogan is WIDE early into the play, SD sees him late. But then is STILL too late to throw the ball. Hogan needs to make this toe tap though
Flat out missed throw here from Darnold. Play action, reads middle then left, sees Gore leak out and is open underneath. Darnold had some pressure in his face while throwing the ball but he sails this far over Gores head.
Play action that is terribly sold. Darnold reads the defense as a LB finds his way through the a-gap while Darnold eyes Herndon. Darnold steps up to avoid the LB and expects Herndon to keep running. Herndon slows up and Darnold puts it too far outside.
Darnold drops back reading right, middle as he gets to the bottom of his drop but decides to not throw it to Berrios on the deep over. Herndon chips and rel off of the line, Darnold sees him open early but is late to check the ball down. Leading to pressure and a bad throw and PD
Darnold drops back starting down Cager to the boundary the entire time. Cager runs a bad route while the cov is tight. WR has an inside break vs a CB with tight inside leverage. Ball in inside and picked off. Bottom #2/3 had better leverage on their routes but SD never looked.
PA left, roll out right, two deep routes pull the deep coverage as Griffin works shallow and then up the seam and has inside/vert lev on the LB who picks up the route. Darnold needs to put the ball on a rope but doesn't as he doesn't drive through his throws/steps in bucket
Darnold drops back, feels pressure off of his right, steps up/rolls out right as there is more pressure then avoids the leg tk. Herndon adjust his route and is WIDE OPEN up the sideline for an easy TD but SD never sees it/decides to not throw it. Needs to make this play
Pre snap, Berrios (tight slot to the top) points out the potential blitz of the CB. Play action thats not within 3 yards of the RB, rolls right. CB does blitz and Berrios is wide open on the whip/option to the field. Darnold misses his hot read and takes the sack.
Hogan gets open on the deep over from the bottom as a part of this yankee concept. Darnold drops, reads it and throws it with nice anticipation over the LB and as the slot CB carries the post. Darnold misses the throw, no drive through his lead foot + pointed wrong.
INT in the RZ. Flat- 7 con. Rhodes passes off the #1 WR to nobody but then is able to get back underneath it. Darnold is reading this con before the end of his drop, late to throw and floats it outside. Needs a quicker trigger and put the ball on the WR or let him adjust to it
Another missed WR because of Darnold hesitancy. Reads left, pulls it down then reads middle. Berrios is open over the middle as the crosses the left hash, due to his momentum + LB's leverage. Darnold needs to fire it in but doesn't (p1)
Rolls out right as there is pressure in the b-gap (again ball should've already been out). Berrios adjust his route to work towards the sideline and overtop of defenders underneath. 2/3 yards on the CB in chase mode. Darnold throws the ball out of bounds.
Should be an easy completion thats made 10/10 times. Darnold steps up into a clean pocket as there is a little bit of pressure from up the arc. TE is wide open on the over route. Darnold never sets his feet/puts the ball too far IS. Just needs to put it on with general accuracy.
Not as bad as some others but still a show of hesitancy. Darnold rolls right after the play action and is reading the two man route combo. #1 WR is clearly going to win on the comeback based on leverage and does. Darnold never gets rid of the ball and scrambles instead.
More hesitancy from Darnold here. Drops back reading left, then middle where Malone is open on the over route, pulls the ball down and scrambles right. Rookie year he keeps his eyes up and hits Herndon who adjust his route and is wide open over the middle. Darnold slides instead.
Another throw that could be made for more yardage. Drops back, reads right then left where Herndon is wide open on the out route for what should be an easy first down. Darnold while fading from pressure thats barely to him hits the RB on the check down.
Impossible to know if this miscommunication was on the WR or Darnold who expected him to break back on a curl or in on a dig. Throws the ball inside of the #1 wr up top vs a CB who is in good position regardless leading to the pick 6.
Some good and bad here on this play. Great escapability from Darnold to step up, into pressure, out and then to avoid the LB's tackle. The bad comes when Herndon finds room vertically without no defender deep to defend. Darnold puts the ball too short and its contested.
Play action, Darnold reads left where Crowder has inside leverage on the defender in coverage. Some pressure off of the left as Edoga gets beat but Darnold still needs to put this ball lower. Feet are bad as Darnolds lead foot it driving to his target, instead steps in the bucket
Another missed ball here after a play action. Identifies that he wants to hit Berrios over the middle with good anticipation behind the LB. Darnolds feet are working in unison and his shoulders aren't pointed to where the ball needs to be. Ball is outside of Berrios.
Another play action as the o-line flows right. Darnold pulls the ball back, reads middle where Cager is WIDE open on the dig route. For whatever reason Darnold doesn't throw the ball, pulls it down and ends up taking the sack he got hurt on. This is inexcusable.
Good escapability from Darnold here as he scrambles out right as nothing is open and pressure closes in. Crowder (#3 on bottom) and is wide open over the middle. Darnold either doesn't see it (eyes need to be up) or is hesitant but this is a throw Darnold makes in 2018.
Pre snap the deep safety is shaded right, Darnold takes the ball on his eyes are glued right through his drop even though nothing is open. Crowder (#2 up top) is open on the snag/jerk route and the #1 is open on the corner route. Darnold rolls out and throws the ball away.
Darnold drops back reading right, middle then left where Jeff Smith wins deep on the double move. Darnold needs to put the ball on Smith before the MOF safety gets overtop. Darnold nearly floats the ball to the safety. Again can see bad feet.
PA, Darnold eyes down Jeff Smith who beats the CB deep. Darnold needs to lead Smith vertically and outside but instead puts the ball inside and short. Bad feet again as he doesn't drive through the front foot and instead "steps in the bucket" leading to more arm in his throw
Not sure why Gore would ever 1. be deployed on a wheel route and 2. why he would be the primary read but here we are. Based on the LB's leverage and a clean pocket. Would like to see Darnold scan/check left where Hogan is WIDE open on the inn route for an easy first down....
Jets run the same exact play as they do earlier in the game where Darnold hits the #1 up top on the curl. Play unfolds, the same exact way without an ounce of difference. #2 is carried, #1 has underneath and inside lev on the outside CB. Darnold throws the flat instead and misses
Jets go empty, Darnold takes the snap reading left. Smith (#3) is wide open on the over route, Darnold can hit him underneath for an easy first down. Instead skips on Smith and throws a contested ball to Hogan and the ball is explanation for why he skips Smith
Jets run an overs-mesh concept with the #2/3 up top and the #1 on the bottom. Hogan is open on the over route overtop of the mesh concept. Darnold doesn't see it/throw is which is a problem in itself. Starts to feel pressure and trips taking a ghost sack.
2nd and 4. Hogan runs a quick bench/flat route and has room to run if Darnold hits him on the break as the DB is 5 yards off. Darnold doesn't hit the flat, eyes stuck too far to the right if he doesn't want to throw it. Flat is open up top as well but Darnold looks way too late.
Slant-flat concept to the bottom of the screen. Darnold takes the snap and delivers the ball quickly. Leads the slant route with the CB biting down almost leading to an INT. If Darnold wants to hit the slant he needs to put it low and behind letting the WR adjust.
Another near INT for Darnold here who forces the ball to Crowder (bottom). CB has outside leverage on an outside break, square hips and breaks as the WR does. Darnold needs to read leverage. Also has Crowder open initially on the snag/jerk on the same side of the field for a 1st.
4th and 4. Spot concept to the top of the screen. Crowder (#2) runs a jerk/option route and is wide open for the first down. Darnold sees him and whips the ball over his head. Again just needs to have general accuracy/touch here and its an easy first down for the Jets.

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