It's not counter to liberalism insomuch as it's a byproduct of liberalism & a hyper-consumerist society that equates wealth with virtue. Max Weber nearly predicted this in 'Disenchantment' and all of this makes for a harder problem to solve (albeit, it's still solvable.)
There are lots of folks claiming CRT is neo-marxist; I think that's the wrong read. CRT is highly consumerist & views race as capital and thinks material power is the end-all/be all of life.
People are right to observe that its quasi religious but to defeat it, you need a kind of religious sensibility that makes certain moral claims about human beings & our internal worth which is divinely inspired.
This religious sensibility exists in organized religion (of course) but it also exists in the arts. Hence why I think the spiritual attunement that runs throughout the African-American tradition should be drawn upon for inspiration.

• • •

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7 Oct
I think I'm having one of the biggest aha moments I've had all year, which is that in many ways folks who belong to the "woke" left & those who belong to the "reactionary" right want the same things; & in this context, I mean it not as a critique, but an opportunity for hope.
Ladies and gents I sense a thread coming along. ;)
If you ignore the toxic impulse some folks on the left have to label certain things as "whiteness," what they claim to want is to actually create the conditions that fight against alienation and isolation.
Read 17 tweets
2 Oct
So many ideas that come out of Critical Race Theory are actually cognitive traps that seem to stem from System 1 of our brains which is automatic, impulsive, and conditioned to make connections where there are none.
But the beautiful thing about this (at least to me) is that this actually helps me develop compassion for those who believe in CRT since *all* of us fall prey to system 1. All of us have it, including those of us who are critical of CRT.
If I say 2, 4, 6, 8, what comes next?

It's highly likely you'll say 10, 12, 14.

But the pattern I could've been pulling from could have simply been making the next number larger than the previous one. For example, 22, 5000, 6300.
Read 10 tweets
30 Sep
Shutdowns will mean longer periods of separation, lack of personal contact, & loss of connection in general for human beings & we are neurobiologically wired for connection which means all of us need to start doing the work now to work on our mental health for the coming winter.
This means seriously considering adopting a meditation practice and sticking to it; spending less time on social media and more time consuming long form content that doesn’t try to hack into the amygdala/limbic system in our brains.
The likelihood for extremism ALWAYS increases during periods of great scarcity and we are about to go through another phase of scarcity, both material, psychological, and emotional. It’s time to prepare now.
Read 6 tweets
25 Sep
Despite the crude & inaccurate way this sentence reads, I'm going to say it: In many ways, white America needs black America far more than the opposite. There is something rich & self-renewing about AA heritage that white anglo-saxon culture really desperately needs right now.
Be patient with me. I’m drawing from Albert Murray, Ralph Ellison, et al here and if you’re not familiar with their works you’ll read this in a parochial, prejudicial way. It isn’t meant that way I promise.
Now here is the reason why this is crude and inaccurate: white America is black America and vice versa. As Murray pointed out, there is no native born black american that is not white and no native born white american that is not also black. America is a composite.
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23 Sep
This sums up @DrIbram ‘s premise pretty well I think and what’s horrible about it is not it’s sophist attempt at reducing America to its ills but in its casual, sinister denial of the fact that BLACK CULTURE IS AS FOUNDATIONAL TO OUR SOCIETY AND IS AS AMERICAN AS APPLE PIE.
We’ve gone from Langston Hughes’ roaring insistence that “I too am America” to what Albert Murray once described as “social science jive artists” proclaiming as @DrIbram does in his confused manuscript that “the white body defines the American body.”

And I say that with love.

Kendi’s book is not just bad because of its reductiveness; it’s bad because it denies and erases the central role black Americans have played in creating this country.

I will not stand for it.
Read 4 tweets
11 Sep
These are not only two completely different understandings of racism, they are completely opposite. The first is by @DrIbram , the second is by James Baldwin.

Dr. Kendi fails to understand that supremacist modes of thinking are products of deep insecurity & self-contempt. ImageImage
HTBAA is an astounding panoply of contradictions; the author claims that it is racist to hold an entire community responsible for the actions of individuals & then proceeds to do exactly that to white Americans all while insisting it’s not people who are responsible, but policy.
So which one is it?

(Hint: it’s both, as people are responsible for creating policies.)
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