I find this rather perplexing.
Note that this is from FDA's July 2020 update on recommendation regarding the SARS-CoV-2 assays and PCR testing guidelines.1/
The entire world was shut down in March 2020 and remain under serious restriction up to this day on account of a virus that is allegedly spreading like wildfire and claiming hundreds of thousands of lives around the globe. 2/
We are being bombarded with a daily count of positive cases and deaths attributed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, yet the FDA is telling us that as of July 28, 2020 acquisition of the virus from natural clinical specimens may still be unavailable. 3
Then they go on the say that positive natural clinical specimens are increasingly becoming available. In the mean time, the use of genomic RNA material (not actual virus isolate)/a fake prop is recommended by the FDA as the "next best material to use to generate a CONTRIVED...4/
...sample" for the SARS-CoV-2 assay calibration.
Another interesting point is the "archiving of samples". Why are samples being archived for later use? For what purposes? If these are allegedly positive samples why is the FDA claiming available clinical samples are scant,..5/
hence the need to resort to RNA genomic material for generating contrived samples instead?
PCR tests are a total sham, scientific fraud. They tell you the tests have high specificity and accuracy, then they turn the table around to say a positive test doesn't prove SARS-CoV-2..6/
as being the disease-causing agent; it could be any kind of bacteria or virus. In a nutshell, the PCR tests are useless, meaningless and used as a dangerous tool to perpetuate a casedemic. The PCR test can not and does not prove that there is a pandemic. 7/
Neither do the hospitalization numbers, because we don't know with certainty how many of the hospitalized individuals who tested positive were in fact hospitalized on account of other non-COVID related health issues. 8/
In other words, if you become admitted due to a chronic heart condition, despite the lack of COVID/flu-like symptoms, you will get tested as per the protocol and if you test positive, you now are counted as a "COVID hospitalization".9/

• • •

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18 Oct
So few words so much to say.....in between the lines!
This is from the FDA's update on testing guidelines current as of July 28, 2020.
Let's unpack this brief statement at try understand what it says and what it means.1/
The SARS-Cov-2 assay is INTENDED for the PRESUMPTIVE QUALITATIVE detection of nucleic acid from SARS-CoV-2.
Note the careful selection of keywords:
"intended" means resulting from intention or what is planned or proposed not necessarily what is established by 2/
way of evidence-based scientific inquiry or facts.
"presumptive" or based on presumption, or belief and probability not necessarily confirmed and factual.
Basically, the assay is meant to be used on the basis of presumption to detect the presence of viral RNA.3/
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16 Oct
You think the Government cares about you? You think they are taking away your rights and liberties for your own good, in order to protect you from a virus that is nowhere to be "seen"?
Think harder!1/
What they are interested in is mind control. They want access right into the center of your very soul and get you to submit to anything they ask of you, to follow and obey orders no questions asked.2/
The Allan Memorial Hospital in Montreal is the infamous psychiatric facility where a team of hardhearted white turn coats under the wing of the Canadian government performed some of the most monstrous atrocities in the short medical history of this country. The goal?3/
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28 Sep
In the 50-60's,childhood diseases such as chickenpox&measles were considered trivial illnesses& rite of passage for every child.Measles mortality was virtually '0' when in '63 the MMR vaccine was introduced&shortly became 1 of the main reasons for visits to the doctor's office.1/
Vaccines have done more harm than any other medical procedure. Over 4.4 billion dollars paid in compensation to vaccine injured individuals by U.S. vaccine injury compensation program. 2/
Canada doesn't even have one (except for Quebec), which means, if you or your loved ones suffer vaccine injury - you are on your own.
Vaccines create susceptible populations and graft all sorts of chronic diseases unnecessarily. Not only that.3/
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26 Sep
Governments have recklessly subscribed to go along with mass social experiment orchestrated by globalist forces. Your elected officials have been captured by influence groups and special interest corporations. 1/
The Government have outsourced expertise and advice in the hands of captured UN organizations, whose agenda-driven influence has extended its control not only over governments, but over local institutional, such as municipalities. 2/
Governments are pushing this mass experiment agenda by implementing policies and draconian measures while perpetuating unscientific propaganda under the false banner of "saving lives".
We are at the threshold of full on extreme state of totalitarianism. 3/
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26 Sep
The slow march towards totalitarian state is happening and we need a strong strategy. This comes with understanding of what we are dealing with and what the consequences are if we remain passive observers. 1/
The stage has been set through decades of social engineering and the gradual transition of human interaction from individual, community-based to institutionalized and virtual/social media-centered. This, no doubt, is by design.2/
The end result-to weaken the fabric of society;to disable the individual as an independent voice and barometer of societal changes that may have negative impact on collective societal health; to create isolation and challenges in forming group alliances to push back and resist.3/
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25 Sep
So called "experts" are building a case that mask wearing secures reduced morbidity in those who develop COVID19 and help sustain low infectious status for asymptomatic carriers. 1/
Do you understand the significance of this lie?
1. Vaccine or not, mask become a permanent fixture in society. Forget about breathing freely for the rest of your days, which they will make sure are as miserable as humanly possible.2/
2. Every human is a potential symptomatic carrier and infectious threat. Forget moving freely in society.
3. Once the vaccine becomes available, viral shedding will be trapped by your face pouch. Re-breathing of this vaccine-produced viral load will end up in your system. 3/
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