If you were wondering why it is so important for Democrats to shed Neoliberals from their leadership, @CassSunstein is exhibit A. In this nutty editorial, he actively argues that raising wages kills jobs- the core claim of trickle down economics and Neoliberalism.
In the absence of any empirical evidence, and in the direct service of economic elites and their enablers everywhere, he repeats the tropes of trickle-down, all in the tone of "seriousness" than always accompanies such nonsense.
The people at the Chamber of Commerce and the Heritage foundation must be wetting themselves over this. Nothing is as useful to the disinformation campaign against working people and a thriving and inclusive economy than emboldening a trickle-downer that wears a Democratic hat.
The thing that is truly astonishing, is that in a world where the median American full time worker has been effectively robbed of 50% of their rightful income, all in the service of making the rich, richer, you have people who recently worked in leadership in a Democratic....
Administration actively protecting the interests of economic elites who are crushing the lives of the bottom 90% of Americans. But it is stuff like this that provides a window into why the Obama administration was so ineffective on these issues. They clearly did not understand.
And it makes it even clearer why the Biden Administration must free itself from these knuckleheads and forge a new path on economic policy rooted in the idea that a thriving middle class creates economic growth, not the other way around.
And you wonder why s many people think that Democrats are just feckless corporate stooges too!
And for anyone who wants to go deeper on these claims are so corrosive, this will help:


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13 Mar
As many of you know, I think a lot about Neoliberalism, and the degree to which it has harmed our country. In the midst of this crisis, the anti-collective action, anti-government, libertarian nonsense this ideology represents becomes more vivd- and deadly.
It will cost my state, Washington, many billions of dollars to pay for the health care and broader economic damage this virus does to us. We need immediate action to build the capacity to do this, as does the nation overall. This will be very expensive.
What makes it most expensive though, is the fact that we have purposely built an incredibly fragile society over the last 40 years. By suppressing the wages of workers, lowering taxes on the rich, and eviscerating our governments capacity to respond to crisis-
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19 Oct 19
1) Some people think that Trump awarding the G7 contract to himself isn't a big deal. If that is you, you are a fucking idiot. Because if Trump can direct government contracts to his own hotels..
2) then why can't an army procurement officer award a billion dollar contract to a company he or she owns, or, alternatively, set up a company to deliver on upcoming contracts???
3) Or what stops a governor from directing contracts to businesses that he or she owns? Or for that matter, what stops a school superintendent from "supplying" a school district with paper and books from a company that they own?
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19 Jul 19
I’ll elaborate more on why ‘moderation” in the Democratic Party is such nonsense. The central political fact of our time is that over the last 30 years, the top 1% have gotten $21 trillion richer, while the bottom 50% have gotten $900 billion poorer.
Please explain to me how “moderate” that transfer of wealth was. And please suggest some “moderate” policies that can fix that problem. Middle class wages have been stagnant for 40 years. A ‘moderate’ increase in the minimum wage isn’t going to get families back on track.
The trouble with “moderation” is it always seeks to split the difference, no matter how dire the situation. As in, “well, I know you folks would be earning twice as much if we hadn’t screwed you for the last 40 years, but how does a 2% salary bump sound and we call it good”??
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30 Jan 19
Another thread on Howard Schultz’s presidential aspirations, this time focused on his policies. What Howard calls “centrism” is just trickle-down economics—tax cuts for the rich, de-regulation for the powerful, and wage suppression for everyone else—but without the overt racism.
He’s clothing it in the bogus Neoliberal “responsibility” frame by stoking fears about the deficit and arguing, as trickle-downers always do, that anytime we tax the rich or big Corp's, it will kill jobs, kill growth and, you know, harm the very people we intend to help.
Howard argues that the only honest, reasonable path is to balance the budget by cutting the programs that sustain the middle class, cutting taxes for the rich to increase growth, and keeping wages low (no $15) to “help business.” All of this is an empirically demonstrable lie.
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28 Jan 19
I wanted to riff on why business people like Howard Shultz usually make terrible political leaders. Put aside Howard's policy positions on economics which are straight up trickle down economics.
I have spent my entire life both building businesses AND doing policy and politics. Today, I run a team entirely devoted to policy and politics. What I can tell you is that the tow domains are completely different, and require profoundly different skills.
The biggest difference is that in business, everyone who surrounds you WORKS FOR YOU. You can fire them, at any time. As a business leader, you define the goals, the culture, the terms of service, everything. If people do not comply, you fire them or they leave.
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25 Dec 18
‘Twas the night before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land

Not a creature slept soundly, knowing trump’s in command.

Every holiday list has one wish at the top --

“May this miserable presidency please come to a stop!”
The children were hunkered down tight in their beds

While visions of bullying run through their heads

Mom sipping vodka and I guzzling beers

"Can we possibly survive the coming two years?"
As stock markets crashed, there arose such a clatter

Those much-touted gains now lying in tatters

Tax cuts for the rich, the deficit soaring

Investors so spooked by moronic trade-warring
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