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20 Oct, 5 tweets, 2 min read
Apple's chip team has done it again. The A14 scores a scarcely believable 200 on the Speedometer 2.0!! That's a 33% increase over the A13 in the iPhone 11, and more than 3x better than the finest Android chip (Snapdragon 865). (Thanks @gruber ✌️).
I keep thinking that SURELY they must soon hit a wall. You can't keep posting these insane y/y jumps forever. But if anything, Apple is actually speeding up. The A13->A14 jump is bigger than the A12->A13. ARM-chip Macs are going to be fast.
Irony is that Apple seems to be mostly out of ideas on what to spend that performance on. Still, it's quite something that iPhones now trounce all other computers for web performance (including the fastest Macs you can buy!).
2010s: We have to make sure we test this web app on the phone. You can’t just assume the performance of your desktop computer!

2020s: We have to test this on a regular computer. Can’t just assume the performance of your phone!*

(* Future not yet distributed to Android)
To be fair, it’s incredible what the Pixel has been able to do with still photography despite using old lenses and third-rate processors. Key lesson that the strength of the algorithm beats the performance of the silicon!

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20 Oct
Google's monopoly in search is a menace to society. They've steadily been making search worse by eroding the distinction between ads and organic results, pushing their own services over better alternatives, and shaking down companies for their trademarks. theverge.com/2020/10/20/214…
It's a shame that this antitrust suit is so narrow, and doesn't address the many other monopoly abuses that Google has been indulging, like the Play Store regime, but it's a monumental moment that a major case is FINALLY coming. May it be the first of many for all of Big Tech!
And it sounds like that's exactly what's going to happen. Only 11 State AGs have signed on to this narrow case. Others are preparing their own suits. This is exactly what we need: A torrent of scrutiny and a world of hurt for past transgressions! washingtonpost.com/technology/202…
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15 Oct
Apple reaching inside communication apps to tell the maker what users can and cannot posts is 🍌. Apple then asking that their censorship is kept private is 🤯. Apple justifying their prohibition on notices because they're "irrelevant" is positively 1984. t.me/durov/136
Phones are the primary computing device for the majority of people today. It's completely insane that we've arrived at a place where two companies can dictate what can be said or installed on those devices.
But it's all the more grinding when such companies are siding with obviously authoritarian rulers to suppress the legitimate grievances of a fraudulent election. Do the potential American implications really even need to be spelled out here??
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14 Oct
Apple charging an extra $30 for the new iPhone unless you're getting it from one of their Preferred Carriers is the kind of petty, grinding shit that makes you rue for what other Value Added Deals are coming next. Maybe just a little bit of junkware? Maybe just one ad on boot.
It stinks split-pea soup parable. Who's going to complain? IT'S JUST $30! It'll help drive this quarter. But this quarter is never the last; you gotta beat the next too. Once you start removing the peas, you'll eventually end up with a soup that has none. m.signalvnoise.com/exponential-gr…
It's the ultimate example that the hamster wheel never stops. Once you're out of inherently compelling product ideas, you inevitably start fucking with the basic business model to win the next area of growth. Even at two fucking trillion, you can't escape this capitalist trap.
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13 Oct
First Copenhagen kicked out Uber, now it's kicking out all the scooter companies that've been littering the streets with their business model. Bravo 👏. Electric scooters are nice and fun, but the SV Wild West approach to deployment has been a plague. politiken.dk/ibyen/art79558…
I love that a key reasoning is simply aesthetics! It looks like shit when the streets are littered with tipped over scooters, and Copenhagen does not want to be a city that looks like that, so they just ban that type of business model. Bam.
What's equally compelling here is a basic refusal to simply let unicorn-status-chasing companies dictate how the city should look or feel. This is the essence of democratic control. Now we just need Denmark (and Europe!) to do the same in the digital realm too!
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13 Oct
"Highly specific project definitions usually go astray very quickly. Vague enough definitions allow for creativity and selectivity.. And when you allow for those two things, you empower [the people doing the work] with the agency to do the best work." medium.com/computers-are-…
What's so fascinating about software development's inability to deliver a given spec by a given date for decades on end is that PEOPLE STILL THINK IT'S DOABLE! Yeah, sure, this fails like, all the time, BUT THIS TIME IT'LL BE DIFFERENT! 😂
What's worse than it not working, though, is the amount of needless guilt it produces. Most people feel bad when they thought something would take two weeks, but it ended up taking four. Like they're personally to blame for the inability to estimate the un-estimatable. No. Stop.
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12 Oct
What draws me back to twitter is the potential of planting seeds. It's exceedingly rare that you'll convince anyone of anything in the moment, but I repeatedly hear from people where a successful seed got under their skull, a question was lodged, a nagging awakened.
Six weeks, six months, or six years later, some of those seeds will have blossomed into a new perspective. It's gratifying to help cultivate such doubt and rebellion in the otherwise rigid, trotten paths of stranger's brains.
And the same happens the other way! I've picked up countless seeds from this god-forsaken place over the years. Flowerings of which have permanently, positively changed my mind in the most literal sense of becoming a different person.
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